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Sensual  Vestido de Noche Azul, con Detalles en Pedreria (02145805)
  • Мне очеееень понравилось это великолепное синее платье!!!! СПАСИБО!!!  Más Detalles >>
  • By Азиза
Rosado Escote de Grecian Vestido de Fiesta Formal A Línea(00147801)
  • Прекрасное платье! Очень красивый цвет (Розовый). Очень аккуратно сшито (заказывала по своим меркам). Все швы ровные, аппликации крепко держатся. Сшили быстро (примерно 1 недели). До России дошло за 5 дня (стандартная доставка), до моего города еще за пару дней. Аккуратно упаковано в пакет. Большое спасибо eDressit  Más Detalles >>
  • By Маргарита
eDressit 2014 Novedad Verde Escote en V Encaje Arriba Vestido de Noche (02141118)
  • I received so many compliments and I felt like royalty wearing such a beautiful evening gown. I absolutely love my dress!! I provided my measurements and the dress fit perfectly. It arrived sooner than I expected which totally surprised me. I will definitely shop with edressit again. Thank you!  Más Detalles >>
  • By elie
eDressit  Alta Calidad Azul Mangas Cortas Vestido de Madre de la Novia (26133605)
  • I love this dress! It arrived within the expected shipping time, something I wasn't expecting since I am in Australia, and the dress is beautiful and stunning. Dress is very well made and fabric is beautiful. Verp pleased with this shopping! Will be back!  Más Detalles >>
  • By akama
eDressit 2014 Nuevo Rojo Encaje Corpiño Media-Manga Vestido de Fiesta Corto(04142402)
  • شكرا لهذا الموقع الرائع مع سهولة التصفح والسلع والوصول إلى ملائمة أحجام الأقمشة الفاخرة وبأسعار معقولة، والاهتمام بالعميل وتطبيق التعبئة والتغليف، أحب الفستان الأحمر الساحر للغاية، ،شكرا لكم  Más Detalles >>
  • By dima
Formal Vestido de Madre de la Novia Azul Encaje Mangas (26140105)
  • Dress flows beautifully, the color is very pretty and suits me very well, and I love it very much, can't wait to wear it to show off. Pleased with this shopping! Thank you!  Más Detalles >>
  • By ellen
eDressit  Adorable  Solo Hombro  Verde Vestido de Fiesta Largo (02132004)
  • Nice dress as it shows. The lace looks delicate and graceful, the material feels very comfortable, which I am quite satisfied, fast delivery, many thanks, recommend it to others!  Más Detalles >>
  • By ela
eDressit  de Moda Sin Manga Escote en V Vestido de Noche (02130705)
  • Shining shawl. Delivery was much faster than I expected, I thought it would take longer. And the dress, comfortable material, fits me very well. Very pleased shopping at!  Más Detalles >>
  • By terisa
eDressit Elegante Hombro Caido Gris Vestido de Noche Largo (02122906)
  • Beautiful as it shows. Got it in a quite short time, amazing delivery speed. Two tone silk fabric really looks different and beautiful. I was very impressed by it. Thank you,edressit! Regards  Más Detalles >>
  • By emily
eDressit Escote en V  Flores Hecha a Mano Vestido de Fiesta Vestido de Noche (00136046)
  • Beautiful just as described. Love it very much. Delicate handmade flowers, looks exactly as the picture shows, Thank you for such a beautiful dress with prompt shipping.  Más Detalles >>
  • By penny
eDressit Mangas de Negro Encaje Vestido de Madrina (26121817)
  • This dress is very suitable for me, the real color is brighter than the picture color, but it's very beautiful, I still love it. and I have recommended this site to my friends, because they are all impressed by my dress, happy shopping!  Más Detalles >>
  • By amy
Lujoso Vestido de FIiesta Largo A-Línea con Piedritas en Color Coral (C36143857)
  • The dress just arrived on time, looks wonderful. Was so nervous to order dress online. But the fit is perfect. It is a bit long for me so I had to have it taken up. But this is not your question! Thank you anyway edressit! Would order from you again!  Más Detalles >>
  • By Dimia
eDressit Nuevo Atractivo Encaje Vestido de Ceremonia para Dama (26121308)
  • This dress was ordered in the picture color and I would like to change the color in the first place, but it turned out that it looks more beautiful than the image. The only pity is that it is on sale right now, I bought this dress at a higher price, recommend this dress to others, which now you can get with a much lower price.  Más Detalles >>
  • By grace
Elegante Vestido de Noche Verde  Escote de Corazón Cristales Decoradas (C36143804)
  • I am so surprised how nice this dress was made. It's really gorgeous! The fabric, cristals and beadings are lovely. This dress is a great deal, looks and feels beautiful.Got the dress in 5 days after my order, very efficient delivery. Would order from here again and again.  Más Detalles >>
  • By Herma
Rojo Pasional Vestido de Noche de Pliegue Hombro Caído (C02142602)
  • Great dress, excellent service, and I was so pleased to know that the package came on time to me, without any trouble. A very pleasant trading experience. I would do so again for my next event. THank you very much.  Más Detalles >>
  • By Joana
eDressit Escote en V Profundo Violado Vestido de Noche (02123106)
  • I received this dress in a very short time. The workmanship on the dress is flawless. It's exactly what you would expect from a designer dress shop. And shipping was fast too. is now saved as one of our FAVORITES!  Más Detalles >>
  • By jenny
Elegante Escote Vestido de Fiesta con Piedritas de Moda (C02142601)
  • The dress I ordered was perfect. Was very happy with end result. Delivery took a little shorter than expected and arrived earlier for the occasion. Very pleased with the shipping service. Dress fits me perfectly.thanks!  Más Detalles >>
  • By Natacha
Rosado Vestido de Noche Vestido para Dama de Honor de Estoce Plano Sin Tirante(C36144301)
  • Very simple yet beautiful dress! the fabric is very great and feels very comfortable. Love the jeweled decoration on the waist line. It is very nice. Very speedy delivery and great value for the money. thanks !  Más Detalles >>
  • By Gorner
2014 Novedad Superior Encaje Hombro Caido Vestido del Madre de la Novia (C26140101)
  • Elle est très jolie cette robe. je l'ai acheté en solde et je ne suis pas déçue. Tissu très léger , belle coupe et belle dentelle, avec des accessoires elle est du plus bel effet. recommande la robe féminine!  Más Detalles >>
  • By Marie
2014 Novedad verde Un hombro Encaje Vestido de noche/baile (C00146418)
  • Acheté pour ma mère pour une soirée, tissu doux, belle coupe, belle broderie, bonne longueur, pas déçu de mon achat, je recommande la robe!  Más Detalles >>
  • By Jeanne
21255 comentarios , Página 779 De 1063
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