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Blau Ärmellos Paillettes Cocktail Kleid Homecoming Kleid(04134405)
  • I ordered a dress online and I am so amaze of the service of your agents. She is very accommodating. I am going to use this dress for my cousin's wedding next month, I ordered ahead of time so that is ever the dress will arrive to me and I will not like it I will still have a chance to change it or look for another dress BUT I am so thankful with edressit that the dress I ordered is so beautiful and when I got to fit the dress I look stunning. I will be ordering another dress from you again, I still have another affair to attend next week. And I might order my wedding gown also, I saw a few bridal dresses on your website that is SUPER!  Sehen die Wahl des Kunden >>
  • By Rebecca
eDressit 2014 Neu Rück-Spitze Oben Knie Länge Party/Homecoming Abendkleid (04140910)
  • I'm from Canada, bought this dress for my little daughter's birthday,I'm a loyal fan,I've been ordering from EDRESSIT for about 10 times already. What I love about edressit is that the site offers various newest fashion styles & promotions,you can buy a gorgeous dress with very cheap price. Now that's complete customer experience :) I will forever be your fan! :)  Sehen die Wahl des Kunden >>
  • By Reba
2014 Neu Herlich Ein Schulter Blumen Cocktail Rock (C04141317)
  • Been ordering from this site for 2 years now. every year they come up with amazing collections. This is my 8th dress from them,good quality as usual.They have promotions almost every month,you can save a is always a pleasure shopping from this site.. i recommend them.  Sehen die Wahl des Kunden >>
  • By Rainey
2014 Neu Süß Herz Ausschnitt Trägerlos Gefaltet Cocktail Kleid Brautjungfernklei (C07140205)
  • G'day.. greetings from Canada... A dear friend from London has recommended me to come to this website for my bridesmaids dresses. There aren't good stores I can find from here and this website has really given me a great deal. A minimal charge for rush processing, customisation on the length and International fast shipping. I look forward to receiving the dresses and I am confident they will be as better-looking than they are in pictures. I wish I could have ordered my wedding dress from them also. But I will be happy to use their service again in future events.  Sehen die Wahl des Kunden >>
  • By Ramona
Glänzend Ärmellos Pailletten Cocktailkleid Partykleid (04144805)
  • Weeeeeeeee! Am so happy! love u guys! You have made my dream come true, a perfect night with my perfect someone and my perfect dress :) Really got a picture perfect event that I will remember for the rest of my life. You made this happen, and I want to thank you for the great service and very fast shipping :) I got the dress within 2 weeks time! I have recommended u guys to all of my friends and they will be ordering from u soon and I will too.  Sehen die Wahl des Kunden >>
  • By Randle
Elegant Auf-Schulter Spitze Lila Cocktail Kleid Party Kleid (04145706)
  • I'm very happy to deal with edressit. Fast delivery & high quality products. Communication services are very high. I Recommended to future purchase with you.Thank you once again to you!  Sehen die Wahl des Kunden >>
  • By Rae
Hüpsche Spitze Lang Ärmeln Abendkleid Formal Gown (26149746)
  • This was my first time for shopping online,very success,love this lace applique evening gown,it is much more beautiful than in the photo and that is saying a lot because it is gorgeous in the photos too.  Sehen die Wahl des Kunden >>
  • By Rachel
eDressit 2014 Neu Perlen Hals Süß Herz Ausschnitt Hoch Schlitz Abendkleid (02141357)
  • This dress is incredibly amazing and beautiful! Hand-sewn beads on halter straps & side bodice looks great and shiny. I'd recommend anyone who was interested in it to purchase it ! Just make sure you get your measurements right and everything else should go well !  Sehen die Wahl des Kunden >>
  • By Manina
eDressit 2014 Neu Türkis Ein Schulter Perlen Abendkleid (00146204)
  • I love this dress!! It is so beautifully made and fits perfectly. I ordered it in green size 8. Wonderful site for the great quality dress. I am very pleased with my purchase and will buy again from eDressit.  Sehen die Wahl des Kunden >>
  • By Libitina
eDressit 2014 Neu Blau V-Ausschnitt Ärmellos Pailletten Abendkleid  (00145205)
  • I purchased this dress in blue and when it arrived it was exactly what I was hoping for! The quality all round was amazing! The material was beautiful and it fitted me well. The customer service was fast to reply, were understanding and really helpful. Definitely recommending this website to my friends.  Sehen die Wahl des Kunden >>
  • By Leysa
eDressit 2014 Neu Beige Ein Schulter mit Stickerei A-Line Abendkleid (00141414)
  • I ordered this dress for my coming event and I am very happy with the colour (beige) and quality of the dress. Chiffon velvet fabric is of high quality. Very beautiful and flattering!!! Thank you edressit.  Sehen die Wahl des Kunden >>
  • By Kolena
eDressit 2014 Neu V-Ausschnitt Hoch Schlitz A-Line Abendkleid (00145532)
  • Definitely love this dress! Got this dress in the light blue color, and I'm in love :) great purchase. I bought the size 8 and everything fits perfectly. The service was fantastic too. I am extremely happy with my purchase - a fantastic price for a fantastic dress! Thank you :)  Sehen die Wahl des Kunden >>
  • By Julinka
eDressit 2014 Neu Rot Perlen Ein- Schulter Spitze Rücken Abendkleid (02144602)
  • I ordered this dress and it took exactly one week to arrive! I was so nervous as it was coming from China, but it arrived on time and is beautiful!!! The quality is excellent and the color is amazing! I ordered the color red. Thank you edressit for this wonderful dress.  Sehen die Wahl des Kunden >>
  • By Jasia
eDressit 2014 Neu Schwarz Off-Schulter Spitzen Ärmel A-Line Abendkleid (02143800)
  • I just received this dress yesterday, and I ordered it in color black. I absolutely love it! It is beautifully made and just as it looks in the picture. Elegant and graceful. Couldn't think of a better dress to wear on my important event. Many thanks.  Sehen die Wahl des Kunden >>
  • By Hildie
eDressit 2014 Neu Blau Tülle Oben Stickerei Reich Abendkleid für Braut´s Mutter (26141005)
  • I bought this dress from this site and I have to say it is even better than the photograph on the model. Graceful, stylish and beautifully made. I ordered the size 10 and it fit perfectly. Highly recommend this site and THE DRESS . will order from here again. Thank you so much.  Sehen die Wahl des Kunden >>
  • By Gulinar
eDressit 2014 Neu Gestickt Trägerlos Süß Herz A-Line Ballkleid (00141104)
  • I am extremely impressed with this item, it arrived within 5 days after my order. The packaging was great and the dress is of a high quality. Two-tone silk chiffon fabric feels so comfortable. Great value for the money. Thanks so much edressit.  Sehen die Wahl des Kunden >>
  • By Epide
eDressit 2014 Neu Champagne V-Ausschnitt  Gestickt  Spitye  Mermaid Abendkleid (02141514)
  • This dress came on time, packaged beautifully and it was in a good condition. Really well made dress, and the material is great and the quality is a lot more than what i was expecting. Delivery was quick and I highly recommend this dress and also this wonderful site. Thanks.  Sehen die Wahl des Kunden >>
  • By Dollie
eDressit Ein-Schulter Prächtig Elegant Rosa und schwarz Lace  Abendkleid (00106001)
eDressit 2014 Neu Rot Tülle Oben Spitze Länge Ärmel  Abendkleid  (02146302)
  • Das ist mein fünftes Kleid, dass ich bei Edressit bestellt habe und ich bin jedes Mal sehr zufrieden passt perfekt es ist sehr schön Farbe genau wie Abbildung  Sehen die Wahl des Kunden >>
  • By Mirsije
eDressit 2014 Neu Schwarz Stilvoll Rund Ausschnitt Brautmutter' Kleid (26147400)
21214 kommentar , seite 639 von 1061
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