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eDressit Sexy Spitze Hohe Schlitz Abendkleid Ballkleid (00152202)
  • Das Kleid ist der absoluter Hammer!!! Sieht genau so aus wie auf dem Bild...sitzt perfekt und sexy aus...Lieferung exrem schnell...Super service!! Vielen Dank! Bestelle immer wieder!  Sehen die Wahl des Kunden >>
  • By Archa
eDressit 2014 Neu Pink Griechisch Ausschnitt Spitze Abendkleid  (00147801)
eDressit Glamorous Rainbow Prom Gown (00061456)
  • Good quality with the price I paid. It's made of tulle fabric and satin liner with hand-stitched beads, looks as good as in the picture. Bottom mermaid-tail has three layers of petty-coat tulle underneath. Tailoring is surprisingly good for a small-size fit with criss-cross ties at the back. Surprisingly speedy delivery.  Sehen die Wahl des Kunden >>
  • By Angel Ng-Smith
eDressit Elegant V-Schnitt geschlitztes Abendkleid (00090203)
Ärmellos Knielang Rot Cocktailkleid Party Kleid (X04135102)
  • I found it from Pinterest, i felt noble and lovely when wear it.Really a stunning dress!!! Thanks for suggesting me size UK 8, otherwise, the bodice would be tight.Great. I will come next time.  Sehen die Wahl des Kunden >>
  • By Takoda
Kurze Ärmel V Rücken Blau Überknie Länge Party Kleid (X04151405)
  • This dress is the exact one i'm finding for my birthday party. I contact eDressit's customer service for size and delivery details last week, they answered me fast, and now it arrived. Smooth shopping experience and high quality dress!!! Thanks :D  Sehen die Wahl des Kunden >>
  • By Takato
Kappe Ärmel Spitze Applikationen Party Kleid (04160146)
  • This dress arrived fast to my door. I tried it on as soon as i received it, so fitted and lovely. Dress is the same as the picture.Many beautiful embroidery, super delicate!!!Thanks.  Sehen die Wahl des Kunden >>
  • By Takara
Lange Ärmel Wulstig Spitze Formal Kleid Abschlussballkleid (C36152414)
  • This dress is sparkling and attractive. Beads are well sewn, so exquisite details. Love it very much. Thanks edressit.It is also fitted to me! Will buy more here.  Sehen die Wahl des Kunden >>
  • By Takahiro
eDressit Schick Faltig Oberkörper Abendkleid (00120514)
  • The drress is exactly as described and as it Shows on the Foto. For once am happy with what i bought. Can't wait to wear it. Thank you edress it Team, your communication was professional.  Sehen die Wahl des Kunden >>
  • By Mercy
eDressit Artikel Schick Faltig Oberkörper Rotes Abendkleid (00120502)
  • This dress is absolutely stunning! The color is beautiful, the fit & flow is very flattering. Just love this dress.  Sehen die Wahl des Kunden >>
  • By Anita
eDressit Ärmellos Schatz Rosa Party Kleid Cocktailkleid (04152201)
eDressit Perlen Schwarz Formal Kleid Abendkleid (36160800)
  • It is the very dress i like!!! All about elongating my figure and make me attractive and noble. Beads have magic on the dress, are well sewn and arranged.Super. Thanks eDressit.  Sehen die Wahl des Kunden >>
  • By Taisce
Tülle Oben Deckel Ärmel Süß Herz  Brautkleid Emfang Kleid (00161908)
  • It fit me perfectly!!! I think i should buy more grey dresses, as i found grey color is amazing to show my look. Thanks eDressit for designing this dress. Love it very very much.  Sehen die Wahl des Kunden >>
  • By Taini
eDressit 2014 Neu Kürze Ärmel Kleid  V-Ausschnitt Cocktail Kleid Party Kleid (04146214)
  • I like everything of the dress: its color, fabric, effect and length. I felt amazing with it, and it is the best dress i every bought online during these years. Price is definitely competitive too. I recommended eDressit to friends already, will come here again.  Sehen die Wahl des Kunden >>
  • By Taiki
eDressit 2014 Neu Spitze Ober Rot Knie Länge Abendkleid (04141657)
  • Dress is the same as the picture, color is rich and bright.High quality, fast shippment and response. Everything goes smoothly in the shopping. Thanks. I really like it.  Sehen die Wahl des Kunden >>
  • By Taifa
eDressit 2014 Neu Gestickte Spitze Tüll Oberteil Cocktail Party Kleid (04142546)
  • This dress is so lovely. It make me younger. Price is also competitive.Love it. It has nice quality feelings.I think i will buy more dresses here.  Sehen die Wahl des Kunden >>
  • By Tai
2014 Neu Hot Rosa Ein Schulter Hoch Schlitz Brautkleid (C07141212)
eDressit  Anne Hathaway Elegant Gown Abendkleid.Hot style (00100207)
eDressit Glamourös Gelb Ein Schulter Abendkleid (00121103)
eDressit Charmante Einzelnschulter Partykleid Cocktailkleid (04124810)
21252 kommentar , seite 119 von 1063
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