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21236 kommentar , seite 188 von 1062
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eDressit weiß Perlen Tülle Oben Kurz Organza Brautkleid  (01140407)
Romantische Beaded Spitze Öffnen Rücken Abend Gown Kleid der Mutter von Braut (C36146246)
  • Beautiful dress and made out of quality material. Dress was exactly as pictured. Did not disappoint and will definitely order from this site again.  Sehen die Wahl des Kunden >>
  • By Caelin
eDressit 2014 Neu Lila Ein Schulter Einfach Schön Bodenlang Abendkleid (00142606)
  • I have tried this dress and it fit me very well.It is magic that I can get this beautiful dress in such perfect size.It looks sexy and charming.I convinced that I would be the most attractive lady at the party.Many thanks!  Sehen die Wahl des Kunden >>
  • By Beverley
eDressit 2014 Neu Halfter Gelb Formal Abendkleid (02142203)
  • Wow, amazing. I love this dress so much. I just got the dress from the delivery man. I tried it on and it could fit well. The fabric was soft. Your website is excellent. I will recommend your site to my friends.  Sehen die Wahl des Kunden >>
  • By Betsy
Bezaubend Ärmellos Blume Abendkleid Formal Kleid (02150705)
  • Fantastic dress! The quality of the material was better than I expected and the customer service was very responsive when I realized I accidentally put down the wrong measurement since I selected the custom order (well worth it in my opinion). I wore it to a black tie event and was told I had the best dress in the event. I will definitely order from edressit again for a classy event.  Sehen die Wahl des Kunden >>
  • By Berry
Elegant Blau Auf-Schulter Halb Ärmel Prom Kleid Abendkleid (02152805)
  • I totally love it !!! I'm gonna wear it to Christmas dance party... can't wait ! Thank you soooooo much edressit ! <3  Sehen die Wahl des Kunden >>
  • By Jaione
Gorgeous Ärmellos Perlen Rot Prom Kleid (C36151502)
  • I really loved my dress especially it came in my favorite color RED. I had my mom do my measurements and it all came out fine except for my bust. Maybe my mom made a mistake? But anyways it was fixable. I received so many compliments <3 <3  Sehen die Wahl des Kunden >>
  • By Iratze
eDressit Lang Ärmel Schlitz Brautjungfer Kleid Abendkleid (00150304)
eDressit Trompete Ärmellos Perlen Illusion Prom Kleid (C36150714)
  • Loved this dress! It was my second year ordering from edressit and they were exceptional once again :) The dress was gorgeous and fit great!  Sehen die Wahl des Kunden >>
  • By Gizane
Kappe Ärmel Verzierung Mieder Abendkleid Ballkleid (C36153146)
  • I wore this dress to my Michelle Bridges finale after losing 22kg! I felt amazing in this amazing dress!  Sehen die Wahl des Kunden >>
  • By Catalin
eDressit Bezaubend Ärmellos Sapphir Blau Abendkleid (02130905)
eDressit 2014 Neu Einfätig Beige & Schwarz Blumen Cocktail/Party Abendkleid (04140814)
eDressit Charming Ein Schulter Gefaltet Abendkleid (00127106)
  • Большое спасибо за возможность носить такие прекрасные наряды.  Sehen die Wahl des Kunden >>
  • By natalika9
glitzerndes Ärmloses perlitisches hellblau Ball Abendkleid  (02160505)
  • I wore this for a wedding that I was a greeter in. It was soooo elegant and people complimented it all night. It was also comfortable to wear. I would definitely recommend this dress for a formal affair. It was stunning and I felt amazing.  Sehen die Wahl des Kunden >>
  • By Genevieve
Elegant  Rot  V-Ausschnitt Formal Abendkleid  (00160802)
  • I absolutely loved the color of this dress; it pops in any lighting. The illusion neckline is really flattering, too.  Sehen die Wahl des Kunden >>
  • By Samanth
eDressit Kappe Ärmel Stickerei Ballkleid Formal Kleid  (00153305)
  • This dress was beautiful and very figure flattering. The lace was high quality. I was at a black tie work function and received many compliments from my co-workers and some total strangers who walked up to tell me they loved the dress. I went with the red lip like the model and it was a hit and really finished the look.  Sehen die Wahl des Kunden >>
  • By Alyson
Ärmellos Beige Spitze Applikation Formal Kleid Ballkleid (02154814)
  • I felt like a million dollars in this dress.:) I went to a black tie event on Saturday and wore this fabulous dress - LOVED IT! It was a great fit - and tugged me in all the right places. I didn't wear any spanks or anything with it - it has a great fit built into the dress. Enjoy!  Sehen die Wahl des Kunden >>
  • By Danielle
Stilvoll  Ärmellos Kurz Schwarz Cocktail Kleid Tag Kleid  (03150700)
Elegant trägerlos süß Ballkleid Abendkleid  (02160814)
  • This dress was beautiful, I received compliments all night. It was a great fit for someone with a little more bust. It is an incredibly flattering gown. I would recommend. Can't wait for the next one!  Sehen die Wahl des Kunden >>
  • By Jen
eDressit Ärmellos dunkel Blau Abendkleid mit Scherenschnitt (00160905)
21236 kommentar , seite 188 von 1062
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