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eDressit Artikel Stillvoll Gefaltet Oberteil Abendkleid (00120501)
eDressit Artikel Stillvoll Gefaltet Oberteil Abendkleid (00120501)
eDressit Artikel Stillvoll Gefaltet Oberteil Abendkleid (00120501)
eDressit Artikel Stillvoll Gefaltet Oberteil Abendkleid (00120501)
eDressit Artikel Stillvoll Gefaltet Oberteil Abendkleid (00120501)
eDressit Artikel Stillvoll Gefaltet Oberteil Abendkleid (00120501)
eDressit Artikel Stillvoll Gefaltet Oberteil Abendkleid (00120501)
eDressit Artikel Stillvoll Gefaltet Oberteil Abendkleid (00120501)
eDressit Artikel Stillvoll Gefaltet Oberteil Abendkleid (00120501)
eDressit Artikel Stillvoll Gefaltet Oberteil Abendkleid (00120501)

eDressit Artikel Stillvoll Gefaltet Oberteil Abendkleid (00120501)

EUR €131,66
Save EUR €80,67 (61% OFF)
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    eDressit Schick Faltig Oberkörper Abendkleid (00120514)eDressit Schick Faltig Oberkörper Abendkleid (00120511)eDressit Artikel Stillvoll Gefaltet Oberteil Abendkleid (00120501)eDressit  Elegant Slit-trägerloser Schatz Gedruckte Sommer-Kleid (X001
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7-10 Werktage

3-7 Werktage

Das Kleid ist nach der Bestellung angefertigt. Ob Sie Standard- Größe oder Maßanfertigung wählen, fertigen unsere Schneider die Kleider nach der Bestellung an.

Bei weiterem Fragen zu eDressit Artikel Stillvoll Gefaltet Oberteil Abendkleid (00120501) dann kontaktieren Sie uns bitte!

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*Gefaltet Oberteil mit Perlen Dekoration
*Eine Schlitz auf dem rechts Rock
*Reiverschluß auf dem links Seite
*Tencel Stoff
*Kleidslang mit Schleppe(ca.155cm von Schulter bis vorne saum)

Wir versenden zu über 200 Ländern, wir senden die Lagertype Standard-Größe Kleider in 24 Stunden.

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*Express Versand: 3-7 Werktage, 28EUR für das ersten Kleid, dann jede weitere hinzufügt 15 EUR.
*Standard Versand: 7-10 Werktage, 20EUR für das ersten Kleid, dann jede weitere hinzufügt 15 EUR.

Wenn Sie ein Kleid in andere Farbe oder Massanfertigung bestellen,es benötigt normalerweise 10-20 Arbeitstage, um es zu schaffen.

Klicken Sie hier um mehr über den Versandanleitung.


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14.08.2017 18:25:22

  • By karinamury

    The dress is adorable. I felt like a princess and had lots of compliments.

Beautiful dress

04.07.2017 14:04:28

By Oana Andrii

I just love this dress, it fits on very goog, really feminine,the dress is very beautiful it looks just like in pictures, the color is fashionable!

Amazing dress, just love it! :) <3

29.11.2016 14:32:41

By LanaZ

Amazing dress, just love it! :) <3

trop contente

29.10.2016 12:10:13

By rose

c'etait la robe de mes fiançailles tout le monde est tombée sous le charme!!

the perfect dress

15.05.2016 11:41:04

  • By marius18br

    la robe est très bien coupée et les matériaux utilisés sont de très bonne qualité, je ne regrette pas du tout mon achat!

    (surprisingly) the dress is exactly like in the photos and the size fits perfectly! they used high quality materials to make it. totally worth the price!

pas contente du SAV

16.02.2016 15:58:14

By Suzy


Amazing dress, just love it! :) <3

18.01.2016 18:59:39

By LanaZ

Amazing dress, just love it! :) <3

100% satisfaction

18.01.2016 10:53:29

  • By petronela

    Beautiful dress, really feminine, right size, i did not need any editing...i can say: Dress to impress :) ...I was satisfied with all the process of delivering, without problems...Thanks edressit

Très belle robe.

03.12.2015 14:48:31

  • By MiMi

    Magnifique robe .

Garden wedding guest

09.09.2015 09:31:18

By Lizf

The fabric allowed for a good draping effect and good movement. The pink in the photo is true to the actual color. A good choice for the not-too-formal garden wedding I attended.

Love my dress

04.08.2015 14:29:50

By Bel

the dress is wonderful gotten me very well. I loved


29.07.2015 10:25:30

By Danih

It was light, whimsical and felt like pretty in pink! It was classy and felt extremely feminine and delicate. This dress is so simple and easy to wear that I think it would look beautiful on any woman.

Stunning dress

15.07.2015 11:12:57

By Mandy

I wore that dress on a show I received a lot of compliments. It is totally worth it. great quality.


09.07.2015 03:41:30

  • By ikilic

    Da dass Kleid so schön ist habe ich es zum zweiten mal in einer anderer Farbe bestellt! Also so ein schönes Kleid dass ich es zweimal in verschiedenen Farben habe!


09.07.2015 03:23:20

  • By ikilic

    Da dass Kleid so schön ist habe ich es zum zweiten mal in einer anderer Farbe bestellt! Also so ein schönes Kleid dass ich es zweimal in verschiedenen Farben habe!

so elegant

27.05.2015 16:40:48

By lara

totally love this dress . all perfect

Bonito vestido

18.05.2015 11:53:17

By azur18

Bonito vestido, bien confeccionado, y talla ajustada a las medidas proporcionadas en la tabla de tallas.
El envio rapidisimo!! lo unico malo que hay que contar con las tasas de aduanas.... Deberían ofrecer alternativas pues encarece de media 25 euros el pedido.

VERY flattering

06.05.2015 09:21:56

  • By Charlotte

    This dress is absolutely gorgeous. The bodice is so so flattering, I didn't stop getting compliments all night when I wore it. It was also delivering very quickly, I think it arrived in about 1 week. The only thing I would say is the train is longer than I thought, so you have to be careful when walking!

best dress

30.04.2015 11:30:40

By Kaitlin

I purchased this dress from eDressit and it arrived in exactly one week. Very pleased with their fast shipping. I chose the size 8 according to the size chart on the site and the dress just fits me perfectly. The quality of the dress is outstanding and well worth every penny I paid. Thanks!


23.04.2015 10:37:16

By Hanna

This dress is absolutely gorgeous. I ordered it in pink and the colour was so beautiful, the dress itself was very well made and the fit was perfect. I am very happy with this dress.


16.04.2015 17:14:41

By lara

very simple and elegant

amazing dress

16.04.2015 17:13:50

By lara

totally in love with this dress

Absolutely stunning

02.04.2015 12:37:35

  • By Zuzanna

    Must have dress!


23.03.2015 22:58:49

By cuhtreen

This dress is beyond pretty! I love it.I got this dress super fast, it didn't even take a week. I only have a couple problems with it. i find that the slit is too revealing to the point that I might have to wear shorts or a slip which can totally take away from the beauty of the dress. I just dont want anything showing when I'm dancing during prom. other than that, it definitely has really high quality material.You are not wasting your money.

sexy and elegant

19.03.2015 16:04:46

By lara

all in one dress . sexy , elegant and comfortable

lovely pink

19.03.2015 16:03:00

By lara

great dress with great material


03.03.2015 16:15:47

By Anastasia

Thank you! i love this dress)))


26.02.2015 18:08:48

By nelly

Habe das Kleid am Montag morgen bestellt und es kam am Donnerstag schon an. Nie erwartet, dass es so schnell gehen würde!!! Es ist super leicht und wunderschön, man fühlt sich so sexy und besonders darin! vielen dank dafür :)

very nice!

13.01.2015 04:13:38

By Mavis

Wow, what an amazing dress! Exactly the same as the pic, the skirt is very flowing, fit me pretty welll, the price is nice too, great value for money, I strongly recommend this dress to other girls!!
Many thanks!


27.11.2014 17:12:13

By lara

beautiful dress


27.11.2014 17:07:46

By lara


very beautiful!

20.11.2014 04:09:04

By Lisa

I ordered this dress in pic color, it turned out exactly the same as the image on the site,very beautiful color, glad to get such a beautiful dress online, I look amazing in this dress,recommend.

extremely beautiful!!

27.10.2014 04:16:38

By Meredith

Oh my god, this dress is amazing, I love every detail of this dress, the sweetheart neck, the high slit, and the flowy skirt, I ordered the picture color, which looked the same as the pic,I will definitely order another dress from you, you guys really did a great job!

flowy dress

24.10.2014 04:40:23

By disitny

The dress is ONE of most popular dresses on the site,and it had gotten tons of compliments and good reviews. i was so happy that i bought this dress when I received the dress.The color fit me so perfectly! The skirt flows wonderfully and it was even prettier in person!


27.09.2014 12:25:54

By amouna

tres belle robe merci infiniment


26.09.2014 10:35:08

By Jannie

This is a reliable and trustworthy seller, I can be nothing but grateful to their committed service, high quality and low prices. They asked me to comment how was my experience and honestly, this is the least I can do after being so kind to me and providing the merchandise I need to supply my store. If you are a reseller or retailer, this is a wonderful option for you, since here you may get very convenient prices and high quality dresses.


24.09.2014 05:48:55

By Саша

Замечательное платье, все как на фото, очень красиво, спасибо))


23.09.2014 13:53:28

By dragosiku



23.09.2014 13:51:40

By dragosiku



22.09.2014 08:45:17

By famairl

الموديل يوجد 3 الألوان ، اشتريت اللون الوردي، هو روعة
قماش التانسل هو جيد الجودة، شكرا

Show stopper!

04.09.2014 18:38:29

By Msaukam

This dress was delivered to me very carefully and it was more beautiful in person! The dress fit me perfectly and hugged me at all the right places, not to mention I am very petite. I wore this to a wedding reception and it was a show stopper, even the bride complimented on my dress! I definitely recommend this dress for any woman who wants to feel like a princess.

I love it

19.08.2014 00:27:03

By kadern82

nice dress, I like it


06.08.2014 23:12:11

By dragosiku



06.08.2014 23:12:08

By dragosiku



05.08.2014 04:34:17

By ahmad

Thanks for this wonderful site with easy browsing And goods and access to appropriate sizes Luxury fabrics at affordable prices And attention to the client and application packaging and shipping accuracy Thank you all.


05.08.2014 04:33:36

By ahmad

Thanks for this wonderful site with easy browsing And goods and access to appropriate sizes Luxury fabrics at affordable prices And attention to the client and application packaging and shipping accuracy Thank you all.

Good Dress!

25.07.2014 20:51:19

  • By rafaelamrc

    The dress is gorgeous, wonderful!
    The color is exactly as pictured, the details are well-made​​. The material is good, and dressed beautifully.
    Thank you eDressit!

Amazing dress

11.07.2014 17:44:17

By lara

what an elegant dress !!

very elegant

11.07.2014 17:15:38

By lara


super sexy !!

11.07.2014 17:14:02

By lara

super sexy


11.07.2014 17:12:56

By lara

beautiful and elegant


09.07.2014 13:36:35

  • By julia paiva heymann

    veste muito bem, lindo.


29.06.2014 00:15:57

By ahmad

I was very pleased with the dress, the work that went into it was brilliant. Thank you.

Just like in Therese picturr

27.06.2014 23:58:36

By Arijeta

Love the dress :)

great all over

10.06.2014 14:26:10

By lara

totally loved the color . it is gorgeous


27.05.2014 22:43:44

By amouna


Beautifull dress

26.05.2014 10:57:08

By Rufina

Что я могу написать, платье очень красивое, но не соответствует заявленным параметрам, ношу по российским меркам 50-52,низ меньше верха, взяла 54 размер, вверх даже близко не сошелся, в нем нет 108 см, точно. Хотя работа отличная и само платье красивое.Придется продавать.
I wear UK 16/18, I bought 20, and it is too small, beautifull dress, but not right meansuarement.

gorgeous dress.. love this look

26.05.2014 07:35:06

By kadern82

So pretty!!


26.05.2014 04:14:28


This dress is beautiful, a little short in the bodice area but I am very tall. Pretty colour and great quality!

very pretty

21.05.2014 16:08:34

By lara

gorgeous cut and color

so pretty

21.05.2014 16:06:09

By lara

the color is just beautiful

very pretty

25.04.2014 17:10:42

By lara

I loved the color and the style


02.04.2014 02:55:46

By ahmad

Beautiful dress. Colour came out better than expected.


31.03.2014 21:09:11

By mezarcilar66

ein sehr schöners kleid
tragekomfort bestens
sitz gut

Belle robe

21.03.2014 11:13:27

  • By amine



21.03.2014 11:11:37

  • By amine

    tres belle

Super schön

13.03.2014 16:42:07

By pinar

Super schönes Kleid

tres sexy glamour

13.03.2014 12:53:22

By amouna

toujours satisfaites tres bonne finition rien a dire merciii


03.03.2014 22:49:08

By egeg1089

la robe est superbe et la couleur est exactement ce que j'attendais (28).
le bustier tient bien et le voilage est classe et sexy à la fois.
je suis bien contente :-)


28.02.2014 14:20:08

By janeS

Thanks a lot for this opportunity!
The dress is perfect and it is like in the picture. It was a pleasure doing business with you.

I love it

15.12.2013 13:50:40

  • By Afrah

    I love it


12.12.2013 14:58:45

By sakine

La robe est manifique! Je ne suis jamais decue de ce site ! Je le recommande a tout le monde!

Patry dress

07.12.2013 09:16:11

  • By elisabeth

    nice colour, fine fabric


26.11.2013 08:41:32

By MiHe

ich muss zugeben, dass ich schon ein mulmiges Gefühl beim Bestellen hatte. Jedoch war die Kommunikation mit eDressit super. Meine Fragen wurden innerhalb kürzester Zeit beantwortet. Das Kleid wurde Donnerstag per Express verschickt und war Montag bei mir. Zoll hatte ich bereits eingeplant (21,30€). Es schaut genau so aus wie abgebildet. Einfach wunderschön! Danke! :)


25.11.2013 10:08:10

By randah

Luv the dress and its color..
but I hope next time u commit to deadlines..
thats the only problem u have..

Reply by eDressit 26.11.2013 02:17:17
Dear Randah

Thanks for your good comment , we are so appreciate !

As the dress you ordered is a color changed one , normally it needs 7-15workdays for making , we have finished it in 12 workdays, It is finished in time . Hope you can understand ! Thank you !

If you have any needs in the future , please feel safe to email to orders@edressit.com , we will do our best to help you get your order in time .

Have a nice day !

Best regards
eDressit Jane :)


23.11.2013 13:15:27

By ahmad

Many thanks for such swift service, and for the beautifully packed dresses.


03.11.2013 01:48:08

By randah

Loved the dress..specially its color..


29.10.2013 21:45:02

  • By tishtash30

    Fantastic !!


29.10.2013 21:44:30

  • By tishtash30

    Great as usual !!!


10.10.2013 23:32:17

By ahmad

The dress looks amazing loved it .I ordered it in the same color in the picture and it looks the same.


20.09.2013 10:50:14

By leninha18

i have purchased this dress in many different colors and its always a showstopper.


13.08.2013 09:46:15


Robe juste super belle comme sur la photo longueur et taille parfaite, je suis compblée et ruinée a force d'acheter chez E-dressit :D Merci mille fois !!

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Fragen und Antworten
By ariam,12.05.2015 18:55:22
Reply by eDressit 13.05.2015 05:17:39
Hola quereida cliente,

Muchas gracias por tu carta, el vestido es en color rosado como la foto, y la tela es un tipo de gasa que no brilla.

Si tienes otra pregunta no dudes en escribirnos

Un saludo
eDressit sofia
By gabriela,21.06.2014 00:51:13
Reply by eDressit 21.06.2014 06:04:43
Hello dear,

Thanks for your email.

Could you kindly tell us your waist, then we can give you a suggestion on the size.

Waiting for your reply
eDressit Cherry
By MiHe,26.11.2013 09:01:16
Reply by eDressit 26.11.2013 09:35:30
Hallo liebe Kundin,

Danke für Ihre Email.

Zum Erst verdanken wir Ihr Kaufen und Lob. Es freut uns auch sehr, dass das Kleid Ihnen gefällt.

Und den Zoll haben wir möglichst vermeiden, doch können wir, wie Sie wissen, nicht den Zoll kontrolieren. Tut mir sehr Leid! Wir sind willig bei Ihrem nächsten Kaufen einen Rabatt zu geben. Bitte senden Sie uns eine Kopie per Email: orders@edressit.com. Wir werden sicher eine zufriedende Antwort geben.

Noch Fragen haben, bitte mailen uns.


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