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A-line Embellished Top Sexy Tulle Back Evening Dress Prom Gown (C36146110)
  • The dress is just awesome!!! I did not expect that it could be so perfect. Later I will send several pictures to you. I will need another dress for Halloween, Thanksgiving day,and Christmas!Looking forward to your new arrivals~  See the customer's choice >>
  • By Salome
eDressit One Shoulder Beaded Evening Dress Prom Dress (C36146014)
  • I wore the dress already on my birthday and It looks so nice. My boyfriend says I look like a princess. Thanks for this great dress I have ever received.Your customer service is very good.  See the customer's choice >>
  • By Sandra
A-Line Halter Beaded Top Sexy Open Back Wedding Gown (C36144007)
  • This dress is absolutely stunning, in fact it looks much more beautiful then the picture! The beadings and lace details are very shinny & elegant, the open back design is sexy,which to my surprise is the shipping,very fast! Only 4 days after I made the order. I have recommended you to my friends, they have strong interests in buying dresses on your site, too~  See the customer's choice >>
  • By Sally
eDressit Black Stylish Round Neckline Mother of the Bride Dress (26147400)
  • I am absolutely thrilled with my dress, the quality and workmanship is amazing. It looks exactly as shown in the pictures, the lace details are so beautiful! I choose DHL,which was super fast (i ordered the dress 3rd of October and received it 7th )Very Satisfied shopping experience! Thank U very much~  See the customer's choice >>
  • By Sage
eDressit Navy Blue Sweetheart Sequin Evening Dress Prom Gown (02147605)
  • This dress is wonderful, i fell in love. The qualitiy is absolutely high. I ordered custom size and it fits perfect.Super work eDressit team, big lovely thank at all dressmasters who work on my dress. Its so beautiful. I will definitely order from you again :)  See the customer's choice >>
  • By Sabine
eDressit Coral Short Sleeves Evening Dress (02148257)
  • I just received my dress and absolutely love it. Looks as nice as the picture and it was made and delivered faster than I was expecting. I highly suggest to measure yourself before selecting your size. Now I am going to buy another dress for my thanksgiving party. First experience, very satisfy. Thank you  See the customer's choice >>
  • By Sabina
eDressit Simple One Shoulder Green Cocktail Dress Party Dress (04122604)
  • تبدو رائعة، واللون هو مذهلة ويناسب معي تماما هو فستان الكوكتيل الأخضر الرائع  See the customer's choice >>
  • By diyami
eDressit New Stylish One Shoulder Short Dress Party Dress (04111001)
  • الجودة رائع تفاصيل لطيفة الشحن السريع المقاس 16مناسب معي كثيرا وأود أن أوصي بالتأكيد هذا اللباس وهذا الموقع  See the customer's choice >>
  • By wannada
eDressit Pink Sleeves Mother of the Bride Dress (26147801)
  • فستان الدانتيل هو عنده اللون الأحمر ،هو جميل جدا وكنت أعجب حقا مع جودة عالية للفستان  See the customer's choice >>
  • By diana
eDressit Red Overlace Sleeves Mother of the Bride Dress (26147902)
  • أحب الفستان الأحمر المحجب المشرف للغاية يسلم أيدي هو رائع، الشحن سريع لمدة 5 أيام فقط شكرا لكم eDressit  See the customer's choice >>
  • By rana
One Shoulder Lace Decoration Wedding Dress (C01140207)
  • فستان الزفاف بسيط جدا بل جميل ومناسب معي كثيرا أنا مثل أميرة في يوم الزفاف. شكرا ! سعره رخيص جدا  See the customer's choice >>
  • By aliena
eDressit Simple Halter Party Dress Cocktail Dress (04124712)
  • أنا أحب لون الفستان والتسليم هو سريع جدا. أوصي به للآخرين الفستان رائج، كثير من النساء السيدات تحبونه فرأيت صور العملاء جميلة فقررت لشرائه يا لها من فكرة جميلة  See the customer's choice >>
  • By tiyara
eDressit New Arrival V Cut Lace Cocktail Dress Party Dress (04130405)
  • التفصيل الدقيق، اللون ، الأسلوب الانيق، أحب الفستان للغاية عندما ارتديت الفستان الأزرق لحضور الحفلة، أصدقائي قول لي أنني جميلة الموقع رائع، سوف أشتري بعض الفساتين فيه  See the customer's choice >>
  • By jadimafa
eDressit New Strapless Flowers Cocktail Dress Party Dress (04132506)
  • الفستان يعجبني للغاية، الأزهار اليدوية الأنيق حول الصدر، جميل جدا وهو عنده اللونان اللون الأرجواني واللون الأرجواني القاتم، حجزت اللون الأرجواني سعره أرخص مما أتوقع.  See the customer's choice >>
  • By suha
eDressit Charming Fitted Black Lace Sweet Heart Cocktail Dress (04124401)
  • الفستان الوردي سكس جدا، أزهار الدانتيل الأسود أنيقة وجميلة يبدو أني أميرة فيه ،سعيدة بارتداءه سوف أوصي به لأختي، الموقع أحبه  See the customer's choice >>
  • By yiwazira
eDressit Glamorous Sweetheart Cocktail Dress (04125801)
  • الفستان الوردي القصير رائع، العمل اليدوي رائع أيضا يوجد زينات الخرزات اللامعة التي أحبها سعره خاصة رخيص جدا ، أجمل من الصورة شكرا كم eDressit  See the customer's choice >>
  • By homala
Sexy Beaded Tulle Peach Evening Dress Formal Gown (C02142601)
  • Очень элегантное вечернее платье, получила через 7 дней, очень быстро, чем ожидала, спасибо eDressit!!!  See the customer's choice >>
  • By Саша
Luxurious Strapless A-line Beaded Coral Evening Dress Prom Gown (C36143857)
  • Прекрасное вечернее платье, очень аккуратный пошив, очень понравилось, большое спасибо!  See the customer's choice >>
  • By Люба
Beaded Lace Applique Long Evening Dress Formal Gown (C00140100)
  • Красивое чёрное вечернее платье, я выбрала размер RU46 село отлично, спасибо!  See the customer's choice >>
  • By Света
eDressit Adorable Turquoise Round neckline Evening Gown (C00145304)
  • I'm just amazed with the quality of this dress, splendid. The dress is beautiful, true to color as the pic. And it was well packed and delivery was in good time. Thanks edressit.  See the customer's choice >>
  • By Kaliey
21256 reviews , Page 689 Of 1063
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