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eDressit 2014 Novedad Flor Patrónes Sin Manga Corta Vestido Negro(03141400)
  • Super!!! vielen herzlich Dank!! Ich habe das Kleid erst erhalten und sofort anpobieren. Es sizt super perfekt, einfach ein Traum für meiner Verlobung. Ich haben es massenfertigt und dacht, sollte noch etwas anpassen. jetzt brauchen nicht und warte nun meine wichtige Tag. Der Stoff ist gut Qualität und auch super verarbeitet. Dank eDressit Team. Sie haben ein neues Stammkundin.  Más Detalles >>
  • By Christ
A-Línea Vestido de Graduación de Piedritas Elegante Vestido de Fiesta Largo (00147610)
  • Fabulous dress, prompt delivery with good customer service, never had such a happy online shopping experience. I will definitely shop more from edressit and I would also recommend it to all of you!  Más Detalles >>
  • By COLA
Vestido Formal Gris Azulado Profundo Atractivo Escote en V Encaje Bordado(02146732)
  • By angel
Rosado Escote de Grecian Vestido de Fiesta Formal A Línea(00147801)
  • The dress is just as beautiful as described, the embroidery on the sleeves was really stunning, very elaborate handwork, I am very pleased with this and strongly recommend this dress to all of you!  Más Detalles >>
  • By Emily
Vestido de Fiesta Vestido de Cóctel Manga Corta Escote en V (04146214)
  • Very happy to receive this dress in time!I just can't wait to wear it to the party. This is the first dress that I wear without bras, and I don't think the dress need them. very beautiful top lace, just add up my sexy appeal. Love it!  Más Detalles >>
  • By wendy
Vestido de Fiesta Vestido Formal Alta Cuello Largas Mangas Sirena(02149505)
  • This stunning mermaid dress is really breathtaking, and the careful beadwork on the neck and sleeve openings were really delicate and charming, I love it more than I can say. I look like a mermaid in this dress. Thanks for edressit such a beautiful dress!  Más Detalles >>
  • By bernny
Negro Vestido de Fiesta Largo Overlace Mangas Largo Ajustado(02146400)
  • FAB! Wow,how beautiful the dress is! The dress I received looks more beautiful even than the picture, really give me a big surprise and I am so happy with this.Recommend edressit to all my friends and family!  Más Detalles >>
  • By barby
Vestido Formal de Noche Escote Redondo Sin Manga Tul Transparente en Arriba(00148810)
  • Amazing Dress!! This dress was really amazing. The mermaid style was really a wardrobe must-have. A perfect dress to show your figure and the black embellishment on the waist part really help a lot. I got millions of compliments in this dress, very very happy shopping experience. thank you very much, edressit!  Más Detalles >>
  • By parrot
Vestido de Fiesta Sin Mangas Bordados Encajes Escote Redondo (00148110)
  • I am so happy to receive the dress, very excited when I opened it,very beautiful just like the picture shows, and the only complaint was that the dress was a little bit bigger on me, but that's ok,I will alter it,it's easy, overall, I am very pleased with this shopping and thank you 4 your sweet gift!  Más Detalles >>
  • By somebody
Negro Vestido de Noche Largo Manga de Chapeo Espalda Abierta (02146800)
  • Thank God! I received the dress just before the day I need it and I really appreciate the edressit team's excellent service. They shipped the dress by expedited shipping and the packege was in a very good state, nothing wrong with it. Very beautiful when I opened it, great,great,great!!!  Más Detalles >>
  • By calili
A-Línea Vestido Formal para Baile Negro Overlace de Longitud de Té  (04145300)
  • I fell in love with this dress the first time I saw it. Because it is full of vintage, very lovely. I received this dress in a very short time , can't remember the exact date, the shipping was so prompt and the service was also very good. recommend edressit to everyone.  Más Detalles >>
  • By wonder
eDressit 2014 Novedad Mangas Cortas Encaje Vestido de Fiesta Largo (26141505)
  • This dress is so pretty in person. I like it very much! Very well made and the quality is excellent! Nobody believes that this dress can be ordered in such a low price. The delivery was also very fast, received the dress in a good condition in 5 days after my order. I tried it on and it fits perfectly, just like custom made for me. As this was my first time at edressit, I asked many questions before the order. Their customer service team all answered to my questions promtly and patiently. Thank you edressit!  Más Detalles >>
  • By harae
Escote de Cariño Lleno de Pliedritas Vestido de Celemonia (00143304)
  • Beautiful! this dress is very well made. and there is no need to do any adjudgements. it fits perfectly. the shipping is very fast and the package is well protected, so the dress was in good conditons when i reveived it. Thank you edressit.  Más Detalles >>
  • By larranna
eDressit 2014 Novedad Off-Tirante Escote de Cariño Vestido de Fiesta Largo (02143546)
  • Thank you edressit for this nice prom dress! the dress was awesome and much better quality than i expected. I have just tried on the dress and aside from it being a little too long(can be altered)it fitted like a golve. the fabric is very great and value every penny i have paid.  Más Detalles >>
  • By Lilare
eDressit 2014 Nuevo Bordado Encaje Arriba Vestido de Cóctel/ Fiesta (04142304)
  • Very lovely dress! I ordered the dress in size 8. I did not choose custom make and did choose shipping for DHL, so it was very fast. I was amazed with the quality of the dress and it was very comfortable to wear it. It looks exactly like the picture but is even better in person. Great value for the money. Highly recommend!  Más Detalles >>
  • By herw
eDressit 2014 Novedad Piedritas Halter Escote de Cariño Alta Raja Vestido de Fiesta Largo(02141357)
  • أحب اللون الأحمر ، الفستان المزين بالأزهار اليدوية والخرزات رائع جدا. وصل الفستان الي أيدي لمدة 5 أيام فقط. سوف أشتري الموديلات الأخري في المستقبل من الموقع. شكرا  Más Detalles >>
  • By وصال
Azul Adorable Halter Sexual Profondo Escote en V Vestido de Noche (C00130805)
  • Платье пришло вовремя.Очень хорошего качества,идеально подходит,точно такое же,как на фото. Кстати платье очень сексуальное, мне очень нравится)) Осталась очень давольна! Спасибо!  Más Detalles >>
  • By Элина
2014 Novedad simple Un hombro Vestido de dama de honor (C07141101)
  • Nice fabric, better looking color than in pictures, overall a beautiful dress.  Más Detalles >>
  • By elenaivan
Simple Elegante Vestido para la Dama de Honor Sin tirante Vesido de Noche (C00119246)
  • Очень милое вечернее платье, супер качество, ткань шифон очень удобна к телу. Я это платье люблю!  Más Detalles >>
  • By Иришка
Encaje Floral Arriba A-línea Rosado Vestido para la Dama de Honor (C00140101)
  • Платье шикарное! подошло, качество отличное! Смотрится великолепно! Материал шифон, очень удобный к телу. Платье на 5!!!  Más Detalles >>
  • By Джулия
21252 comentarios , Página 815 De 1063
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