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eDressit robe de soirée longue plissée corail avec bijoux (00154057)
  • This dress compliment my shape very well. I attend a beach wedding here in Florida so the color of the dress was perfect for the summer season. The dress was true to size and absolutely beautiful. Thanks eDressit  Plus de détails >>
eDressit Nouveautés Charmante Bretelle Seule Robe de Soirée (00132402)
  • This is my favorite dress on your website. It was so beautiful! I am too excited! I just cannot wait to show this fantastic dress to my family.Thank you! I really love it.  Plus de détails >>
  • By Ingrid
eDressit Nouveauté Gorgeous Bretelle Unique Robe de Soirée (00131501)
  • Words cannot describe my affection for this dress. It is so beautiful.The material and the color are really what i want. I think i will buy more floor-length dresses from you.  Plus de détails >>
  • By Inez
eDressit Sweetheart Bustier Robe de Soiree (00129506)
  • This dress is for my best friend's wedding. And I am one of her bridesmaids. Thank you for sending this dress to me in such a short time though I have ordered a custom size dress.  Plus de détails >>
  • By Isis
Robe de soirée longue plissée bleu broderie sans manche (00154605)
  • I wore this to celebrate my birthday. So comfortable, great fit and I love the colors. This is my most favorite dress I've ever worn  Plus de détails >>
  • By JENNA
eDressit Nouveauté Adorable Verte Sexy V-décolleté Robe de Soirée (00137404)
  • I ordered 6 dresses for my girls and they all fit them very well. Thank you so much. I can’t find a better place with such beautiful dresses and reasonable prices. Now, I am looking for my wedding dress on your site and I believe you will never let me down!  Plus de détails >>
  • By Israel
eDressit robe de soirée bleu sexy manches longues broderie (00154405)
  • I absolutely loved this dress! It fit perfectly and was super flattering on my body. It was very easy to dance in, and it definitely stuck out among the rest of the prom dresses. HIGHLY recommend! And I'd definitely come back again.  Plus de détails >>
eDressit Nouveautés Elégante Bretelle Unique Bleu Robe de Soirée (00136605)
  • The color royal blue is so adorable!Thank you so much for making all the 5 dresses with the same roll of fabric to avoid the color difference even though I ordered them in different orders. Thanks a lot!  Plus de détails >>
  • By Ivory
eDressit Nouveautés Magnifique Bretelle Seule Robe de Soirée (00131205)
  • This is the exact color I want for the dress. It turns out that I have chosen the right color and company for the dress being made.I will come to your website again in the future.  Plus de détails >>
  • By Isadora
eDressit Nouveauté Stunning Robe de Soirée (00134405)
  • I bought the dress for my birthday party. The high slit and strapless design make me very sexy. My friends all said that the dress was so beautiful. Definitely recommend you to all my friends. Have a nice day!  Plus de détails >>
  • By Isa
eDressit 2014 Nouveauté Avec Perles Décolleté en Cœur Robe de Bal   (00145004)
  • This dress is PERFECT!!! It is exactly like you see it!! Thank you so much!! Can't wait to wear it in frond of the other so that i can take all the complements! :)  Plus de détails >>
  • By Irma
eDressit 2014 Nouveauté Manches Courtes Cœur Robe de Bal(02143546)
  • I lovvveeeeeeeeee my dress! It is exactly what shows on the picture, I was worry a bit about colors as I customize it...but it came out just like what I want. Also I like how you put the hidden strap for me inside the top which is really nice and make me confident in wearing the dress without falling down lol. Size is perfect...just I have a lol bit tough time zip it up as I think I measured it either too tight for the bust or in the wrong position but anyway I did it and loveeee it. Thank you so much. You made my day ;)  Plus de détails >>
  • By Iris
eDressit Robe de bal sirène bustier vert menthe sexy (C36151204)
  • This dress is so well made! The top is structured and comfy. The dress hangs beautifully and is easy to walk dance  Plus de détails >>
  • By Katie
eDressit Nouveauté Magnifique Sans Bretelle & Sweetheart Robe de Soirée (00138346)
  • Great dress! Looks great and feels good. Simple and not too fancy, but a breeze to make it dressier by adding a scarf. I love it!  Plus de détails >>
  • By Irene
eDressit Nouveauté  Superbe Une Bretelle Perlée Robe de Soirée (00138057)
  • I bought this dress with the custom tailoring. Turned out perfect! The dress suits me a lot. And I like the color very much. I also ordered a black dress and it was the same with pic. I love the dress VERY MUCH!!!  Plus de détails >>
  • By Ira
eDressit  Nouveaté Charmante Une Bretelle  Robe de Cocktail Robe de Bal (04134306)
  • The dress is the perfect color and the perfect fit. If you go by the measurement chart and not what size you are use to buying, it is accurate, I am extremely pleased with the dress.  Plus de détails >>
  • By Iona
Robe de soirée longue bordeaux dentelle manches en tulle (26152417)
  • I got my dress yesterday. Color is bright and delight. I like its beautiful design very much. Thanks.  Plus de détails >>
  • By Cadence
Robe de bal/fête beige sans manche dos nu avec fleurs (04150514)
  • Love the floral design, its craftsmanship is really exquisite and delicate. Non custom in color and size, this dress suits me well in everything. I tried my luck when i decided to buy here, now i know my desicion is right. Dress is lovely, sweet and heavy fabric, comfortable to wear and move. So pleased with this result. Thank you edressit.  Plus de détails >>
  • By Lila
Robe de cocktail/fête pourpre dentelle décolleté sexy (04151712)
  • Dress is so sweet and beautiful, i was totally attracted by its design and appearance(i changed to 777 lace fabric). When i tried on and sent pictures to my friend circle, lots of compliments. Happiness comes too fast to me, i love this dress very much. Thanks edressit team. Sure to come again.  Plus de détails >>
  • By Victoria
eDressit Simple Elegant Bretelle unique Robe de Soiree (00123617)
  • Changed 11 fabric, no color difference. One shoulder strap was well-designed, exquisite. I like the whole feeling, a line, flowing and also comfortable. Thanks to its helpful customer service that i finished this first purchasing from your site. Dress is very beautiful. TKS. Love it.  Plus de détails >>
  • By Abela
21214 avis , Page 343 de 1061
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