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eDressit Célébrité Sans Bretelle Bordeaux Robe de Soirée/Robe de Gala (00124717)
  • This dress turned heads when I wore to a december wedding. I was going to order it online ,but i realised they had a store and I thought it would be safer to try it on first. It turned out that i needed a longer dress , and although I'm usually a size 6-8 UK , i had to order a size 10. My tailor made dress got sent out from china within 10 days. Impeccable service , i definitely recommend !!!  Plus de détails >>
  • By Anastasia
eDressit Robe de soirée rose longue dentelle avec boléro (02150401)
  • un grand waw merciiii je suis tres contente de mon achat tres belle robe  Plus de détails >>
  • By amouna
2014 Sweetheart Overlace Robe de Cocktail/Demoiselle d'Honneur (C35141200)
  • bonjour robe trop belle, tissu magnifique,merci à edressit  Plus de détails >>
  • By zazi
2014 Nouveauté Magnifique Kim Kardashian Robe de Soirée Rouge (C00094702)
  • I got me lovely gown very quickly, it was beautiful as the site presented, the dress fie me like a glove, girls, don't hesitate, this dress will definitely suprise you!!Many thanks to edressit team!!You guys are awesome!  Plus de détails >>
  • By Miranda
eDressit  Nouveautés Stunning Rouge Fente élevé Bustier Robe de Soirée(00134602)
  • Nice dress, good quality, fast shipping, satisfied, thank you edressit, I will use this site again!!!!  Plus de détails >>
  • By Polly
eDressit 2014 Nouveauté Une Bretelle en Dentelle Décolleté en Coeur Robe de Soirée(00146501)
  • Thank you for your amazing dress, I am so satisfied with my order, it is exactly as I imagined, recommend this dress and the site to all of you!!  Plus de détails >>
  • By Rachel
eDressit Robe de bal/soirée beige sirène col asymétrique (C36146014)
  • Very gorgeous dress, the same as described and presented, I am a little bit worried about ordering my dress online, after communicating with their customer service, I decided to order one, as it is able for refund and return if I am satisfied, but the dress did impress me, I am very pleased!Many thanks to edressit team!!  Plus de détails >>
  • By Natasha
2014 Nouveauté Sweetheart Superbe Rose Robe de Soirée/Bal (C00090701)
  • I am so excited to get my dress today, it was exactly as I expected, the fabric is very nice and easy to wear, it only took three days to arrive at my home, very satisfied with my purchase from this site, I will definitely use it again, thanks very much!!  Plus de détails >>
  • By Mary
eDressit 2014 Nouveauté Bleu Coeur Fleurs Sequin Robe de Soiée Longue  (02147605)
  • I feel like a mermaid in this dress, it fits me perfectly and also very figure flattering, the black lace is amazing, like it so much, can't wait to wear it, many thanks!!  Plus de détails >>
  • By Lisa
eDressit 2014 Nouveauté Romantique Blanche Manches Dentelle Perles Robe de Mariée(01141507)
  • Very delicate dress, fast delivery, flowing skirt, thank you edressit, I am very impressed by your nice service and amazing gown, I will be back!!!  Plus de détails >>
  • By Lillian
eDressit 2014 Nouveauté Rouge Une Bretelle Cœur Dentelle Robe de Soirée (00143702)
  • This dress is gonna be perfect for the wedding, fit me perfectly, nice material, very comfortable to wear, and also great value for money, thank you edressit, great job!!!!Strongly recommend this dress to all of you!!  Plus de détails >>
  • By Lena
eDressit robe de soirée sirène beige sans manche décolleté (C36145314)
  • Beautiful dress, love it so much, the shipping was amazingly fast, it just took four days to arrive at my home, so happy with my order, thank you edressit, your guys really did a great job!  Plus de détails >>
  • By Tracy
eDressit 2014 Nouveauté Noire Manches Dentelle Robe de Soirée /Longue/ Bal/ Gala (02147112)
  • I got my dress very quickly, exactly as described, it fit me like a glove, everything was going very well with my order, very happy with my purchase from this site, thank you so much!!!  Plus de détails >>
  • By Elsa
eDressit 2014 Nouveauté Une Manches Avec Perles Robe de Soirée/Gala (02143412)
  • My dress was amazing !! it arrived within one week, it fit exactly to my measurements and i had got so many compliments of how beautiful it was !! So pleased with the dress. Thank you.  Plus de détails >>
  • By Assos
eDressit 2014 Nouveauté Sexy V-Décolleté Perles Dentelle Robe de Soirée/Longue(02140306)
  • I am so incredibly happy with my dress and the service I received from eDressit. The dress fits me perfectly and I looks amazing on it. Girls, do not hesitate to purchase it and you wont be disappointed. Thanks!!!  Plus de détails >>
  • By Blanka
eDressit 2014 Nouveauté Perles Boléro Deux-Pièces Robe Mère de Mariée (26143001)
  • The dress came within one week, and i was really happy with it when it arrived. It was packaged well and came in a very great condition. The materials feel very comfortable. Great value for the money I paid. Highly recommend!  Plus de détails >>
  • By Damia
eDressit 2014 Nouveauté Noire Dentelle Décolleté Rond Fente Robe Mère de Mariée (26141200)
  • I love this dress so much. It came earlier than I expected and the materials are great, very comfortable to wear. I am so pleased with their customer service, their staffs are very efficient and helpful to my questions. Thank you so much.  Plus de détails >>
  • By Eleena
eDressit 2014 Nouveauté Avec Perles Décolleté en Cœur Robe de Bal   (00145004)
  • Hi, eDressit, I just want to let you know how delighted I was with my dress, it is absolutely beautiful!! I tries it on and it fits me perfectly. Great customer service and very helpful. I will order more dresses from you again.  Plus de détails >>
  • By Gabbai
eDressit 2014 Nouveauté Rouge V-Décolleté Dentelle Manches Robe Mère de Mariée(02144902)
  • The dress was amazing. I got the custom measurements so it fit perfectly and is worth the extra cost. I got so many compliments about this dress. Thank you edressit, you did a great job in making dresses. Highly recommend to everyone.  Plus de détails >>
  • By Carilla
eDressit Décolleté robe de soirée longue blanche (04141007)
  • This order arrived on my door very quickly & the gown itself is absolutely lovely. It is even better than in the photo, the material of the dress is great. I purchased it in color on the site. Size 6 is true to size. Extremely happy with this purchase. Thank you.  Plus de détails >>
  • By Blandina
21214 avis , Page 528 de 1061
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