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eDressit 2014 Neu Süß Herz Fältig Träger mit Perlen Abendkleid (00143304)
eDressit 2014 Neu Süß Herz Fältig Träger mit Perlen Abendkleid (00143304)
eDressit 2014 Neu Süß Herz Fältig Träger mit Perlen Abendkleid (00143304)
eDressit 2014 Neu Süß Herz Fältig Träger mit Perlen Abendkleid (00143304)
eDressit 2014 Neu Süß Herz Fältig Träger mit Perlen Abendkleid (00143304)
eDressit 2014 Neu Süß Herz Fältig Träger mit Perlen Abendkleid (00143304)
eDressit 2014 Neu Süß Herz Fältig Träger mit Perlen Abendkleid (00143304)
eDressit 2014 Neu Süß Herz Fältig Träger mit Perlen Abendkleid (00143304)
eDressit 2014 Neu Süß Herz Fältig Träger mit Perlen Abendkleid (00143304)

eDressit 2014 Neu Süß Herz Fältig Träger mit Perlen Abendkleid (00143304)

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    eDressit 2014 Neu Süß Herz Fältig Träger mit Perlen Abendkleid (00143304)
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  • Versand Infos

*Tüll Träger voller Perlen

*Süß Herz Ausschnitt

*Voller Falten

*Handgeareite Perlen an Taile

*Mit BH

*Reißverschluss am Rücken mit Haken und Ösenverschluss


*Tencel Stoff

*Kleidlänge mit Schleppe (etwa155 cm von Schulter bis die vorne Saum)

Wir versenden zu über 200 Ländern, wir senden die Lagertype Standard-Größe Kleider in 24 Stunden.

Wir haben zwei Liefer Möglichkeiten für Sie zu wählen:

*Express Versand: 3-7 Werktage, 28EUR für das ersten Kleid, dann jede weitere hinzufügt 15 EUR.
*Standard Versand: 7-10 Werktage, 20EUR für das ersten Kleid, dann jede weitere hinzufügt 15 EUR.

Wenn Sie ein Kleid in andere Farbe oder Massanfertigung bestellen,es benötigt normalerweise 10-20 Arbeitstage, um es zu schaffen.

Klicken Sie hier um mehr über den Versandanleitung wissen.


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27.05.2016 01:37:09

By Lilas

Elle est tres belle mais taille trop petit

Taille trop petit

27.05.2016 01:34:44

By Lilas

Elle est belle mais taille trop petit


27.05.2016 01:13:36

By Lilas

Une tres jolie couleur mais par contre ca taille encore plus petits ne pas hésiter à rajouter 2 ou 3 tailles de plus


23.05.2016 14:50:36

  • By DianaMV

    This dress is absolutely gorgeous!!!


19.01.2016 08:40:01

By Gabriela Ciobotaru

It looks more beautiful than I expected. Thank you so much eDressit team.


07.12.2015 23:42:03

  • By Lelya


Très belle robe.

05.12.2015 12:08:23

  • By MiMi

    Waw , magnifique robe , je n'ai rien à dire .
    Merci .

perfect service swap return included

06.11.2015 17:44:23

By Dusty

I bought this dress deliverd 5 days later but the color wasn't great on me so I changed for a navyblue dress which I recieved in return and it is absolutley fantastic. The service from edressit was just perfect.
Many thanks

Très belle robe.

25.10.2015 22:44:40

  • By MiMi

    Magnifique, magnifique , magnifique ...

Magnifique robe

30.08.2015 18:28:43

  • By MiMi

    Je suis très contente de cette robe , magnifique .

Très belle robe.

30.08.2015 17:07:58

  • By MiMi

    Vraiment magnifique robe .

Très belle robe.

14.08.2015 11:39:27

  • By MiMi

    Magnifique robe .

Très belle robe.

14.08.2015 11:38:46

  • By MiMi

    Magnifique robe .


31.05.2015 01:50:24

By amouna

merci pour votre confiance identique rien a dire

so beautiful

28.05.2015 12:35:47

By Henrietta

Got my dress today, and the delivery was very quick. Arrived in 5 days after my order. I'm extremely happy with the quality of the dress, it is a very nice dress. The dress fits perfectly and I am extremely pleased with how it is made. Thank you so much eDressit.


26.05.2015 19:50:17

By foluke

Great Dress! Elegant and eye catching. I will recommend this 100 times.

Très belle robe.

21.05.2015 17:31:51

  • By MiMi

    Magnifique robe .

Très belle robe.

21.05.2015 17:31:36

  • By MiMi

    Magnifique robe .

Magnifique robe

21.05.2015 17:25:09

  • By MiMi

    Elle est plus belle en vrai , merci à vous eDressit


20.05.2015 22:31:25

By cristina1989

The dress is very beautifull!

so nice

07.05.2015 10:04:56

By Britney

Very pleased with the dress I ordered from here. The quality of the dress is superb. It looks more beautiful than I expected. Shipping for DHL is very fast and I received my dress just in one week after my order. I am so happy with the dress. Thank you so much eDressit team.


22.04.2015 22:13:28

By gloria pascual

El vestido precioso y queda muy bien. Pero me ha cobrado el transportista 23€ de aduana así que su en lo al valor del vestido

Reply by eDressit 24.04.2015 03:09:28
Hola estimada cliente,

Gracias por tu comentario.El costo de envio se ha pagado a DHL por nosotros, y el costo de aduana se cobra por tu pais, que es la politica en tu pais,no podemos contrlarlo, lo siento de esto, graias por tu comprension. Pero podemos darte un descuento para tu proximo pedido,no dudes de escribirnos para tu proximo pedido?

Un saludo

thank you

17.04.2015 03:26:48

By Camilla

Got my dress today and it is absolutely beautifully made. Hand-sewn beads on the waist is delicate. It looks great on me. So happy with the dress. Great quality that well worth the money I paid. Thank you so much eDressit. I am your loyal fan.

Magnifique robe

22.03.2015 12:00:48

  • By MiMi

    Très très belle robe , dans toutes les couleurs maghifique.
    Merci à vous .


20.02.2015 13:45:27

  • By MiMi

    Très belle robe et très belle couleur , j’adore .

beautiful dress

23.12.2014 02:42:32

By Delmira

Good quality, the dress arrived very quickly and it is just the same as I wanted. Very well made dress and very great qualiy. Thank you edressit, I am so pleased with the shopping experience. Will surely come back and order more dresses.

beautiful as described!

10.12.2014 08:10:08

By Tina

This gown was absolutely what I expected, very well sewn and made with top quality, so satisfied with my purchase from this site, definitely recommend this site to all my friends and families!
Thank you so much, great job!


07.12.2014 10:51:12

By Debo Rata

sehr zufrieden-schnelle Abwicklung-schnellere Lieferung als erwartet-hat alles pria geklappt und ist ein Traumkleid!!


04.12.2014 00:53:32

By eliana sebastiao

good, tks

beautiful dress!

02.12.2014 03:34:57

By Rose

I felt so excited when I received my package, I was stunned when I opened the parcel and tried the dress , it looked amazing on me and fit well, just like for custom made, so happy to get such a gorgeous dress online, great value for money, I would like to recommend this dress to everyone!


25.11.2014 10:27:59

  • By MiMi

    Très belle , merci à vous .


24.11.2014 06:31:52

By Philo

Dress was made with great workmanship, top beaded details were very nice, like my dress so much, thank you.

Шикарное платье

20.11.2014 03:42:20

By Анна

Платье просто супер, идеально село по фигуре. Большое спасибо!

stunning !

11.11.2014 04:06:55

By Angela

Very stunning dress with a very nice price,straps with shinning beading looks very nice and chic, I am very impressed by your dress, thank you so much,great job!


04.11.2014 05:01:58

By Amandine

Amazing dress, amazing color too, I never thought I could get such a stunning dress online, with such great quality, the dress is absolutely above my expectations, thank you very much , I was very impressed, thanks eDressit!

nice dress!!!

23.10.2014 05:02:04

By Serena

Color was very beautiful,,price is very good for me, great value for money,I got the right size, the dress fit me quite well, no need to alter, and that was great, thank you so much for your amazing dress, your dress did impress me.

magnifique robe

19.10.2014 09:42:16

By amouna

je suis tres tres contente de mon achat merci encore de votre sérieux

very sexy dress!

06.10.2014 12:15:01

  • By tatiana

    Thank you edressit!


25.09.2014 13:02:02

  • By amine

    Très belle robe , merci .

Очаровательное платье

18.09.2014 08:39:58

By Гелена

Сшито аккуратно из качественных натуральных тканей , платье очень красивое, пришло вовремя.


17.09.2014 07:20:04

By fadihirld

الجودة المتوقعة هي من الدرجة الأولى، طلبت لون مثل الصورة، أعتقد أنها أكثر جمالا من أصدقاء، حريصة على محاولة، هومناسبة، سوف تواصل التركيز على eDressit


07.09.2014 12:35:30

  • By amine

    C'est juste une merveille


02.09.2014 16:35:00

  • By 5

    Après le passage de la commande, il s'est avéré qu'il ya des défauts dans les articles en stock. Ce qui a fait un retard par rapport à la date de livraison prévue mais heureusement que j'ai eu ma robe avant la date limite.BRAVO
    Elle est Classe, bien fini, de qualité!
    Bonne continuation.

stunning dress

02.09.2014 08:04:10

By larranna

Beautiful! this dress is very well made. and there is no need to do any adjudgements. it fits perfectly.
the shipping is very fast and the package is well protected, so the dress was in good conditons when i reveived it.
Thank you edressit.

Très belle robe

26.08.2014 14:57:25

  • By amine

    Magnifique comme d'habitude ; merci à vous .


05.07.2014 12:32:26

By amouna

tres belle identique a la photo tres satisfaites


17.06.2014 13:26:59

  • By Diana

    Very nice dress and very good price

Vert beautifull

13.06.2014 11:27:09

  • By D

    Very Nice Color

Traum Kleid

22.05.2014 11:02:11

By Kornelia Hamberger

Eines der schönsten Kleider die ich je geragen habe !!

Very good

19.01.2014 15:05:33

By Lamies

i love this dresses and I'm so happy from the quality and service


18.01.2014 13:59:31

  • By Lelya



06.01.2014 23:05:47

  • By Елена

    Dress is same as the picture, the color is the same! Sewn to order, everything fits ideally

very nice

05.01.2014 20:08:32

By Amal

very nice, however, the colour is much darker and not as nice as the picture.

Reply by eDressit 06.01.2014 02:21:46
Hello dear

We use real model when taking the photos. It's the same as the one you received. But different screen may affect the color you see. Hope you understand.

Have a nice day!
kind regards
eDressit June


02.01.2014 15:51:32

By Anwar



30.12.2013 13:34:20

By amouna

J'adore cette robe elle est tres tres jolie


25.11.2013 00:15:08

By amouna

tres classe tes belle identique a la photo reçu en 10 jours merci

best dress

19.10.2013 23:03:59

By maureen lozama

i love this dresses and the prices are nice

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