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A línea Vestido de Noche Coral Mangas Cortas de Pliegue de Elegancia (02148257)
A línea Vestido de Noche Coral Mangas Cortas de Pliegue de Elegancia (02148257)
A línea Vestido de Noche Coral Mangas Cortas de Pliegue de Elegancia (02148257)
A línea Vestido de Noche Coral Mangas Cortas de Pliegue de Elegancia (02148257)
A línea Vestido de Noche Coral Mangas Cortas de Pliegue de Elegancia (02148257)
A línea Vestido de Noche Coral Mangas Cortas de Pliegue de Elegancia (02148257)
A línea Vestido de Noche Coral Mangas Cortas de Pliegue de Elegancia (02148257)
A línea Vestido de Noche Coral Mangas Cortas de Pliegue de Elegancia (02148257)
A línea Vestido de Noche Coral Mangas Cortas de Pliegue de Elegancia (02148257)

A línea Vestido de Noche Coral Mangas Cortas de Pliegue de Elegancia (02148257)

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Plazo de Confección:
7-10 días

Plazo de Envío:
3-7 días

Este vestido es hecho a pedido. Así sea que seleccione una talla estándar o personalizada, nuestros costureros elaboran cada vestido por pedido.

Cualquier pregunta sobre A línea Vestido de Noche Coral Mangas Cortas de Pliegue de Elegancia (02148257), bienvenido a contactarnos!

  • Descripción
  • Informaciones de Envío

*Piedritas cosidas a mano en cuello
*Mangas cortas de encaje
*De pliegue
*Cinturón de piedritas de cadena
*Flada de A línea
*Confeccionado con sujetadores
*Cremallera en espalda con cierre de gancho y ojo
*Tejido de gasa de terciopelo y encaje
*Largura del vestido (sobre 155cm desde hombro hasta fondo delantero)
Atención: Si desea cambiar de color por favor seleccione el color de encaje desde nuestras colecciones de encaje

Enviamos a más de 200 países del mundo, para los vestidos del tamaño estándar en stock que enviamos en 24 horas.

Tenemos dos maneras de la entrega para que usted elija:

*Envío Acelerado: 3-7 días hábiles, 28EUR para el primer, y luego añade cada uno adicional 15EUR.
*Envío Estándar: 7-10 días hábiles, 20EUR para el primer, y luego añade cada uno adicional 15EUR.

Si usted pide un vestido en otro color o hecho a medida, por lo general necesita 10-20 días hábiles para terminarlo.

Haz clic aquí para saber más sobre la Guía de Envío.

Comentario del cliente:

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very fine!

11/06/2017 17:17:31

  • By tatiana

    thank you!


06/08/2016 0:42:11

By amouna

tres belle robe mille merci

very delicate dress!

13/11/2015 16:22:04

  • By tatiana

    Thank you!


14/09/2015 18:59:04

By eunice Marques

excelente vestidoparabéns pelo otimo trabalhoEunice .

So many compliments!

19/08/2015 9:23:07

By Laineyb

Bought this dress for my engagement pictures and it photographed so beautifully. The color is a nice vibrant shade of coral and the fitting is silky, loose and comfortable. I wore flats and the length was perfect for that.


28/07/2015 11:31:30

By Christine

The first time i saw the dress, i fell in love with it, but in another color. The customer service suggests me a color, the dress turns out perfect. really thanks for your kind suggestion, i will come again, and recommend you to all my friends.


02/06/2015 9:11:25

By Catheline

Cette robe est vraiment superbe . Le tissu est supperieur. Et j'ai changee la couleur de la robe en noir. Vraiment magnifique. Je pense que je vais commander plus des robes chez eDressit

perfect gown

26/05/2015 11:40:18

By Skyla

This dress is wonderful. The package arrived in great condition and I am satisfied with the product. It looks exactly as the photo! Fits wonderfully! Very pleased with the dress and the site.

graceful gown

05/05/2015 5:11:39

By Vicky

I absolutely love my dress. The material was much higher quality than I expected for the price and the fit and style were perfect for me. 5 stars!!!


04/05/2015 21:28:04

By foluke

Elegant! Am loving this dress. It's same as in the picture. Thank you edressit.


04/05/2015 21:28:02

By foluke

Elegant! Am loving this dress. It's same as in the picture. Thank you edressit.

Beautiful dress

30/04/2015 13:02:17

By ferouz

Hello,I just received the dress and I'm so happy!The dress is very beautiful, the color is stunning,the quality is good and you respect the measurements!I received it on time and I was so afraid because it's my sister's wedding tomorrow, but as I wanted the dress arrived today,so it's cool!Just one thing,my dress didn't got the little diamonds in the neckline like the model picture, so a lil bit disappointed.


03/04/2015 3:40:20

By Dimitra

Got my dress today and I am so pleased with it . The dress was made perfectly and it fits me well. The quality of the materials are great. I am absolutely delighted with eDressit.I will recommend their dresses to friends and I will also be happy to buy from them again. Superb value. Thank you eDressit.

elegant dress

14/03/2015 2:42:40

By Constance

Got the dress today and I am very pleased with the dress. The materials used feel very comfortable and I tried it on, the dress fits me perfectly. Great value for the money I paid. Thank you so much.


28/02/2015 3:37:26

By Celine

Absolutely stunning!!!!! The material and quality of this dress was incredible for the price. I am so pleased with the dress. Thank you so much.


28/02/2015 0:39:27

  • By giselleb_ro

    Very beautiful! i loved! More beautiful IN person!

elegant dress

05/02/2015 2:50:44

By Elen

eDressit is a great site. It has excellent service, and I just received the dress earlier than expected, the dress was in very good condition and it fit perfectly! Highly recommend this site to everyone!


29/01/2015 2:54:14

By Ayeisha

I ordered this fabulous dress in a size 14 ( I followed the size chart) the fit is perfect! It is long enough for me to wear high heels. It was built with bras, that is great. I am very pleased with the dress. Thank you so much.

very delicate dress!

18/01/2015 20:51:56

  • By tatiana

    Thank you edressit!

graceful dress

03/01/2015 6:45:18

By Kanya

Love it. I just recived it and its so nice. Size fits well and only took one week after ordering, very speedy delivery. The quality of fabric is absolutely impeccable. Thank you !


26/12/2014 2:35:13

By Halley

Amazing dress. looks the same as the picture. It fits perfectly and was made really well. Seamstress is neat and clean.the customer service is very helpful.Thank you eDressit.

elegant gown

17/12/2014 2:53:39

By Chanda

Got the dress yestoday and the dress size I ordered was in stock,so it came very quickly. I tried it on and I amso happy that it fits me perfectly. Very happy shopping experience, thank you so much.

amazing coral dress!!

04/12/2014 3:21:23

By Michelle

I was very excited to receive my dress today, it looks the same as the pic, the color is very beautiful and fabric is also very nice, so satisfied to get this stunning evening dress online, the shipping was amazingly fast, it just took three days to arrive at my door.This was really a very pleasant shopping experience.


26/11/2014 3:05:09

By Darelle

The dress is beautiful; flows lovely. I ordered the color coral and it looks beautiful. The delivery time was good. It took approximately one week. I would use this company's services again.Thank you edressit.


25/11/2014 22:50:38

By claudia

I love the dress

Love it

25/11/2014 22:49:37

By claudia

I love this dress


07/11/2014 7:53:12

By Ruth

I am very happy to get my dress today, I thought it may take a few more days,because it is so far away,this is the first surprise, and the second surprse is that the dress I received is made with top quality, color is exactly the same as the pic, I was very very impressed, many thanks, definitely order more in the future!

Вечернее платье

24/10/2014 4:49:50

By Христина

Красивое платье, красивый цвет.

beautiful dress

24/10/2014 4:31:46

By Iris

Wow, this dress was amazing!! It arrived on time thankfully.The dress was perfect. It is made with great detail, excellent quality.I had a lot of comments of how beautiful I looked in it. Well done!! Great Customer Service. Thanks edressit.


17/10/2014 3:37:30

By Meredith

What an amazing dress, I was very excited to receive my dress, and it is actually much better than I expected, as I ordered it for measurements, it fit me perfectly,I really got what I paid,thank you for nice service via email communication, I was very satisfied with your great product and service, thank you so much!

Good design

16/10/2014 10:16:04

By Sabina

I just received my dress and absolutely love it. Looks as nice as the picture and it was made and delivered faster than I was expecting. I highly suggest to measure yourself before selecting your size.

Now I am going to buy another dress for my thanksgiving party.

First experience, very satisfy.

Thank you


15/10/2014 4:56:30

By Corrine14

This coral evening dress is very impressing, the color is really very lovely, it looks exactly the same as the picture, every detail of this dress was made with great care, I should say you really did a great job, thank you so much for such an amazing dress, I was very impressed. Highly recommend!

beautiful dress

14/10/2014 11:50:33

By Jocelyn

This is a nice dress! Absolutely love it. Got the dress today and it looks great. I ordered color coral and it looked exactly like the picture at the site. Fine lace and great quality. Thank you edressit.

very beautiful!

30/09/2014 10:41:29

  • By tatiana

    a really great dress!


26/09/2014 7:58:02

By charlene

Wow,wow,wow, what a lovely dress!
I ordered this dress in blue and have to pay for the color-change service, the dress arrived at my door in 13 days, as it took a few days to make a new one. I found the dress was worth every penny and the wait. The color is very pretty, more beautiful than expected. I was surprised. No doubt that so many people choose to shop rom here. Overall, happy shopping! Thank you edressit!


25/09/2014 5:53:07

By Leah

I got the dress today and I'm so happy!!! The dress is wonderful and exactly the colour I wanted!! After all this waiting it finally arrived and I am more than excited! Just 4 days to arrive at my door. the delivery went beyond my expentations!
The colour is coral.

gorgeous evening dress!!!

17/09/2014 10:51:49

By Ana

I got the dress, it is a gorgeous, a really lovely colour. In saying that though, a gorgeous dress, and a great fit (I gave my custom measurements so it fits like a glove, and really, it is not that much more money). I love the lace top and the beads neckline, it's awesome! I like the DHL shipping, it is so fast that I received it only in 8 days since I custom made the dress, wonderful good job! I also like your custom service, so sweet!!!

Платье замечательно!

10/09/2014 7:54:05

By Юлия

Платье замечательно, я очень довольна, теперь это у меня самое любимое платье))

فستان أنيق

02/09/2014 11:02:29

By Nadine

مذهل ! يستحق للحجز، كل شيء جميل عالي الجودة و السعر معقول ايضا، احصلت علي هذا الفستان بعد الأسبوع

Очень хорошое платье

23/08/2014 8:47:38

By Лиза

Большое спасибо. Очень довольны выбором данного платья.

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