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Traje para Novia Vestido de Fiesta Largo Neto Arriba Cristales Deliciosos (02143707)
  • Just got my wedding dress, and it is so beautiful! In fact, it is more beautiful in real life than the picture. Everything was like I thought it would be,as well as this shipping! Only one week! Can't wait to have it on me on my special day~  Más Detalles >>
  • By Tania
2014 Novedad Rosado Hermoso Corazón Vestido de dama de honor (C07141001)
  • فستان الزفاف بسيط جدا بل جميل ومناسب معي كثيرا خاصة سعره رخيص جدا ووإنه أمين لشراء الفساتين على هذا الموقع\ الموظفة لقد ساعدتني علي حل المشكلة الكثيرة شكرا  Más Detalles >>
  • By jane
Vestido de Novia Solo Hombro Tul Arriba con Espalda de Piedritas de Diseño (02133107)
  • I fell in love with this pretty dress at the first sight of it. It is the one I have been looking for and it is the same as the picture shows. I like the simple design and sexy back style make me look elegant and charming.Good customer service helped me in choosing the right size, that I hesitated for a long time, thank you very much! You are excellent online dress shop!  Más Detalles >>
  • By Tabitha
A-Línea Vestido Formal para Baile Negro Overlace de Longitud de Té  (04145300)
  • الدانتيل والتول المريح، التفصيل الدقيق، الأسلوب الأنيق، كل أشياء أحبها، خاصة علي الخصر يوجد الزهر اليدوية الدقيق رائع جدا!  Más Detalles >>
  • By etashaf
Vestido de Cóctel de Verde Sin Tirante Escote de corazón (C35143310)
  • اقدر التسليم السريع وخدمة تتبع، وإنه أمين لشراء الفساتين على هذا الموقع. يمكنني معرفة ما يحدث طلبي مع رقم التتبع، وأنا بالتأكيد سيشتري من edressit مرة أخرى. يوصي هذا الموقع للجميع.  Más Detalles >>
  • By famairl
Vestido de Fiesta Dulce Rosado Solo Tirante para Estudiante (35130801)
  • الفستان الوردي جميل للغاية، الخرزات علي الخصر والكتف رائع المقاس مناسب معي، أحب الموقع !  Más Detalles >>
  • By diana
eDressit 2014 Novedad Negro De Moda Escote Redondo Vestido De Fiesta Corto(26147400)
  • الفستان تبدو أنيقة جميلة، والشحن سريع، فقط ثلاثة أيام للوصول إلى باب منزلي. عموما، والتسوق في هذا الموقع سلسة. أنا سأشتري تماما من edressit مرة أخرى! شكرا جزيلا لك!  Más Detalles >>
  • By funny
eDressit Charming Off Shoulder Party Dress Cocktail Dress (w04124610)
  • الفستان البرتقالي هو فستان الكوكتيل تصنع من الدانتيل ، راقي اللون أيضا زاهي !  Más Detalles >>
  • By nasima ahmed
eDressit 2014 Nuevo Off-Hombro Media-Manga Encaje Vestido Formal(26140605)
  • I was very excited to open the package,but I guessed, the dress was absolutely stunning, the lace fabric was of high quality and looked very delicate, I ordered it by tailoring, it fit me perfectly,the price and quality were very proportional, I was very satisfied with my lovely dress, I will definitely buy from edressit again, thank you!  Más Detalles >>
  • By Pauline
Vestido de Fiesta Brillante Escote de Corazón de Piedritas Falda Alta-Baja  (C36143604)
  • Just received my dress today. Fast shipping and very good quality. I love the bra on it. Makes it feel more secure on. I would order from eDressit again and again! Thank you so much!  Más Detalles >>
  • By Khloa
eDressit 2014 Novedad Azul Lentejuela Encaje Arriba Alta Raja Vestido de Fiesta Largo(00143105)
  • The dress was made with very high quality, it looked exactly the same as the picture,just like the former reviews showed, the positive reviews gave me a reference to order this dress, I really got what I paid, nice fabric , great workmanship, every detail was made with great care, thank you for your amazing dress, I am very satisfied.  Más Detalles >>
  • By Ingrid
Vestido de Novia Traje para Boda Elegante Tul Arriba con Piedritas Mangas Francesas(C26146807)
  • Dress is stunning and made so much better than expected,the quality of the dress is good. It is a beautiful dress and extremely well made. Thanks edressit.  Más Detalles >>
  • By Kather
eDressit 2014 Nuevo Bordado A-Line Vestido de Fiesta Largo(00144525)
  • This dress is absolutely very stunning,color is very fascinating, top lace is especially awesome, besides, it is very figure flattering,the pleated band on the waist helps a lot, overall, I am very satisfied with the dress I received, thank you so much!  Más Detalles >>
  • By Vivian
Vestido de Noche Negro Sin Mangas Espalda Abierta de Apliques Decorados (C36145200)
  • Gorgeous dress, very flattering.The lace applique on the top is stunning.I was extreemly please when my dress arrived. The colour was exactly what i expected and the dress is well made. Thanks  Más Detalles >>
  • By Sophiea
eDressit 2014 Nuevo Champagne Solo Hombro Ajustado Vestido de Fiesta Largo(00142314)
  • This dress is very figure-flattering,the lace fabric on the natural waist were fabulous and of high quality, my husband said I look very elegant in this dress, very pleased that he liked it too, overall, this was the second buy at this site, so far, so good, I will be back! Thank you!  Más Detalles >>
  • By Lynn
Vestido de Noche Elaborado con Piedritas Escote Redondo de Pliegue Falda de Sirena (C36145000)
  • Received my dres and I love it! It fits perfect and is the perfect length too! Exactly as pictured and excellent quality. It took less time to receive than I expected. Very happy shopping experience, thanks edressit.  Más Detalles >>
  • By Juliea
Azul Vestido de Fiesta Vestido de Dama de Honor Simple A-línea Sin Tirante de Pliegue (C36145105)
  • Arrived quickly, fits perfectly and is beautiful.Absolutely 5 stars for you. Thank you for making such wonderful dress available online.  Más Detalles >>
  • By Ellia
eDressit 2014 Novedad Claro Rosado Maravilloso Bordado Encaje Vestido de Fiesta Largo(00142201)
  • Hi, edressit, thank you for your dress, my customer was very satisfied with her dress, working with you is always so pleasant, I will definitely wholesale more from you, thank you for your excellent service, you are really one of my best providers. Thanks again!  Más Detalles >>
  • By Rebecca
Rojo Vestido de Dama de Honor A-línea Sin Tirante de Pliegue (C36145102)
  • It was beautifully made and very comfortable to wear.It fits perfectly, the quality is great. Love the color red, just as shown in the picture. Thank you edressit  Más Detalles >>
  • By Sky
eDressit 2014 Nuevo Elegante Vestido Encaje de noche Negro con mangas (02140714)
  • Thankfully you offer custom made service, the dress I received fit me very well, I am very satisfied, as I am a big size woman, I can only ordered my dress by measurements, Though I need to pay extra money, but it was worth the pay, the dress was great, quality is super, a lot of details went into this dress. Overall, I am pleased, and I will buy from you again!  Más Detalles >>
  • By Tina
21256 comentarios , Página 687 De 1063
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