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Robe de soirée/demoiselle d'honneur bustier rouge drapée croisée coupe droite (C36145812)
  • I have ever thought this dress has so nice quality and effect. No difference to the one i saw in the mall (nearly $120), and the price is totally competitive. Support eDressit and highly recommend it.  Plus de détails >>
  • By Ickett
eDressit Robe de soirée longue verte plissée taille empire (00152704)
  • Very elegant and beautiful. Really amazing dress. I have never been so noble and elegant. Thanks. I like my current look.  Plus de détails >>
  • By Ibtesam
eDressit Robe de soirée bleu clair décolleté coeur dentelle (00151032)
  • The color, design, details are all aspects i like. Just want to say thanks to eDressit, its customer service is really considerate. Like the fast shipping too.  Plus de détails >>
  • By Iara
Robe de soirée longue verte col en V sexy broderie strass (00151704)
  • I like its v-cut neckline very much. I would wear this for an adult prom in this December. Many exquisite details that you can feel the very delicate when see the bodice, waist and flowy skirt. It has great quality feeling, heavier fabric than it seems. Next time, i would definitely come back. Many beautiful dresses attract me and i'm waiting a big sale.  Plus de détails >>
  • By Ianna
Robe de cocktail / demoiselle d'honneur bleue bustier (07151805)
  • Like this simple lovely dress. It suits many occasions. Great.  Plus de détails >>
  • By Hannan
Robe de cocktail rétro vintage col américain dos nu (04124704)
  • Nice dress, i like it. Fabric is better than i thought, soft to touch. Thanks.  Plus de détails >>
  • By Hanh
Robe demoiselle d'honneur patineuse vert pastel (07152004)
  • I prepared this dress for a wedding in 2016 summer. Price is really low. Another dress i bought is very elegant, totally different style from this one, trumpet type dress for an adult prom. lol. Love them both.  Plus de détails >>
  • By Hanae
eDressit Simple Halter Robe de Cocktail (04124712)
  • I tried it out as long as i received it. Fit size and bright beautiful color. Really gald to have it.  Plus de détails >>
  • By Hamilton
eDressit Manifique Verte Robe de Cocktail (07120804)
  • Worn this dress to a prom. Friends like my look with this cute green dress. Worthy to buy.  Plus de détails >>
  • By Halona
2014 Nouveauté Turquoise Halter Sequins Doré Robe de Cocktail Robe de Soirée (C04141204)
  • It's comfortable to touch, soft, flimsy. Very cheap. Size is also just fit.  Plus de détails >>
  • By Halleli
Robe de fête sexy bleu nuit en strass col américain dos nu (04150905)
  • Nice quality feeling, sturdy and heavy fabric. Details are also great. Thanks.  Plus de détails >>
  • By Halima
Robe de cocktail pour mariage corail décolleté dos (07154857)
  • This is my first time buying a coral dress. I think the color is bery vibrant and warm. Halter style highlights my shoulder and neckline. Very exquisite design. Love It Very Much.  Plus de détails >>
  • By Haley
Robe de soirée longue manches courtes fente sexy (00153001)
  • Super fabric dress. I love its pattern very much. Shipping is fast too, i think it was 4-5 days - FAR less thank the 7-15 quoted. I wouldn't hesitate twice to purchase from here again.  Plus de détails >>
  • By Hala
eDressit 2014 Nouveauté Robe de soirée Unibretelle (00141211)
  • It is really beautiful and delicate. Lace and details are exquisite. Price is very affordable too. Thank you.  Plus de détails >>
  • By Hailey
eDressit 2014 Nouveauté Noire Dentelle Décolleté Rond Fente Robe Mère de Mariée (26141200)
  • Totally less than $100. No tailor when i received this, very fit and beautiful. It suits me well. Wish a good Christmas day, eDressit.  Plus de détails >>
  • By Hafwen
Noire Sexy Cap-manches Robe de Soirée/Bal (02146800)
  • Comfortable fashion dress. Heavier than i thought. My friends want this too. Nice shopping this time. Thanks eDressit. I think i will purchase more in the future. Keep your way.  Plus de détails >>
  • By Hadria
eDressit Nouveautés Agréable Bretelle Seule Robe de Soirée (00133224)
  • I chose it for my black tie party. This formal dress delight my look, very good.  Plus de détails >>
  • By Haddie
2014 Nouveauté Bustier Jupe Fendue Robe de Soirée  (C00140357)
  • Dress is rather beautiful. It has warm and bright color, making me look great. I finished the payment under its customers' help, thanks. Love it.  Plus de détails >>
  • By Hada
eDressit 2014  Nouveauté Rose Une Manche Dentelle Robe de Soirée (00146801)
  • I felt this dress design is unique. Very fashion and beautiful. Thanks for suggesting. This shopping saved my budget, like such sale :D  Plus de détails >>
  • By Halle
Robe de Cocktail verte multicouche dentelle Sans Manches (04142304)
  • wonderfull dress with amazing details.but be carefull with the zipper. in the area where there is only lace to hold it, it may easily damage the tissue if you pull too harshly.  Plus de détails >>
  • By Anna
21256 avis , Page 160 de 1063
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