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Escote de Corazón Floral Encaje Vestido de Noche Vesitdo para La Graduación(C36144820)
  • This dress is absolutely amazing and this dress suites me well. I will buy more dresses from eDressit in the future. Thank you for your kind service. I will also recommend your website to all of my friends.  Más Detalles >>
  • By jane
2014 Nuevo increíble Un hombro vestido de noche/dama de honor (C00125157)
  • La robe est magnifique exactement comme sur la photo! Très bonne surprise en tout les cas! Et reçue une semaine après la commande!  Más Detalles >>
  • By Alexa
2014 Novedad Sin mangas supeior encaje Vestido de Noche Vestido de Fiesta(C00143914)
  • I bought this dress for my sister. She was really surprised about it. So nice. Great fabric. It is perfect. No adjustment needed. 3 days shipment. Great website.  Más Detalles >>
  • By Nesreen
eDressit Maravilloso Escote Redondez Vestido de  Madre de la Novia (26134512)
  • Очень элегантное вечернее платье и село отлично, спасибо eDressit, очеееень рекомендую))  Más Detalles >>
  • By Лия
eDressit  De Moda Halter Raja Alta Vestido de Noche (02131546)
  • Замечательное платье, идеальный фасон, прищло вовремя, спасибо eDressit!!!  Más Detalles >>
  • By Лада
eDressit  Maravilloso Vestido de Coctel Vestido de Fiesta (04136114)
  • Красивое коктейльное платье, сделано из шёлковых натуральных тканей, очень удобно к телу, спасибо!  Más Detalles >>
  • By Клена
eDressit  Fantastico Manga de Chapeo Vestido de Fiesta Largo (00137214)
  • Купила это милое платье для бала дочери, ей очень понравилось, спасибо eDressit.  Más Detalles >>
  • By Анэля
eDressit  Sexual Escote en V Encaje Negro Vestido de  Madre de la Novia (26135000)
  • Платье как на фото, очень красивое и село отлично, спасибо  Más Detalles >>
  • By Гюзель
eDressit Verde Maravilloso Negro Encaje Vestido de Noche Largo (02120704)
  • Очееень красивое платье, купила на по своими мерками, отлично село по фигуре.  Más Detalles >>
  • By Глория
Rojo Vestido de Noche Vestido para Fiesta de Moda Sin Manga (02149202)
  • I just recieved my dress, and it is wonderful! Ordering was easy and straight forward. I ordered the size 14 and my dress fits perfectly. Reading the measuring notes was a big help. Very speedy shipping and received it in 5 days after my order.Thank you edressit.  Más Detalles >>
  • By Imogen
Beige Vestido para Ceremonia Vestido de Noche de Pliegue Sin Manga (02148514)
  • This is a gorgeous dress!! Fit really well, Well worth the money. and I am sure that this dress will be used several times. Great quality and nice fabric.  Más Detalles >>
  • By Holly
Vestido de Novia Traje para la Boda Mangas Cortas Encaje Decorado(01141807)
  • This dress is everything! It is absolutely stunning. the dress fits me like a glove.The material is outstanding and I cannot be happier. You have everything in the dress, Quality, Affordability at an Awesome price. Thank you edressit !  Más Detalles >>
  • By Lola
Elegante Simple Vestido de Noche Sin Manga Vestido Formal (04145107)
  • OMG!!!! I am just over the moon in love with this gown!! The dress is just perfect. I was worried since I had never ordered something like this before. I had it made to order and it fits just like I wanted it to. High quality dress!  Más Detalles >>
  • By Layla
Beige Vestido de Noche Sin Mangas de Pliegue Vestido Formal (02148414)
  • What a beautiful dress, so elegant! Was so impressed by the buying experience all of my friends have complimented me on the dress and I have been very pleased to recommend your company. Great quality, great dress and great customer service!  Más Detalles >>
  • By Eva
Negro Vestido de Fiesta Largo Overlace Mangas Largo Ajustado(02146400)
  • This dress is absolutely gorgeous!!! Very well made, and looks way more expensive than what I actually paid. Super fast shipping too!! I got it days before expected. I will definitely use this company again.  Más Detalles >>
  • By Florence
Vestido de Cóctel Vestido de Fiesta Escote Redondo Tul Arriba(04146132)
  • When I first saw this dress I loved it!!!! I was a little nervous that it would not get here in time but it got here before my event!!! Thank you so much edressit! I received so many compliments and can not thank the ladies that worked on my dress enough. Will definitely order dresses from here again. :)  Más Detalles >>
  • By Alice
Fantastico Negro Vestido de Noche Vestido de Fiesta  Escote Corazón  Ajustado (02147000)
  • Excellent communication with great expert help in getting the sizing right.On time shipping with fast delivery.Very high quality workmanship, which makes all the difference in the world. Will definitely order another one soon. Highly recommend edressit!  Más Detalles >>
  • By Millie
Verde Claro Vestido de Cóctel Escote en V Vestido de Fiesta Corto(04146604)
  • I ordered this dress for my coming party. It was delivered earlier than expected and looked absolutely beautiful! The dress was very elegant and so flattering. I had some doubts about ordering online, but my expectations were beyond exceeded. I recommend this dress to anyone. Thank you edressit.  Más Detalles >>
  • By Phoebe
Negro Alta Cuello Vestido de Fiesta Largo de Sirena Vestido Formal (02145900)
  • OMG !!! This Dress Is Amazing When I Saw It Online & Fell In Love With It Instantly ! It Definitely Was A Dream Come True , When Wearing This Dress Be Prepared For Constant Compliments ! You Really Feel Like a Star Wearing This Dress. Thank You EDressit For Such Gorgeous Prom Dress!  Más Detalles >>
  • By Daisy
eDressit 2014 Novedad Estampado Raja Alta Vestido de Noche Largo(00142768)
  • Pretty dress but I wish edressit would stop putting trains on the dresses. This is a summer dress and cannot be worn outside with such a train! As always the dress is beautifully made.  Más Detalles >>
  • By Millie
21256 comentarios , Página 752 De 1063
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