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eDressit 2014 Nouveauté Rose Une Bretelle Dentelle Perles Robe de Soirée (00143801)
  • Идеальное вечернее платье для меня на свадьбу подружки. Спасибо и платье пришло за 8 дней!  Plus de détails >>
  • By Дарья
eDressit 2014 Nouveauté Robe de bal jaune ligne-A (00144003)
  • Кружева вокруг талии очееень красивые, мне очень понравились. Большое спасибо!  Plus de détails >>
  • By Надежда
eDressit 2014 Nouveauté Rose Perles Dentelle Robe de Soirée/Bal (00147801)
  • Absolutely five stars to this amazing dress, my dress is exactly the same as the pic and also as described, built with fine matierial and great craftsmanship, impressed, thanks and recommend!  Plus de détails >>
  • By Dalia
eDressit 2014 Nouveauté Champagne Décolleté Rond Broderie Robe de Soirée/Longue(02144446)
  • Платье красивое сделано из Бархатного шифона. Удобные ткани к телу.  Plus de détails >>
  • By Мария
Sexy V-Col Sequin Dentelle Avec Manches Robe de Soirée/Bal (02149100)
  • Very stunning dress,after checking so many positive feedbacks about this dress, I decided to order it for custom making,it took about 10 days to finish my dress and shipped it, I was so excited to receive my dress and could't wait to open the parcel, it is a very beautiful dress, and it fit me perfectly,dress was built with top quality,I was so happy to get such an amazing dress, thank you very much, edressit, you impressed me a lot!  Plus de détails >>
  • By Nona
eDressit 2014 Nouveauté Vert Dentelle en Top Manches Mi-Longues Robe Mère de Mariée (26141305)
  • Заказала платье в красном цвете. Размер один в один, быстрая домтавка, шикарное платье. Была очень довольна с eDressit)))  Plus de détails >>
  • By Софья
eDressit 2014 Nouveauté Dos Transparent en Dentelle& Avec Manches Orange Robe de Soirée (02141410)
  • This dress came in yestoday and it looked awesome! Embroidered lace on back & sleeves are so delicate and amazing. I love them so much. It makes the dress so stylish. Color orange is my favorite and it is the same as the picture shown on the site. Delivery is fast too. Thank you edressit.  Plus de détails >>
  • By Epona
eDressit 2014 Nouveauté Champagne Une-Epaule Dentelle Robe de Soirée/Bal (26142414)
  • Красивое кружевное платье, идеальное платье для вечеринки. Милый бант на талии.  Plus de détails >>
  • By Елизавета
eDressit 2014 Nouveauté Bleue Avec Sequins Top en Dentelle Robe de Soirée (26141405)
  • Dress is truly beautiful and the sizing is exactly what I expected. I am pleased with the overall appearance and quality of this dress. I will definitely order from here if I am in need of anything else! Thanks!  Plus de détails >>
  • By Echidna
eDressit 2014 Nouveauté Perles A-Ligne Robe de Mariée(01140907)
  • Мне это платье очень понравилось, особенно блестящие бисеры на платье, просто прелесть!!!  Plus de détails >>
  • By Лина
eDressit 2014 Nouveauté Verte Foncé Manches Broderie Fente Robe de Soirée Longue (02148904)
  • This dress was very well constructed, top quality fabric, and I am so pleaed with my order on your site, and will order from your site again, thank you for your amazing dress, I am very satisfied!  Plus de détails >>
  • By Alma
eDressit 2014 Nouveauté Broderie D'or Col Haut Manches Longues Robe de Soirée Noire (02140800)
  • Это платье шикарное!!! Идеально село по фигуре. Надеть это платье и ощутить себя королевой вечеринки))  Plus de détails >>
  • By Маша
eDressit 2014 Nouveauté Vert V-Col Sans Manches Robe de Soirée (02142304)
  • Fits beautifully and was very pleased by the quality of the workmanship. It has great detail and also must say the service and customer service was great. The delivery was very speedy too. Thank you edressit for this wonderful and I would high recommend you to all people I know.  Plus de détails >>
  • By Denica
eDressit 2014 Nouveauté Jaune Manches Longues Dos Nu Dentelle Robe de Cocktail(04142003)
  • I really love this dress, it is beautiful and fits perfectly. Love the overlace on the whole bodice and it looks so nice. Will definitely continue to shop with you and recommend you. Thank you edressit.  Plus de détails >>
  • By Cosette
eDressit 2014 Nouveauté Noir&Marron Clair  Manches Longues Robe de Soirée (02145200)
  • I received the dress. its amazing. Colors, quality and fabric are all excellent. This dress is more perfect than I have imagined! I ordered size 4, and it fit me perfectly like a couture dress! Thank you edressit.  Plus de détails >>
  • By Charlette
eDressit 2014 Nouveauté Top en Dentelle Dorée Longueur à Genou Robe  (04141514)
  • I received the dress yestoday & tried it on right away. The quality is GREAT and the detail is BEAUTIFUL! Golden lace on top and waist looks stunning. I can wear it at my party as well as my day time. Thank you edressit.  Plus de détails >>
  • By Caffaria
eDressit 2014 Nouveauté Top Transparent Sans Manche Rose Robe de Soirée (00145112)
  • Dress is fabulous, everything i wished for! The dress arrived sooner than expected and packed well. The best part for me was the quality. This dress is well made and well finished. The materials used are so great and feel very comfortable. Thank you edressit.  Plus de détails >>
  • By Cadie
eDressit 2014 Nouveauté Dentelle Manche Robe de Gala Longue(26142501)
  • Ordered this dress in pink. It is GORGEOUS! So much better than I could have imagined. It fits exactly the way it was meant to and I wear a regular size 12. If your hesitant about purchasing a gown online (like I was)......don't be! You will be very pleasantly surprised. Thanks edressit.  Plus de détails >>
  • By Bertrade
Robe de Soirée Imprimée Manches Mi-longues en Dentelle (26147668)
  • La robe est très bien niveau taille et forme, couleur vif et idéal pour le mariage au dehors  Plus de détails >>
  • By Nathalie
eDressit 2014 Nouveauté Rose Une Epaule&Manche Unique Robe de Soirée(02145146)
  • This dress is beautiful! The quality of the fabric and the workmanship was very good. I was very please with my purchase. And the size fits me perfectly. Embroidered lace on bodice & sleeve is of high quality. Thank you edressit.  Plus de détails >>
  • By Athena
21252 avis , Page 638 de 1063
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