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eDressit 2014 Neu Enfach Trägerlos Weinlese Abendkleid (04145107)
eDressit 2014 Neu Enfach Trägerlos Weinlese Abendkleid (04145107)
eDressit 2014 Neu Enfach Trägerlos Weinlese Abendkleid (04145107)
eDressit 2014 Neu Enfach Trägerlos Weinlese Abendkleid (04145107)
eDressit 2014 Neu Enfach Trägerlos Weinlese Abendkleid (04145107)
eDressit 2014 Neu Enfach Trägerlos Weinlese Abendkleid (04145107)
eDressit 2014 Neu Enfach Trägerlos Weinlese Abendkleid (04145107)
eDressit 2014 Neu Enfach Trägerlos Weinlese Abendkleid (04145107)
eDressit 2014 Neu Enfach Trägerlos Weinlese Abendkleid (04145107)

eDressit 2014 Neu Enfach Trägerlos Weinlese Abendkleid (04145107)

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    eDressit Neu Enfach Trägerlos Weinlese Abendkleid  (04145101)eDressit Neu Enfach Trägerlos Abendkleid (04145106)eDressit Neu Enfach Trägerlos Weinlese Abendkleid (04145104)eDressit 2014 Neu Enfach Trägerlos Weinlese Abendkleid (04145107)
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7-10 Werktage

3-7 Werktage

Das Kleid ist nach der Bestellung angefertigt. Ob Sie Standard- Größe oder Maßanfertigung wählen, fertigen unsere Schneider die Kleider nach der Bestellung an.

Bei weiterem Fragen zu eDressit 2014 Neu Enfach Trägerlos Weinlese Abendkleid (04145107) dann kontaktieren Sie uns bitte!

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Das schöne trägerlose Abendkleid ist sexy und charmant. Sie werden mehr glänzend mit diesem Kleid sein.
* Trägerlos Stil
* Empire Taileline
* Mit BH
* Reißverschluß auf Rücken
* Printed fabric
* Ein abnehmbare Petticoat unter Rock
* Knielang (ca.128cm von Schulter bis vorne Saum)

Wir versenden zu über 200 Ländern, wir senden die Lagertype Standard-Größe Kleider in 24 Stunden.

Wir haben zwei Liefer Möglichkeiten für Sie zu wählen:

*Express Versand: 3-7 Werktage, 28EUR für das ersten Kleid, dann jede weitere hinzufügt 15 EUR.
*Standard Versand: 7-10 Werktage, 20EUR für das ersten Kleid, dann jede weitere hinzufügt 15 EUR.

Wenn Sie ein Kleid in andere Farbe oder Massanfertigung bestellen,es benötigt normalerweise 10-20 Arbeitstage, um es zu schaffen.

Klicken Sie hier um mehr über den Versandanleitung wissen.


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fancines of the dress

10.11.2016 20:47:42

By Michaela

I was a little bit worried that I would look too unique in these, but I´m so honored to have them! The dress fits perfectly and you can enoy your "princess night" in these!

very romantic dress!

25.05.2016 14:10:08

  • By tatiana

    Thank you very mutch!

White Haute

18.05.2016 07:59:20

By Camille

This dress was so much fun to wear! It was the perfect dress for my all white event. The bodice is very stretchy, which is great for comfort

Great dress

08.01.2016 08:05:20

By Halyn

Much heavier than thought, it has nice quality feeling. It is vintage, bright and lovely. If you want to have a fashion dress to evening night, prom or graduation party, this one is highly recommended. It is indeed a great dress for many occasions.

good quality!

11.12.2015 04:32:28

By Matilda

Though I was a little worried to order a dress from China, I love this dress so much and decided to orde one, it turned out that the dress was more beautiful that the model, I was more than 100% satisfied, I would definitely order from this company again, great job!

lovely dress!

04.12.2015 09:48:13

By Penelope

Oh, my, I absolutely love the dress I ordered from this company, everything went perfectly with my order, the dress fit me like a glove, very beautiful, can't wait to wear it to show off!


24.11.2015 03:03:55

By Lorina

Ich bin verrückt nach dieser Mode, es hat alle meine Erwartungen übertroffen.Es sieht wunderschön aus.

Delicate and fit

18.11.2015 09:37:50

By Gaila

Perfect. This vintage ball gown make me fashion and elegant. It is beautiful. True size and fit. I think i will come again.

beautiful dress!

22.10.2015 08:35:20

By Ariadne

Thank you dear team for your beautiful dress, I'm very satisfied with my order! Good job!


02.10.2015 11:08:20

  • By Adriana

    Amazing dress. I love it. Good size. Thanks.

absolutely love my dress!

02.10.2015 08:45:04

By Amanda

Thank you dear team for your stunning dress, I love it very much, it fit me like a glove. Everything went perfectly with my order, thank you so much, great job!

beautiful dress!

02.09.2015 05:07:19

By Thandie

Got my dress very fast, the delivery only took three days, dress was exactly the same as the pic, made with high quality, everything was going very well with my order, thank you very much!


11.08.2015 04:52:21

By Marisol

Very happy and excited when got my package, I tried it on right after I opened the package, which arrived in good condition, thank you so much for your nice dress and fast service! I recommend this dress to all girls!


29.06.2015 09:16:38

By bushra

thank you


22.06.2015 02:42:11

  • By Lelya



17.06.2015 11:04:26

By Grace

I have to say I was nervous was an understatement. I have never ordered something like this online. I could not be happier. The dress arrived and it exactly like the picture. The quality is amazing and it looks stunning.


10.06.2015 13:22:24

By bushra

soooooooo nice

beautiful gown

26.05.2015 11:26:49

By Natasha

I am very happy and satisfied with the purchase i have made with eDressit. They have good packaging and very good shipping process. The dress is very beautiful and fits me very well. I love it so much. Will definitely order more dresses from eDressit in the future. Thanks.


22.05.2015 11:47:14

By Maggie

Exactly like presented on the site, the dress fit me perfectly, the material was easy to wear, thank you so much for your stunning dress, which did exceed my expectation, thumbs up!Will be back!


14.05.2015 05:42:31

By Elizabeth

This dress came quickly and is the perfect size for me. The fabric is of high quality and totally worth the money.

stylish beautiful dress

05.05.2015 04:29:17

By Rebecca

Dress arrived fast, same as image. The quality of the dress is superb. It looks very beautiful on me. Thank you so much eDressit.

very beautiful

28.04.2015 11:12:47

By Iris

I am very satisfied with the dress I ordered from this site, the quality was very high and the shipping was very fast, thank you so much for your lovely gown, I would definitely recommend this site to all my friends and families!Thanks a million!

gorgeous gown

03.03.2015 02:44:08

By Kinnat

This dress is georgous. It is of excellent quality and design. The price of the dress is quite reasonable and great value for the money I paid. I will surely come back for more dresses. Thank you so much.

nice dress!

10.02.2015 03:22:44

By Polly

This is one of my best shopping experiences ever, the price is so nice according to the quality they provide, my lovely dress arrived three days after my ordering , the shipping was so fast, dress was made with very nice fabric, it is very kind that you guys put a detachable petticoat in the package, which makes the dress more lovely. Many thanks, strongly recommend this site to all of you!

fast shipping!

09.02.2015 06:57:05

By Frederica

It just took a few days to ship my dress and I got it very quickly, I am very happy with your fast shipping, thank you very much for your help to avoid the taxes, lovely dress with lovely price, thanks for everything you have done for my order, I will definitely order from your site again, strongly recommend!

top qualité

04.02.2015 08:28:41

By jessicaJudy

eDressit est une site très superbe. J’ai déjà commandée plus de 10 pièces chez eDressit. La qualité des robes sont superbes. Les modèles sont à la mode. J’aime vraiment eDressit. Cette fois, je suis satisfait aussi. Les perles brillant. Le tissu est top aussi. Merci bcp eDressit.

stylish gown

03.01.2015 06:23:29

By Judeana

The dress I received looks exactly in the picture! :)It is fabulous and fits perfectly. Great material and well worth the money I paid. Thank you eDressit for this wonderful dress!


25.12.2014 02:43:35

By Delma

I am so happy that I ordered this dress from this site, it is absolutely perfect! I love this dress, it fits me perfectly. I was very surprised at the quality of the dress as well. The dress is very well made. I will surely be ordering my next evening gown from here. Thanks!

awesome dress

20.12.2014 03:53:52

By Elida

I am very, very satisfied with the dress, The dress fit perfectly for my coming event. the color is exactly the perfect one I like. Size is accurate and fits like a glove. Thank you edressit.

Моя мечта

18.12.2014 03:49:57

By Глория

Большое спасибо eDressit!!! Платье получила сегодня. Красивое платье, как на картинки. И размер выбрала успешно, село отлично. Ещё раз спасибо!

beautiful gown

16.12.2014 03:16:21

By Atalanta

Got the dress today and the quality is great. The dress is beautiful, very well made and fits perfectly. Very pleased with this site and highly recommend to everyone.

nice dress!

15.12.2014 04:18:46

By Iris

Very lovely dress made with high quality, it fit me perfectly,,price is also very nice to me,great value for money,so happy to get such an amazing dress online,I will definitely recommend this dress to all my friends and family!
Many thanks to edressit team!

Great value for money!

12.12.2014 10:04:56

By Mary

Wow,very glad to receive my dress today,exactly as described, dress made with top quality and great workmanship, the delivery was so fast, got it three days after my ordering, this was by far the most satisfying purchase online, very great value for money, I will definitely order from this site again, thank you so much!

great ball gown

11.12.2014 02:48:03

By Kindra

I love this dress and it was very well made and shipped earlier than expected. I ordered it in white which was lovely and just what I wanted. I ordered a size 12 and it fit perfectly.

high quality!

05.12.2014 03:50:07

By Selma

I was so excited to get my lovely dress today, the dress I received was exactly what I imagined, the delivery was so fast, my package arrived at my door within one week after my ordering, very pleased with my dress from this site, thank you so much, great job!

beautiful and high quality!!

02.12.2014 02:49:24

By Crystal

So happy to get my dress today, it was very well sewn and made with nice fabric,the dress did exceed my expectation a lot, I am really verypleased with my dress from edressit site, I will definitely order from this site again.

Perfect gown

25.11.2014 02:48:22

By Lamia

I fell in love with the dress when I saw it firstly. It is so nice. The workmanship on the dress is flawless. It's exactly what you would expect from a designer dress shop. And shipping was fast too. eDressit.com is now saved as one of my FAVORITES! Many thanks.

love love love la robe

11.11.2014 02:32:26

By Amandine

très très belle robe, l'imprime très jolie et confortable,l'acheter pour un mariage, très agréable comme la robe d'invité , grand merci edressit

Очаровательное платье

07.11.2014 05:36:49

By Оксана

Купила платье для дочери, она в нем просто принцесса!

Delicate vintage style

04.11.2014 06:58:13

By Corsen

I received my dress today and it was everything I expected & more. I ordered the color just as shown on the picture and it looks so nice. Size 12 just fits me like a glove! The material are so great and it feels very comfotable. Thank you edressit for this great dress, highly recommend.

absolutely beautiful dress!!

04.11.2014 04:23:24

By sahr

I bought this dress for my sister, and she loves it very much, everything is going very well with my order, I am 100% satisfied with the dress I received, the only problem is that it's too long for her, but that is always expected, because she is very short,but that is easily to be fixed, thank you for your dress and your great service!!!


21.10.2014 04:54:02

By Ariane

I am over the moon to receive the dress today, it is the one i am looking for. Empire waistline shows the figure perfectly. Fabulous dress style and great quality, i love it very much. Will tell all my friends and family about you, thanks edressit, you did a great job on selling dresses online.

lovely dress with good quality

16.10.2014 04:16:05

By Alex

Love this vintage dress style! The dress looks great and it arrives earlier than exceptation with a good condition. Well packed and well made,definitely the one I am looking for and I can not wait wearing it in my party. Thanks edressit.

very elegant dress!

06.10.2014 12:11:49

  • By tatiana

    Thank you edressit!

Robe bustier imprimée

03.10.2014 05:37:07

By Jeanine

Toujours pas déçue de mon achat chez edressit, J'aime beaucoupe cette robe bustier, très belles découpes identiques à la photo et à sa présentation.
Elle a une longueur parfaite pour un look rétro-vintage comme sur le mannequin, ou bien du style romantique sans la jupette.
Bret recommande cet article

great deal!

25.09.2014 04:37:33

By cassie

Wow, this tea length dress is amazing, the dress came with beautiful prints and a detachable petticoat under the skirt, very considerate and helpful, I love this dress so much and this is a very very nice deal for me, thank you for your great dress and your service.

Robe vintage

22.09.2014 07:21:16

By Sue

Robe légère et bien coupée pour la soirée. le motif est assez "vintage", petits motifs géométriques avec des couleurs gaies.belle finition est jupon amovible, parfait. il manque des poches sur le côté, c'est dommage, il est donc intéressant de l'acheter

vintage ball gown

20.09.2014 04:18:49

By Layla

OMG!!!! I am just over the moon in love with this gown!! The dress is just perfect. I was worried since I had never ordered something like this before. I had it made to order and it fits just like I wanted it to. High quality dress!

Robe de cocktail Superbe

18.09.2014 09:50:18

By Aurélie

j'adore cette robe ! un tombé parfait, belle coupe, bien taille, un peu dramatique, mais le jupon est amovible, donc c'est 1 robe de 2 effets!


18.09.2014 04:13:14

By Niniba

Fantastic customer service, efficient, and quick. dress arrived early and is just perfect. Great quality and great dress!

Robe midi imprimée très mignonne

17.09.2014 11:51:31

By Elsa

cette robe de soirée bustier imprimée, elle m'a volé la souffle au premier essayage!
la robe est plus belle en réalité que sur la photo, et les couleurs encore plus vives.
Je préfère la porte sans la jupette dedans, je la trouve plus sage et romantique.
le tissu et la finition rien à dire, merci edressit


11.09.2014 08:13:12

By Ольга

Платье очень красивое, цвет совпадает, доставлено в срок. СПАСИБО!!!


01.09.2014 15:37:18

By Nathalie

I received my order yesterday. I absolutely love this dress and it fits amazingly. The material is good. I can't wait to wear it next week.I love this dress. 150% satisfied :]. You have BEST TEAM!

فستان جميل

01.09.2014 11:58:35

By Dagmar

في الحقيقة هذا فستان السهرة المطبوع أجمل من الفستان على الصورة، أحبه جدا، فهو أنيق و كلاسيكي عندما ارتدائه كانني أميرة

une jolie robe

27.08.2014 07:45:08

By Emanuelle

Très belle robe de qualité qui fait beaucoup d' effet a porter pour une réception.un mariage,enfin quand on veux être classe la taille est juste bien,article conforme à ma demande.Bonnes finitions, imprimé très beau, je recommande cet article,je suis très satisfaite de mon achat

excellent service.

26.08.2014 04:30:24

By Nicol

I want to say that I am very pleased with the professional service I received today from edressit. They were very helpful, kind and answered all my questions. I will certainly refer friends to edressit, due to my wonderful experience with edressit! Thank you!


22.08.2014 08:57:43

By Виталя

Платья на самом деле красивые , качественные . На мой взгляд лучше чем на фото . Желаю Вам побольше клиентов. Спасибо за терпение и особая благодарность за платье !


22.08.2014 08:10:59

By Victoria

This strapless dress was really great that has a very high quality, fits me very well, choose just the right size, beautiful prints and good material, the team was vey helpful, gave me advice when I feel confused about the size, kind staff, love the dress, love the nice people.Thank you.

robe indispensable

21.08.2014 04:21:46

By sevrine

Je suis très agréablement surprise par cette robe, la matière est douce, la coupe tombe juste.
j'adore l'imprimé, des fleurs comme broderie.
très feminine, d'une forme toujours appréciée, même si pour ma taille le haut est un peu large, mais c'est pas grave, merci de Christine, elle est très gentille, eet me donne beaucoup de conseils de taille et mensurations, merci, livraison très rapide, reçu dans une semaine, recommande ce site à tout le monde

Vintage Dress Love it

20.08.2014 09:17:52

By Amy

I ordered this dress for my little sister. This dress is very well made and fits my little sister perfectly.there is a detachable petticoat under skirt. I thought this dress would be lighter from the picture, however it is actually a much higher quality than I expected. There was an issue with the original size I submitted for the dress. The team there were very quick to spot it and I was able to resend correct size. This did delay the dress a little but it was not a problem. because it was my mistake. The service was excellent and overall I am very satisfied with the dresses received.


05.08.2014 04:32:57

By ahmad

Thanks for this wonderful site with easy browsing And goods and access to appropriate sizes Luxury fabrics at affordable prices And attention to the client and application packaging and shipping accuracy Thank you all.


08.07.2014 15:37:12

  • By florianka

    Amazing dress! Love it!


13.06.2014 02:15:06

By amouna

j'aime bcp la robe identique a la photo jamais déçu

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