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eDressit 2014 Neu Blau Sexy Kristall Perlen Abendkleid Formal Ballkleid (02145805)
  • This dress was a dream to wear to a recent fall wedding. I received a ton of compliments and I felt great in it. The dress has stretch in it so it's very comfortable. The hem hit a little above my knee. I also rented the emerald green drop earrings to go with it. I loved it so much I think I'll rent it again for an upcoming holiday party.  Sehen die Wahl des Kunden >>
  • By diana
2014 Neu Grau Trägerlos Süß Herz Rüschen A-Linie Prom Rock (C00146008)
eDressit Elegant Lila Ärmel Mutterr vom Brückenkleid (26124906)
eDressit 2014 Neu Blau Spitze Cocktail Kleid Tag Kleid (03140305)
  • pour ma part aucuns problèmes, bonne taille,pas de problème de finition,tissu doux et agréable à porter.  Sehen die Wahl des Kunden >>
  • By Sahilia
Blau Sexy Tief V-Ausschnitt Neckline Abendkleid (C00130805)
  • Cette robe est très jolie en vrai. délais de livraison très courts à temps pour les fêtes. absolument recommande ce site d'achat.  Sehen die Wahl des Kunden >>
  • By Sophie
eDressit 2014 Neu Sexy V-Ausschnitt Pailletten Spitze Ärmel Abendkleid Ballkleid (02149100)
  • The dress is superbly made and finished to a high standard. Well worth the money I've cost. Delivery was quick too. The gown is beautiful and I'm very happy that i made this purchase. Thank you edressit.  Sehen die Wahl des Kunden >>
  • By Gilia
eDressit Elegant Weißes Abendkleid (00082207)
eDressit 2014 Neu Rosa Stilvoll Design Cocktail Kleid Party Kleid (04142601)
  • I loved it in the pink color especially, The fabric and construction of the dress are of very high quality. The fit is exactly what I wanted it to be. I´m really happy with this purchase, it´s gonna be more dress buying in the future, for sure! Thanks!  Sehen die Wahl des Kunden >>
  • By Ivie
eDressit 2014 Neu Rund Ausschnitt Ärmellos Abendkleid Ballkleid (00148810)
  • The dress looked beautifully with the right measurements!! I ordered orange dress as shown on the picture. The delivery time was reasonable. Dress looks great, you did a wonderful job in your craftsmanship thank you anyways and I will be making purchases in the future.  Sehen die Wahl des Kunden >>
  • By Bona
eDressit 2014 Neu Einfach Spaghetti-Trägern Abendkleid Brautjungerfer Kleid (02149812)
  • This dress was beautifully made with good quality. It was shipped very quickly and protected in a good condition. I highly recommend eDressit because they have lots of styles to choose from and so many color options. Thank you edressit.  Sehen die Wahl des Kunden >>
  • By Elita
eDressit 2014 Neu Gefaltet Ärmellos Abendkleid Ballkleid (02148514)
  • I'm so pleased that I have ordered this dress from edressit. The dress arrived on my door just 6 days after my order. Beautiful colour, right perfectly fitting size and good quality. The customer service was friendy and responded my questions quickly. The dress was exactly what I ordered. I'm definitely looking forward to order more from you! :)  Sehen die Wahl des Kunden >>
  • By Bolbe
eDressit 2014 Neu Enfach Trägerlos Weinlese Abendkleid (04145107)
  • I received my dress today and it was everything I expected & more. I ordered the color just as shown on the picture and it looks so nice. Size 12 just fits me like a glove! The material are so great and it feels very comfotable. Thank you edressit for this great dress, highly recommend.  Sehen die Wahl des Kunden >>
  • By Corsen
eDressit 2014 Neu Champagner Trägerlos voller Falten Abendkleid (02148414)
  • Better than I expected. Really well made and the quality of the fabric was great. Delivery was so speedy. They have GREAT customer service who could solve your problems very promtly. Thanks edressit.  Sehen die Wahl des Kunden >>
  • By Bohan
eDressit 2014 Neu Schwarze Tägerlos Spitze Bodenlang Abendkleid (02146400)
  • I love this dress, it is a perfect fit. This dress is fabulous value for money and I'm so glad I decided to go for it! It looks exactly as the photos on the website show. I requested expedited delivery and I got my dress delivered 6 workdays after placing my order...Very fast! i will order another gown for sure.  Sehen die Wahl des Kunden >>
  • By Elishia
eDressit 2014 Neu Rund Ausschnitt Tülle Cocktail Kleid Party Kleid (04146132)
  • This dress was beyond perfect! Well constructed and fits me perfectly. Every stitch is just perfect. I am so happy and would definitely recommend edressit to anyone looking to buy a special dress. Thank you.  Sehen die Wahl des Kunden >>
  • By Iwona
eDressit 2014 Neu Schwarz Süß Herz Abendkleid (02147000)
  • I ordered this dress in Black and I was pleasantly surprised that it was exactly as the picture showed. I received the shippment in record time (took less than 7 days after placing the order). The workmanship and customer service are outstanding here! I recommend this site and will definitely order from here again. Thank you.  Sehen die Wahl des Kunden >>
  • By Bogna
eDressit  Atemberaubend Trägerlos Abendkleid (00134512)
  • My dress looks simple but beautiful, I love it so much, the color is very lovely,I will surely recommend this dress to all of my friends, thank you for your dress, I am very very happy!!!! Excellent job!  Sehen die Wahl des Kunden >>
  • By sunny
eDressit  Wunderbar Trägerlos Abendkleid (00134310)
  • I ordered this dress in the pic color, the dress I received just as beautiful as the pic, the ruched bodice is very figure-flattering, thanks very much for your help via the email communication, I was very grateful for your fascinating dress! Will order again, thanks!  Sehen die Wahl des Kunden >>
  • By maris
eDressit 2013 Neu Artikel Phantastisch Ein Schulter Abendkleid (00133904)
  • wow, this dress is so different and amazing, I am very happy to own such a wonderful dress,both figure-flattering and sexy, glad to order from your site, thanks, your dress did impress me!  Sehen die Wahl des Kunden >>
  • By Lucy
eDressit Gründ Sexy V-Ausschnitt Rücken Herrlich Abendkleid (00132504)
  • I ordered my dress four days ago, and it arrived today, very quick delivery. My lovely dress is the same as the picture and made with high quality, I am very satisfied with my dress, thank you very much!  Sehen die Wahl des Kunden >>
  • By mitra
21236 kommentar , seite 651 von 1062
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