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eDressit 2014 Nuevo Azul Lentejuelas Encaje Arriba Vestido de Celemonia (26141405)
  • الفستان الأزرق حقا مثل الصورة، طلب الفستان من الفس بوك، الموظف منه لطيفة جدا. وصل الفستان الي لمدة 5 أيام فقط، الشحن أسرع من ما أظن. هذا الموقع رائع. شكرا لكم eDressit  Más Detalles >>
  • By منال
Elegante Simple Vestido de Noche Sin Manga Vestido Formal (04145107)
  • Платье очень красивое, цвет совпадает, доставлено в срок. СПАСИБО!!!  Más Detalles >>
  • By Ольга
eDressit 2014 Novedad Naranja Escote en V Encaje Arriba Vestido para Madre de la Novia(26140810)
  • أنا أحب اللون البرتقالي المشرف، هو فستان محجب طويل من الدانتيل والساتان. يبدو جميلا جدا. سعره رخيص، أنا مسرورة جدا للخدمات الرائعة في الموقع. الفستان اشتريت لأمي ، هي تحبه للغاية. شكرا  Más Detalles >>
  • By adelafa
eDressit 2014 Novedad Naranja Encaje Corta Mangas Vestido de Fiesta (26146010)
  • فستان السهرة الطويل بأكمام قصير هو ناعم وجميل، طلبت تغيير اللون البرتقالي الي لون أحمر. بعد5 ايام عندما وصل الفستان الي أيدي، هو رائع جدا، أنا سعيدة به، سوف أشتريه الموديل الأخر. شكرا  Más Detalles >>
  • By jane
eDressit 2014 Nuevo Bordado A-Line Vestido de Fiesta Largo(00144525)
  • الفستان رائج جدا، لقد صديقتي أوصت به لي. تصميم الفستان الأنيق القماش الراقي، السعر الرخيص، أحب الفستان للغاية ، بالاضافة الي ذلك، الشحن الي السعودية سريع جدا، 5 أيام فقط. شكرا  Más Detalles >>
  • By ana
eDressit Elegante Vino Encaje Vestido de Madre de la Novia Vestido de Día (26132617)
  • Very gorgeous dress! I look like a queen in this dress, and my husband said it suits me very well. I wore it yesterday to a wedding,got a lot compliments, I recommended this site to them, and now to you!  Más Detalles >>
  • By mary
eDressit  Mangas Lindas Vestido de Fiesta Vestido de Cóctel (04131755)
  • Received this dress just in time. Thanks you very much for the fast shipping. This lace dress is really very beautiful and with high quality. Super fabric , in very good condition. Thanks for your amazing dress!  Más Detalles >>
  • By lovdres
eDressit 2014 Nuevo Champén Escote Redondo Aplique Neto Arriba Vestido de Fiesta(02144446)
  • An absolutely beautiful dress. Shipping was very fast. I am very pleased that the dress fits me very well, the quality is faultless and the dress was worth every penny. I would recommend the dress, and this site, to anyone. Many thanks! Regards  Más Detalles >>
  • By rana
eDressit 2014 Nuevo Elegante Vestido Bordado Rosa de Noche Ceñido  (00146801)
  • This one lace shoulder dress is really very very beautiful. The lace looks very delicate and charming, my daughter liked it very much, and I am so happy about this. Thank you edressit for such a beautiful dress.Very likely to buy more from you!  Más Detalles >>
  • By waly
eDressit 2014 Novedad Negro Neto Arriba Bordado Encaje Vestido de Fiesta(02144300)
  • I bought this dress in the picture color, size 8. Fits me perfectly, just like custom made. The fabric, style, and workmanship are excellent and I'm very pleased with this order. Thanks edressit!  Más Detalles >>
  • By eve
eDressit 2014 Nuevo Encaje Arriba A-Line Vestido para Madre de la Novia(26142501)
  • Very elegant dress! Received the dress earlier than expected, which was great! I wore it to a formal event last weekend and it fit beautifully. I received many compliments. I had paid for the custom sizing. I gave my measurements and it fit perfectly. I have already recommended to friends and will continue to do so. Thank your for your beautiful dress!  Más Detalles >>
  • By sabb
Vestido de Fiesta Verde Vestido para Dama de Honor de Estoce Plano A Líneai(C36144304)
  • Amazing dress! ordered it in green and it looks exactly as shown in the picture at the site. It is everything i was hoping for exquisite quality totally. it was delivery on time and got the dress in a good condition. I ordered the size 14 with their size chart and it fits perfectly.  Más Detalles >>
  • By Dalan
eDressit 2014 Novedad Rojo Solo Hombro Encaje Arriba Vestido de Fiesta Largo(00140102)
  • This dress is very beautifully made. Love this dress! Beautiful material-very substantial and elegant, great quality! Love their customer service and extremely prompt shipping! Will be back! Strongly recommend this dress to others!  Más Detalles >>
  • By lily
Elegante Vestido de Fiesta Largo Verde Abierta Espalda Vestido de Noche(C02131704)
  • I purchased this dress in light green for my coming party night. Love the lace top, sexy yet elegant. Looks exactly as it appears in the site and fits perfectly. Delivery was on time and arrived on my door in 5 days after my order.thanks edressit  Más Detalles >>
  • By Millan
eDressit  Maravilloso Vestido de Coctel Vestido de Fiesta (04136114)
  • Received it in time. Dress was very pretty, and the color was just what we wanted. The lace is very delicate and beautiful. Love it very much. Thank you for the prompt delivery and also your kind advice!  Más Detalles >>
  • By mrine
Vestido de Graduación Formal Mullido Rosado de A-line Escote de Corazón (C36143301)
  • So excited to get the dress today. When I opened the package, I am so surprised with the good condition of the dress, very well protected! the material is great and worth every penny. I would definitely be the party queen with this gorgeous ball gown! Thank you edressit!  Más Detalles >>
  • By Libera
eDressit Solo Hombro  Fabuloso  Vestido de Noche Largo (00133804)
  • The dress is beautiful and color is true. Definitely recommend measuring before purchase as I found that the size is just what I expected, because I have given them the right measurements. Beading on the shoulder is sewn loosely. Material is extremely soft and comfortable. Arrived within a week of purchase confirmation. Thank you so much !  Más Detalles >>
  • By juli
Asimétrica Vestido de Cóctel Corto Vestido de Baile Rosado sin Tirante (C35143512)
  • Very lovely dress! I love it, just the dress i am looking for. Nice color and great quality, got the dress in one week, speedy delivery. I am so pleased with this shopping experience on this site. Thanks  Más Detalles >>
  • By Cathy
eDressit 2014 Novedad Morado Encaje en Arriba de Lentejuelas Vestido de Cóctel (03140412)
  • This lace dress is really amazing! Great quality! I ordered the picture color and it turned out to be really nice and sweet. The top part is very delicate too. Good quality zipper. Overall very satisfied.  Más Detalles >>
  • By traveler
Elegante Vestido de Fiesta Rojo Vestido de Graduaciñon Largo A-línea Sin Tirante (C36143502)
  • I received the dress today. It came the right color and size!! Great condition on arrival,very fast delivery. This is my first time to order dress from this site, so i asked so many questions. Their customer service team were very nice and efficient. Very happy experience. thanks!  Más Detalles >>
  • By Alla
21236 comentarios , Página 784 De 1062
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