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eDressit 2014 Nouveauté Vert Dentelle en Top Manches Mi-Longues Robe Mère de Mariée (26141305)
  • First time shopping and this dress exceed my expectation. I rented this dress for a formal wedding. I received so my compliments at the wedding, posted pictures on FB and IG and the compliments are still pouring in… You will not be disappointed having this dress.  Plus de détails >>
  • By ELIZA
Sexy V-Col Sequin Dentelle Avec Manches Robe de Soirée/Bal (02149100)
  • This dress for very true to size. It has a bit of give but overall very fitted. The chic black sequin was a beautiful touch. I received many compliments through our the evening.  Plus de détails >>
  • By dasmi
eDressit Décolleté Rond Dentelle Noire Robe de Soirée Longue(02148614)
  • This dress is gorgeous. I wore it out for a fancy birthday dinner, and it was, seriously, stunning. The sequins are great quality, the skirt length is great with a heel. I would definitely recommend this dress to a curvier girl; it was actually surprisingly flattering. Beautiful dress!  Plus de détails >>
  • By Mara
eDressit 2014 Nouveauté Vert Avec Manches Robe Mère de Mariée (26145104)
  • Очень понравилось это платье. Все замечательно, eDressit всем рекомендую!!!  Plus de détails >>
  • By Доля
eDressit 2014 Nouveauté Superbe Dentelle Noire Robe de Soirée(02145714)
  • I love this dress very much!!! Мне очень понравилось это шикарное платье!!!  Plus de détails >>
  • By Лиза
eDressit 2014 Nouveauté Stylish Dentelle Manches Robe Mère de Mariée(26146105)
  • Замечательное вечернее платье в пол. Размер один в один. Большое спасибо eDressit!!!  Plus de détails >>
  • By Леся
eDressit 2014  Nouveauté Rose Une Manche Dentelle Robe de Soirée (00146801)
  • Красивое платье. Мне очень понравилось, особенно цвет платья очень красивый, как на фото.  Plus de détails >>
  • By Дарья
eDressit 2014 Nouveauté Sexy Rouge Dentelle avec Perles Robe de Soirée(26146702)
  • Спина платья очень красивая, сексуальные прекрасные кружева. Всем рекомендую))  Plus de détails >>
  • By Соня
eDressit 2014 Nouveauté Stylish Noir Manches Dentelle Robe de Soirée (02140714)
  • Люблю это шикарное кружевное вечернее платье, люблю eDressit!!!  Plus de détails >>
  • By Мария
eDressit 2014 Nouveauté Magnifique Rouge Sans Manche Robe de Soirée (02141656)
  • Очень красивое платье, все как на картинки. Спасибо eDressit!  Plus de détails >>
  • By Настя
eDressit 2014 Nouveauté Haut Transparent Broderie Vert Robe Mère de Mariée (26147304)
  • This dress is amazing indeed. It fit me perfectly, very happy to get it right on time, thank you for shipping my dress so quickly, this did help me out of the stress, now I just cannot wait to wear it to the ball.  Plus de détails >>
  • By Catherine
eDressit 2014 Nouveauté Col Haut Manches Longues Sirène Robe de Soirée/Bal (02149505)
  • Very beautiful dress, made with great care and lots of details, the shiny stones on the neck look quite gorgeous, I am very happy with my order on this site, will order more from edressit, definitely!  Plus de détails >>
  • By Demii
eDressit 2014 Nouveauté Noire Sequins Bustier Courte Robe de Cocktail (04144900)
  • STUNNING & CLASSICAL! My dress is definitely the same as the picture, every datail of this dress was well sewn,the shiny sequins are expecially stunning, I love them so much, thanks so much for your amazing dress, I was both surprised and satisfied!  Plus de détails >>
  • By fun
eDressit 2014 Nouveauté Col Rond Tulle Dentelle Robe de Cocktail (04146132)
  • I got my dress very quickly, it is the same as I expected, very delicate hand made embroidery, looks sexy and stunning, I like it very much, all my friends said it looks amazing, nice purchase from edressit, definitely order more from this site!!  Plus de détails >>
  • By Christy
eDressit 2014 Nouveauté Off épaules Robe de Soirée/ Gala/ Bal (04145046)
  • Thank you so much for this wonderful dress, I was very pleased with your dress,my dress looks the same as the pic,tea length is perfect for me,I cannot say enough good things about this dress,in short,good job, and I was pleased!  Plus de détails >>
  • By Rachel
eDressit 2014 Nouveauté Dentelle& Manches Robe Mère de Mariée (26140302)
  • I ordered this dress for my mum and got it today, she looks very elegant in this dress,dress was well sewn, ans a lot of details went into this dress, my mum is very happy, now she is just can't wait to wear it ! Thank you edressit!!! Good job!  Plus de détails >>
  • By rose
eDressit 2014 Nouveauté Superbe Rose Une Epaule Robe de Soirée (00143901)
  • This dress came on time, packaged beautifully. A very beautiful dress and really well structured, the quality is a lot more than I was expecting. overall I would recommend this company and their clothes.  Plus de détails >>
  • By Sitnah
eDressit 2014 Nouveauté Manches Courtes Dentelle Robe de Soirée (26141505)
  • What a wonderful dress, perfect for me, the shinning sequins on the dress are just amazing, I was stunned when I tried it on, dress was made with so many details, well sewn and fabric with high quality, STRONGLY RECOMMEND THIS DRESS TO ALL OF YOU!!!  Plus de détails >>
  • By Selma
eDressit 2014 Nouveauté Magnifique Bleu en Perles Robe de Soirée (00144305)
  • I was very pleased with my order! The package came quicker than expected and everything was great. The dress is much too long for me, but I am going to get it shortened. Very well made and very nice service. Thank you edressit.  Plus de détails >>
  • By Roseann
eDressit 2014 Nouveauté Top et Manches enTulle Transparent Robe de Soirée Noire(02143900)
  • Very nice dress, with delicate lace applique on the top, lots os details, I am very impressed by your amazing dress, have found a new one and gonna order it. Thank you for your service, very helpful to me!  Plus de détails >>
  • By mimi
21214 avis , Page 644 de 1061
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