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Strapless Knee Length Summer Printed Dress Floral Dress (07152168)
  • I love this lovely dress. Arrived fast and safe. In the middle of purchasing, i used my points, so, i feel the dress is affordable. Thanks eDressit. I worn this dress to our three days cruise, got lots of compliments. Successful purchasing. Come next time.  See the customer's choice >>
  • By Nadeira
Strapless Flat Neckline Printed Dress Summer Floral Dress (07151468)
  • Bought it for party outside. Floral printed dress is very suitable for summer occasion, so i made decision to buy when i saw it and contacted for details. This dress indeed helped me achieved summer holiday feeling, smooth and beautiful. Thanks eDressit team. I think i would like to come next chance. Keep your style.  See the customer's choice >>
  • By Lusia
eDressit Long Sleeves Red Evening Dress Prom Gown (02150102)
  • Le produit est de très bonne qualité, moderne et vraiment sympa, il crrespond à tout ce que j'ai espréré, je suis safisfaite !  See the customer's choice >>
  • By Sybille
eDressit Plunging V Neck Floral Dress Printed Dress (07151004)
  • Bought for the near tour, very flowy and smooth dress it is. Heavy feeling shows its high fabric. It has my beloved V neckline, empire waist. So pleased to have bought it. Dress arrived fast, very beautiful. Love it, love eDressit. Thanks.  See the customer's choice >>
  • By Prudence
Sexy V Cut Halter Neck Homecoming Dress Party Dress (04150905)
  • je suis assez grande 1.64m avec une poitrine menue et j'ai pris cette petite robe en 38 (ma taille habituelle) qui me convient parfait en tombant un peu sous les genoux.Le produit est impeccable, fidèle à la photo, je recommande  See the customer's choice >>
  • By Morgane
Strapless Sweetheart Printed Dress Floral Dress (07154468)
  • Match with my hat, shoest, the dress was really beautiful and perfect. I love this feeling to have dress flowy, smooth. Bought 4 days before, now it comes to my door, my wardrobe. Good fabric, heavier, smooth and also comfortable. Thanks edressit for everthing, also include patient sale person.  See the customer's choice >>
  • By Loyce
eDressit Sleeveless Red Formal Dress Evening Gown (00155202)
  • j'aimé vraiment cette MAGNIFIQUE ROBE DE SOIREE ROUGEl'article correspond complètement à l'image et à mes attentebonne qualité du tissu et coutures bien faitesJe recommande vivement ce marchand qui tient toutte ses promesses  See the customer's choice >>
  • By gilabert
eDressit Printed High Split Strapless Evening Gown (00134668)
  • Les motifs sont identiques à ceux de la photo et avec les soutien gorges intégré dont pas besoin de porter les miens.Très bien structuré malgré les tissus très légers. j'adore  See the customer's choice >>
  • By Arianna
Strapless Floral Dress Summer Printed Dress (07151406)
  • I run my fortunate for buying this floral gown, very pleased now. Thanks eDressit. I have never bought dress from you, but after this time, i think there will be more purchasing. Here comes my holiday and my birthday, glad to have it.  See the customer's choice >>
  • By Jonathan
eDressit New Elegant One Shoulder 100% Silk Evening Dress (00114568)
  • Fidèle aux photos. tissu très très souple au toucher, la couleur des fleurs aussi vif que sur la photo. Et agréable à porter même dans le 5eme mois d'enceinte! C'est superbe  See the customer's choice >>
  • By stephane
eDressit Off Shoulder Tea Length Summer Printed Dress (04152104)
  • I searched this dress and saw it in details for several times before i made the solution to buy. I love this green dress but not sure whether it suits me, as i never bought such a summer holiday printed dress. When i received the dress and tried, i knew i did right in selecting it. It seems very good fabric, fashion off shoulder style and fine length Also, my hairstyle made all things perfect. Very beautiful dress, thanks eDressit.  See the customer's choice >>
  • By Dickon
Plunging Spaghetti Straps Floral Dress Printed Dress (07151068)
  • Good customer service helped me a lot in my selecing this dress size and paying money. UK size 6 dress suits me well in length, bodice, waist and also my skin color. Dress arrived fast, just 3 days, which brought me a big surprise. I tried on then to make sure whether it is really fit. Fortunately, size is just fine. Love U eDressit. Come next time.  See the customer's choice >>
  • By Charlie
eDressit New Gorgeous Straps Multi-color Evening Dress (00092400)
  • La couleur ressemble 100% à la photo. Je l'aime vraiment, matière légère et couleur très spéciale, à ne porter que l'été.  See the customer's choice >>
  • By laetitia
eDressit New Adorable Halter Printed Fabric Evening Dress (00091806)
  • Le col est très bien coupé, le décolleté tombe comme il faut, couleur identique à la photo... les matières et les finitions parfaites...bonne tenue au lavage...Rien à redire...  See the customer's choice >>
  • By Jennyfer D
eDressit Midnight Blue Bateau Neckline Sleeveless Day Dress Wear to Work (03143905)
  • I have received the dress and it is in good condition. I have tried it on and it fits me perfectly. The sheer and sequins are very delicate and superior in quality. Well done guys  See the customer's choice >>
  • By Darell
eDressit Simple One Shoulder Green Cocktail Dress Party Dress (w04122604)
  • I fell in love with the dress when I first saw it on your website, so I bought it immediately. I received the dress today, and it turned out that I had made the right decision. It is very wonderful,and the price was amazing!  See the customer's choice >>
  • By Daphne
V Neck Spaghetti Straps Summer Printed Dress Holiday Dress (00153912)
  • La couleur est réellement celle qui apparaît sur la photo, le tissu de qualité assez bonne, plus lourd qjue surle site, mais très joli quand meme.J'adore vraimenet sa coupe, et la couleur splendide.Réception au bout de 10 jours.  See the customer's choice >>
  • By jessica
Halter Neck Short Printed Dress Summer Floral Dress (07154868)
  • I received my dress yesterday, tried it on, fits perfectly love the printed fabric, it's exactly as you promised.Thank you so much. I have been looking for something to wear for my friend's Wedding in October and this is just perfect. The dress is beautifully made. My mother was a professional dress maker and I would have loved to be able to show it to her, she would have been very impressed.  See the customer's choice >>
  • By Damaris
Hot Pink Half Sleeves Lace Short Party Dress (04151712)
  • I do love the dress you sent to me. It looks much more expensive than I paid. I am going to attend a party with it. I am so excited! Thank you so much!  See the customer's choice >>
  • By Dallas
Flattering Sleeveless Party Dress Homecoming Dress (04150514)
  • I love it and it looks good on me.Thank you guys so much. The dress was sent to me very fast.The cocktail is in next week and I think I will have a great time!  See the customer's choice >>
  • By Daley
23808 reviews , Page 498 Of 1191
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