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Marine Blau Ärmellos Abendkleid Formal Ballkleid (00155205)
Marine Blau Ärmellos Abendkleid Formal Ballkleid (00155205)
Marine Blau Ärmellos Abendkleid Formal Ballkleid (00155205)
Marine Blau Ärmellos Abendkleid Formal Ballkleid (00155205)
Marine Blau Ärmellos Abendkleid Formal Ballkleid (00155205)
Marine Blau Ärmellos Abendkleid Formal Ballkleid (00155205)
Marine Blau Ärmellos Abendkleid Formal Ballkleid (00155205)
Marine Blau Ärmellos Abendkleid Formal Ballkleid (00155205)
Marine Blau Ärmellos Abendkleid Formal Ballkleid (00155205)

Marine Blau Ärmellos Abendkleid Formal Ballkleid (00155205)

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    Marine Blau Ärmellos Abendkleid Formal Ballkleid (00155205)eDressit Ärmellos Rot Formal Kleid Abendkleid Ballkleid (00155202)Ärmellos lang Kaffeebraun Formal Kleid Abendkleid (X00155220)Ärmellos Beige Spitze Langes Abendkleid Formal Kleid (X00155214)
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7-10 Werktage

3-7 Werktage

Das Kleid ist nach der Bestellung angefertigt. Ob Sie Standard- Größe oder Maßanfertigung wählen, fertigen unsere Schneider die Kleider nach der Bestellung an.

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Von oben nach unten, ist dieses Kleid sure wow zu jeder mit seinen Raffinesse und pure Schönheit. Stunning Funktionen dieser Kleid schließen wunderschönen Meerjungfrau-Stil mit einem Sweep Zug, und verführerische schiere Rücken mit Knöpfen verziert. Vervollständigen Sie Ihren Stil mit einem funkelnden Kupplung. Zeit, um Ihren Look jetzt rocken!*Ärmellos

*Schiere Rücken mit stilvollen Schaltflächen
*Mit BHs gebaut
*95% Polyester & 5% Spandex Stoff
* In voller Länge mit Schwung Zug (etwa 155 cm von der Schulter nach vorne Saum)

Wir versenden zu über 200 Ländern, wir senden die Lagertype Standard-Größe Kleider in 24 Stunden.

Wir haben zwei Liefer Möglichkeiten für Sie zu wählen:

*Express Versand: 3-7 Werktage, 28EUR für das ersten Kleid, dann jede weitere hinzufügt 15 EUR.
*Standard Versand: 7-10 Werktage, 20EUR für das ersten Kleid, dann jede weitere hinzufügt 15 EUR.

Wenn Sie ein Kleid in andere Farbe oder Massanfertigung bestellen,es benötigt normalerweise 10-20 Arbeitstage, um es zu schaffen.

Klicken Sie hier um mehr über den Versandanleitung.


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Love it

10.09.2017 17:29:26

By Fyachic15

Elegant looking dress very beautiful


19.04.2016 09:34:09

By Isssu

Bonne taille, correspond à la photo!

My favorite place ever!

23.02.2016 04:31:51

By Carys

I love this shopping place and it has every wonderful dress that you can dream of! Recommend this site!

best site for evening gowns

26.01.2016 08:11:40

By Navi

Always loved browsing for my great cruise evening gowns in eDressit.com. All my purchases are satisfying, the service was excellent and the dress quality was of high level!

would like to recommend!

14.01.2016 09:20:20

By Olympia

Everything worked out fine with my order. The dress was perfect but needed some small alterations. Happy to recommend this site to all girls!

5 Sterne

18.11.2015 07:13:58

By Guilaine

ich finde,das Kleid ist herrlich wie im Bild.ich wede 5 Sterne edressit geben.

High quality!

18.11.2015 07:01:19

By India

This was my second order from edressit, and things went smoothly as the first one, the dress arrived in perfect condition and looked quite expensive in real life, thank you edressit team, I'm very impressed, thank you so much!


25.10.2015 12:24:52

By Azza

Ein wunderschönes Kleid, ich habe es für einen Junggesellinnenabschied gekauft. Der Schnitt und das Rot sind Hinkucker. Sehr angenehmer Stoff, der sich auch noch etwas dehnt. Es hat sich sehr gut bei Haut gefühlt,es sitzt perfekt und sieht einfach klasse aus. Volle Kaufempfehlung.

so nice dress

19.10.2015 08:54:16

By Dahlia

Great effect to make me elegant and slender. I trust eDressit. This is the eighth dress i got here.

Comfortable, classic

22.09.2015 11:32:08

By Angela

I've never rented from edressit before and never worn a strapless dress before, so I was nervous to get this dress, but didn't have time to shop at a million places and didn't want to spend a ton on a dress I'll wear once. Pleasantly surprised with how stunning this dress was and how flattering it was cut in every way. I'm pretty tall, so I didn't have a problem with the length with maybe 1" heals. Thanks eDressit


31.08.2015 07:34:17

By Kissa

The price is so good for this beautiful dress, top quality, fit me perfectly, I am so happy with my purchase from this site. Good job!

I absolutely LOVED this dress

12.08.2015 10:36:55


I was pleasantly surprised to see that this dress is,amazing navy evening dress. I can't even count how many compliments I received throughout the evening. I truly felt stunning. Would absolutely recommend this to anyone.


10.08.2015 10:47:42

By Eileen

This dress is very elegant! I love this design, it is very fashionable and very flattering to my figure. Great gown, well worth the money paid. Thanks!

la classe

06.08.2015 08:16:17

By lilie

Le modèle sympe et très bien cintrée, mais réservé à la silhouette élancée. Donc pas adaptée si on a quelques kilos en trop, surtout au niveau du ventre.Sinon c'est une robe de soirée très très classe.

high quality!

04.08.2015 09:16:04

By Inez

Can't believe that I can get such a gorgeous dress under $200, dress made with great workmanship and good fabric, except was a bit long for me, everything else was perfect for me. Satisfied with my order from this site, great job!Strongly recommend this dress to all girls!

amazing gown

24.07.2015 05:48:04

By Caden

The dress arrived very promptly, The dress looks just like the picture and is very well made. The quality of the fabrics is excellent. I am very pleased with this shopping from eDressit. Will definitely comeback for more dresses in the future.

bonne qualité

23.07.2015 09:58:10


Je l'ai acheté une robe de soirée à partir de ce site et je suis totalement satisfait avec le matériel et les produits. Doit offres site pour tous les grande cérémonie, Totalement satisfait !!!

fit, elegant

15.07.2015 05:38:43

By Evelyn

I have never been so elegant if it wasn't this gown. This dress size is standard, fit me well. I'm not so slender as the model, but the same effect. I like its mermaid silhouette very much, which add vintage and gentle feeling. In the middle of paying, sale person game me helpful guides, thanks. I thing i will come again.

Beautiful and elegant dress for an elegant wedding

01.07.2015 13:06:53

By Judi

This dress fit perfectly! It's very slimming and flattering.

Loved this dress

26.06.2015 08:55:28


This dress looks so much better in person that in pictures. The bodice of this dresses is very flattering and accentuates a small waist.

Amazing dress

24.06.2015 08:50:30

By Shelley

Amazing dress: perfect quality, great materials, super cut! The only bad thing is that I only got to wear the dress for few hours. But I felt like a princess and got tons of compliments for my dress of choice.

got so many compliments!

23.06.2015 10:44:33


I got so many compliments on this dress throughout the night and I felt amazing in it. The fabric is nice and heavy so it gave sleek lines and hid any lumps and bumps. It moved nicely and I remained comfortable all night. Totally recommend you BUY this dress.


22.06.2015 11:21:36

By Lina

I ordered a custom made dress, then I realized It was quite late and won't be able to receive the dress on time, I send them a note and the next day they replied back telling me they were going to expedite my order, finally I receive my dress in two weeks and it's gorgeous, it fits perfectly


22.06.2015 07:41:45

By myriam

la classe et la féminité, merci edressit pour cette magnifique robe sirène.suis tout à fait satisfaite de ce produit, la recommande!

highly recommend!!

17.06.2015 09:26:06

By Natal

Wow!!! It was body-hugging in all the right places and the color was breathtaking. Such a flattering dress, I couldn't believe how perfect it was and how beautiful it made me feel all night long. I wore it to a wedding and received so many compliments from wedding guests, and rave reviews based on the pictures I posted from that evening. This dress is so glamorous in person, I highly recommend!!!

Robe de soirée classe

15.06.2015 11:23:32

By Danielle

Modèle très sympa prise en bleu nuit meme si le rouge me plait autant , je trouve celle ci bien plus chic et convient à toute sorte d'événement.J'aime vraimenet ce modèle, il fait son effet !


09.06.2015 10:29:07

By CM146

I wore this dress to a formal event sponsored by my employer. Overall I was extremely happy with it. The dress runs true to size. I chose to use fashion tape to make it more PG for my work event but depending on the venue, it would be beautiful left as is. I received many compliments on the dress, particularly on the back which is amazing.


08.06.2015 09:18:15

By Taylor Macadam

How fashion the dress is, i love it very much. Sheath, sexy and also comfortable. Dress for evening party is so perfect that i can't say no here. This color and also the already customized length suit me. On whole, it is super. Highly recommended if you also have a party and want to have an element look. It is indeed an effective dress.

tres tres classe

06.06.2015 08:04:16

By Catherine

Très ravie de ma 1ère commande sur ce site la robe est tres chic rendu comme sur le site et les finitions impeccales! j'ai hate de la porter pour sortirmerci à vous tous!

Perfect fitted dress

04.06.2015 10:02:29

By Meli

I got this dress for prom & I loved it so much,The dress is long and can get warm on the dance floor. If you wear flats you will be dragging the bottom of the dress so wear comfortable heels with this gown. Take your time going up the stairs and lift the top of the dress when traveling up the stairs. Other than I absolutely loved this dress and I received numerous compliments on the color and fit.

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