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eDressit  Imprimido Maravilloso De Pliegue Corpiño Vestido de Noche (00120568)
eDressit  Imprimido Maravilloso De Pliegue Corpiño Vestido de Noche (00120568)
eDressit  Imprimido Maravilloso De Pliegue Corpiño Vestido de Noche (00120568)
eDressit  Imprimido Maravilloso De Pliegue Corpiño Vestido de Noche (00120568)
eDressit  Imprimido Maravilloso De Pliegue Corpiño Vestido de Noche (00120568)
eDressit  Imprimido Maravilloso De Pliegue Corpiño Vestido de Noche (00120568)
eDressit  Imprimido Maravilloso De Pliegue Corpiño Vestido de Noche (00120568)
eDressit  Imprimido Maravilloso De Pliegue Corpiño Vestido de Noche (00120568)

eDressit Imprimido Maravilloso De Pliegue Corpiño Vestido de Noche (00120568)

EUR €119,69
Save EUR €34,70 (29% OFF)
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  • Color
    Vestido de Fiesta para Verana Estampado Sin Tirante (00120512)eDressit Corpiño de Pliegue  Vestido de Noche (00120514)eDressit Corpiño de Pliegue  Rojo vestido de Noche (00120502)eDressit  Corpiño de Pliegue  Vestido de Noche (00120511)eDressit  Imprimido Maravilloso De Pliegue Corpiño Vestido de Noche (00120568)edressit  De Moda Pligue Alta Raja Vestido de Fiesta Largo(00120501)edressit  De Moda Pligue Alta Raja Negro Vestido de Fiesta Largo (00120500)eDressit Floral Vestido de Noche Sin Tirante Corte Corazón (X00120547)Rojo Estampado Vestido de Fiesta para Vacación Sexy (X00120502)eDressit Estampado Vestido de Fiesta para Vacación Sex(X00120510)eDressit Blue Strapless Sweetheart Printed Prom Summer Dress (X00120505)eDressit Pink Floral Strapless Sweetheart Printed Prom Summer Dress (X00120512)eDressit Floral Strapless Sweetheart Printed Prom Evening Summer Dress (X00120533)eDressit Elegant Pink Strapless Sweetheart Floral Printed Summer Dress (X00120515)eDressit Stunning Strapless Sweetheart Floral Printed Summer Dress (X00120525)eDressit Lovely High Slit Strapless Sweetheart Printed Summer Dress (X00120539)eDressit High Slit Strapless Sweetheart Floral Printed Summer Dress (X00120548)
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*Corpiño con piedritas decoradas
*Una raja en derecho de falda
*Cremallera en derecho
*Confeccionado con sujetadores
*Tejido de gasa de seda imprimido
*Largura completa (sobre 155cm desde hombro hasta fondo delantero)

Por la especialidad de la tela, los patrones estampados del vestido recibido es posible que haya poquito diferencia con la foto, gracias por su compresión.

Enviamos a más de 200 países del mundo, para los vestidos del tamaño estándar en stock que enviamos en 24 horas.

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*Envío Acelerado: 3-7 días hábiles, 28EUR para el primer, y luego añade cada uno adicional 15EUR.
*Envío Estándar: 7-10 días hábiles, 20EUR para el primer, y luego añade cada uno adicional 15EUR.

Si usted pide un vestido en otro color o hecho a medida, por lo general necesita 10-20 días hábiles para terminarlo.

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Fabulous dress

30/08/2016 17:55:07

By even_g

I have ordered this gorgeous dress and I am stunned at its perfection. It is even more beautiful than its pictures. Thank you eDressit, I certanly will buy more from you


05/03/2016 5:11:25

By kikou

robe splendide, trop magnifique !!!

My favourite dress

07/11/2015 11:08:48

By vicksterl8

I feel amazing when I wear this. I get so many compliments too. I wish I could wear it every day. The length is very long so large heels needed.


09/09/2015 7:59:12

By Lois

Super schnell, super Ware, vielen Dank

Great deal!

24/07/2015 11:19:33

By Liliana

The dress arrived as expected, every detail was made with great care, my first shopping experience on was so happy, and I would definitely order from this site again!Thank you!

Very nice

13/07/2015 9:42:56

By Ianthe

This dress is perfect for summer holiday! It fits me perfectly and looks so nice. The dress is exactly as described and well worth the money. I am very happy with the purchase. Thank you so much edressit.

super easy and convenient for busy bees

06/07/2015 11:11:11

By lily

The dresses arrived a day earlier than the reserved date, garments were clean and free of odors, and the process was so simple. I was pretty skeptical at first because I hate ordering clothing online as you can never tell how something looks or fits on you and then there's the fear of another person wearing the same dress. but I'm pretty satisfied with this happy experience and already looking forward to my next shop this weekend. :)

Got a lot of compliments!

11/06/2015 10:42:15

By Cindy35

In LOVE with the design and print. It fit pretty well, gorgeous dress, great experience with EDRESSIT, and I would definitely come again!

flows beautifully

14/05/2015 7:52:09

By ToniL

The colors are gorgeous and it flows beautifully. Wore it to a wedding in Tampa. I received so many compliments. Wore it with 4 inch heels and it touched the floor perfectly. Didnt need a bra and the top build with bra which stayed put so no tape needed either. Would highly recommend!


06/05/2015 18:22:36

  • By filipa

    Vestido Maravilhoso!!! vistem o meu blog para verem o review que fiz sobre o vestido!!Amazing dress! visit my blog to see the review that I wrote about this dress


03/05/2015 8:00:46

By Janny

amazing dress

parfaite !!

25/04/2015 11:43:06

By ismah

cette robe est magnifique !! j'avais quelque hesitation pour la couleur et l'imprimé mais elle est encore mieux en vrai !! j'adore, merci edressit !! <3 <3


09/04/2015 14:14:03

By dragosiku

like the dress and the colours

robe superbe

10/02/2015 14:34:12

By jours

la robe me plaît bcp ! je remercie pour votre service bien fait. la qualité de la robe est très bien. je vais faire mes achats de robes chez vous pour le futur et je pense que je pourrais devenir un client fidèle chez vous !

Платье очень красивое

31/01/2015 17:18:04

By sava

Быстро пришло платье очень красивое, на высокий рост


09/01/2015 3:26:01

By Tess

I am so happy with my lovely dress, it arrived much earlier than I thought, the fabric was nice and as described, comfortable to wear, price was nice for me, thank you for your beautiful dress!
Great job!

Очень красиво

30/12/2014 4:47:04

By Анастасия

Платье село идеально. Цвет, фасон, качество выше всяких похвал. Рекомендую))


04/12/2014 0:56:17

By eliana sebastiao

good, tks

return customer

12/10/2014 13:38:42

By lejla

Everybody around me buys from edressit and that’s how the brand gets known and won reputation with its good quality and nice service. I choose it and will continue with my choice. I know they have store in Germany, because sometimes my orders came from Duesseldorf in a short time. I am really happy about this.
I think I will go to their store soon when I am on holiday. :D


24/09/2014 5:18:31

By jasomema

الفستان المطبوع بالأزهار هو روعة، رأيت أن يحجزه كثير من الزيائن،
الفستان جودته جيدة جدا، أصدقائي تحبونه للغاية، هو سكس أيضا. شكرا

Love it

08/09/2014 19:50:01

  • By Luciana

    Adorable... totally perfect!


03/09/2014 15:35:36

By григорович вита

прекрасное платье.отличная ткань.размер подошёл.спасибо.

nice dress

23/08/2014 13:37:31

  • By baska8888

    nicer clothes I have not yet seen. in fact they are more beautiful than the picture

i love the dress

13/08/2014 18:08:37

  • By besmabijou

    j'adore cette robe et sa la bonne taille, elle me va comme un gang, je recommande

Sexi ybonit

11/08/2014 8:38:22


Sexi y bonito

Very beautiful

23/07/2014 21:36:21

  • By Cristina

    Very beautiful


13/07/2014 13:53:54

  • By mistinguette973

    Cette robe est juste magnifique et fait son effet.
    merci edressit

tres jolie robe

07/07/2014 20:34:09

By khoukha

tres bon article, j ai pas regretté mon achat :)


07/07/2014 20:31:37

By khoukha

tres bon article, j ai pas regretté mon achat :)

Überglücklich über das mehrfarbige Abendkleid

01/07/2014 10:38:29

By Marija

Superschönes Kleid <3 noch schöner als auf dem Fotos

very sexy!

25/06/2014 12:59:27

  • By tatiana

    very delicate dress! well sewn, beautiful and came very fast, thanks eDRESSIT team!


19/06/2014 12:12:10

By Jamila

Very nice dress


10/06/2014 22:29:42

  • By aleguedes25

    Excellente,Love My Dress

Вечернее платье.

12/05/2014 18:02:06

By Андрей

Изумительное, легкое и качественное платье. Приятный материал.

Un été en couleurs

07/05/2014 10:00:53

By Taty

Robe encore plus belle à la maison livraison rapide très satisfaite commander l'esprit trankille

Многоцветное ситцевое платье

06/05/2014 12:06:30

By Андрей

Очень выгодно смотрится на стройной и высокой девушке. Идеально подходит как для вечернего, так и выпускного платья. Краски платья выглядят более насыщеннее, чем на фото. Очень быстрое оформление заказа. Пожалуй самое лучшее платье из данной ценовой категории.

teh dresss was amazing

31/01/2014 19:55:19

By kosmy17

i ordered and smaller sze but that was only my fault.. the dress is exaclty like the pictures amazing

Perfekt <3

22/01/2014 21:22:17

By christina18*02

Das Kleid hat wunderschöne Farben, die auf dem Bild oben gar nicht richtig zu erkennen sind! Mit dem Kleid war ich das Highlight der Veranstaltung! Vom Schnitt auch super!


01/12/2013 4:23:42

By lotus_miles83

Thid gown is beutiful, the fabric is super soft and silky and the skirt falls beautifully.


29/11/2013 1:20:37

By Mali33

La robe est super bien coupée ! Elle met en valeur et est adéquate pour les fortes poitrines. Il y a des bretelles en plus. Les couleurs sont un peu plus fashy que sur la photo ms waouw !


07/11/2013 0:05:59

By alma muric

Dieses kleid ist der hammer sehr spetziell elegand schlicht


15/10/2013 11:15:02

By audrey

I have to congratulate the customer service who dealt beautifully with my changes of mind and sizes issues in a really short time....
Thank you edressit


15/10/2013 11:13:28

  • By audrey

    Absolutely stunning, I wore it at a friend wedding and strangers were coming on the street to say how amazing it looked.... I absolutely loved it!!!! Ad it helped m to get a modelling contract on this exact night


11/10/2013 16:37:32

  • By Johanna


very beautiful!

19/08/2013 9:48:17

  • By tatiana

    very beautiful! romantic dress ..... Thank you very much!

romantic dress!

15/08/2013 15:55:57

  • By Tatiana

    very, very beautiful!

Satisfied Costumer

05/08/2013 7:44:34

  • By Annceee

    The dress is beautifully crafted, great quality and fits like a glove (I'm 160cm and bought a UK8), best of all it looks exactly as it does in the photograph. Communication with the edressit team is also to be commended, overall my first time experience was exceptional and I would happily buy again.


04/08/2013 18:02:21

By amouna



01/07/2013 16:53:03

By Danyah_aboujieb

Absolutely fantastic service and beautiful dress, fits like a glove!


01/07/2013 9:51:36

By l_haxhiu



07/06/2013 21:48:31

By Chadoune

Commandé le 29 mai reçu le 5 juin,
La robe est superbe identique à la photo et au modèle
L'équipe est très réactive aux questions posées


29/05/2013 11:18:00

  • By lady mariska

    a great dress for a beautiful summerevening.....

Recomend this dress

18/04/2013 14:19:18

  • By nadelu

    Look fantastic


15/04/2013 12:35:13

By r4lukutza

exactly like the picture. the dress looks amazing and it fits perfectly :D

Perfect dress

05/03/2013 14:36:07

By Cristina

A really recommended Seller! Good communication & perfect service! Got the dress within 10 days! So thankfull! And the dress is amazing!!

Perfect dress

05/03/2013 14:35:02

By Cristina

A really recommended Seller! Good communication & perfect service! Got the dress within 10 days! So thankfull! And the dress is amazing!

Very beautifull dress

08/02/2013 18:42:21

By Cristina

Ordered the dress on 31.01.2013 and received on 08.02.2013! Very fast shipping!
The dress is amazing, just like in the image! I am very happy with my purchase and definetly will buy again

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