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eDressit Herrlicher lange Ärmel Rot Abendkleid Ballkleid (02150102)
eDressit Ärmellos Spitze Applikation Abendkleid Formalkleid (00154904)
  • I love this dress. It is so beautiful. The dress is of good quality. The color and the style are exactly what I wanted. Perfect length and beautiful color, very happy with my purchase. Thumbs up!  Sehen die Wahl des Kunden >>
  • By Gwen
Ärmelloses Illusion Ausschnitt Rosa Abendkleid Ballkleid (00155001)
  • I am very pleased with the dress I ordered from edressit. It is very beautiful and very well made. The color pink is my favorite and it looks very stunning on. I will definitely be a head turner. So happy. Many thanks!  Sehen die Wahl des Kunden >>
  • By Ellia
Schmeichelhaft Trägerlos Brautjungferkleid mit Schärpe (07150717)
  • Vu les commentaires précédents, j'ai fait ma commande 10 jours avant le mariage et l'ai reçu à date demandée.La taille est juste pour celles qui ont une poitrine menue... Les matières et la couleur correspondent 100% à mes attentes!  Sehen die Wahl des Kunden >>
eDressit Ärmellos Shwarz Abendkleid Formal Kleid (02153400)
  • This dress is excellent, it is very well made and the quality of the materials is superb. I recommend this dress to everyone as it is very comfortable and fits perfectly. The craftsmanship is excellent. Thank you so much edressit, you are the best site I've ever used.  Sehen die Wahl des Kunden >>
  • By Dakota
eDressit Schwarz Spitze Applikation Abendkleid Ballkleid (02153300)
  • This dress looks gorgeous. It is well made with high quality materials. I bought this dress in size 8 and it is perfect for my body shape. The delivery time was pretty good and the package was in a great condition. I am very pleased with the purchase. Thank you so much edressit.  Sehen die Wahl des Kunden >>
  • By Blaize
eDressit Ärmellos Schatz-Hochzeits-Kleid Begrüßung Kleid (01151507)
  • Je voulais vous remercier pour cette robe de princesse elle était tout simplement sublime!!!tissu de très bonne qualité la coupe me va bien malgré la longueur est trop longue et je mesure 1m65.  Sehen die Wahl des Kunden >>
  • By mazdour
Blume Ein Schulter Rot Abendkleid Brautjungfernkleid (07154302)
  • I am very happy to get my dress and even more happy to wear it. The dress is of good quality and feel very comfortable. I love it.  Sehen die Wahl des Kunden >>
  • By Maddison
eDressit Kappe Ärmel Stickerei Abendkleid Ballkleid (00153546)
  • Rendu parfait malgré taille un peu petit, bien doublée avec des matières agréable , la coupe fidèle à la photo. Je vous recommande cet article  Sehen die Wahl des Kunden >>
  • By nadia el
Halfter Coral Brautjungfernkleid Cocktail Kleid (07154857)
  • I am very happy with my purchase. I just got my dress on time. It is exactly what I wanted and fits me in a perfect way. Thank you eDressit.  Sehen die Wahl des Kunden >>
  • By Angelina
Tiefer V-Ausschnitt Perlen Schultern Abendkleid Ballkleid (00155108)
  • Bien tailler, la coupe me va, le décolleté tombe bien.Le tissu est vraiment agréable, de qualité assez bonne par rappor à son prix !  Sehen die Wahl des Kunden >>
  • By Grissa
eDressit Konvertierbar Burgunderrot Brautjungfern Kleid (07154617)
  • This high low dress with red-wine color attracted our sight during the selection, we finally chosen five pcs, enjoyed the off price. Thanks edressit for helping us choose right size. They tired on and gave nice feedback. Great shopping experience to me this time.  Sehen die Wahl des Kunden >>
  • By Amandan
Kappe Ärmeln Perlenspitze Applikation Abendkleid Ballkleid (26152706)
  • Thanks edressit, i received the dress and a small handbag. They are all in good quality, match well each other. Thanks edressit team.  Sehen die Wahl des Kunden >>
  • By Ashly
2014 Neu Einfach Elegant Hell Rosa Trägerlos Abendkleid Brautjungfer Kleid(C00117301)
  • Color 10 is what i like, so custom the dress into it. Beautiful, no color difference. Thanks edressit.  Sehen die Wahl des Kunden >>
  • By Lauren_C
eDressit Artikel Großartig Hoche Spalt Rosa Abendkleid  (00131901)
  • Did custom in length, the size selection is important, so you should be careful with it. If you have some question as me, just contact its custom service, which is patient and helpful. No color difference, as it is on picture. Thanks edressit.  Sehen die Wahl des Kunden >>
  • By Peggie
eDressit Ärmeloses Schwarz Abendkleid mit Spitze Details (00152800)
  • I really like this cool black fashion dress with beaded lace bodice and full length style. Dress arrived fastly and the parcel is well protected. Used the points, the dress was affordable finally. If you like its pattern, highly recommend to buy one.  Sehen die Wahl des Kunden >>
  • By Lindar
Herrliche Ärmelloses Wulstige Mieder Rosa Abendkleid (C36153001)
  • Love this gown, very gorgeous and beautiful. Free handbag is really what i like. So pleased purchasing this time. Thank you edressit.  Sehen die Wahl des Kunden >>
  • By Pennat
Elegantes Ärmellos V Schnitt Rosa Abendkleid Ballkleid (00153901)
  • Dress and earings are all beautiful, very nice to match each other. Thanks eDressit. I need this high slit, sweet pink tone straps dress and my friends prepared to choose one similar too. Recommend!  Sehen die Wahl des Kunden >>
  • By Bounna
eDressit Erstaunliches wulstiges Abschlussball Abendkleid (C36152514)
  • Even better than the picture shows when i tried on to feel the size and length. I saw an elegant lady in the mirror, really nice dress with heavier fabric, exquisite details. Pleased with this shopping from eDressit, i think i will come again. Thanks.  Sehen die Wahl des Kunden >>
  • By Peggy
Elegant Ein Schulter Rosa Brautjungfernkleid Ballkleid (07152501)
  • I like its exquisite one shoulder design, with pink color, this dress is so sweet that is very suitable for summer and this party. I worn it to party, lots of comliments from my friends. I just want to say thanks, for in the middle of the purchasing, i failed in paying for twice, the sale person guided me patiently untill i paied successfully. Nice team, good dress, highly recommend.  Sehen die Wahl des Kunden >>
  • By Keyla
21256 kommentar , seite 364 von 1063
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