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eDressit Anne Hathaway Evening Dress (00100207)
  • I had a great experience with eDressit. It is very easy to go shopping here. I made my order and paid it, then I got it in 3 days. DHL sent the dress to my house and I do not need to take it from post office and there is no customs! It is really amazing! The size turned out perfect, I had chosen the size from their chart and it is really the right size! will order another dress for my sister soon *-*  See the customer's choice >>
  • By shelly
eDressit Sheer Top Embroidered lace A-Line Prom Dress (02142704)
  • I received my dress today. I can't tell you how beautifully it fit! It's amazing - the tailoring, the appliqued, the fit - was awesome! I especially loved the internal hook in the back. Thank you so much!!! It's looks like it was made just for me - the length, the fit, everything was perfect. I am definitely going to get my next dress from you instead of going to a department store. Again, thank you!!! I am very pleased - kiss my seamstress!!!  See the customer's choice >>
  • By Shabana
Beaded Sweetheart Neck Floral Lace Prom Dress Ball Gown (C36144804)
  • This dress is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! Not only did it fit perfectly, it came to me ridiculously fast, less than 2 weeks. You guys are amazing!  See the customer's choice >>
  • By Bertha
eDressit Off-Shoulder Embroidery A-Line Formal Gown (02142605)
  • Two days ago I received the dress I ordered. it is for my mom,It is very nice, sewn very well and the fit is good , the waist is emkbroidery lace with beads. very nice. color is great, just like picture. fabric is soft and high quality,my mon love is very much, thank you. will order again i am sure.  See the customer's choice >>
  • By lucy
Gorgeous Strapless Lace Applique Prom Gown Graduation Ball Dress (C36144605)
  • I ordered this dress for my sister's wedding back in Oct.. I was in doubt as to how it would be as I'd never ordered a dress like this before. So pleasently suprized how quickly it was made and delivered. Everyone complimented on how lovely the dress was. I will recommend the website to everyone.  See the customer's choice >>
  • By Anne
eDressit Black Strapless Homecoming Dress Prom Gown (C36144500)
  • This dress is absolutely fabulous!! It has arrived within less than one weeks and although I have been charged extra for the duty eDressit has kindly offered to help me out with the invoice. I am so impressed with the quality and detail of the dress. It has arrived in a very nice box, securely packed in airtight bag and it was even folded inside out to avoid any possible damage.It fits perfectly and the inside bust support is just amazing! I am really pleased with it and would recommend it to everyone! I will definitely be visiting your online store again!!  See the customer's choice >>
  • By Anne
eDressit Fuchsia One-Shoulder Sheath Evening Gown (02142512)
  • Outstanding customer service! Super fast shipping. I did Standard size.......... The dress fits beautifully. Very nicely done. I am so excited to wear this dress. It is more stunning on than I had imagined. The big bow on shoulder is very eye catching. I will definately use eDressit for future dresses! Most of their dresses are amazing, love them.  See the customer's choice >>
  • By marisa
Elegant Strapless A-line Evening Dress Bridesmaid Dress (C36144406)
  • I loved my dress. It fit perfectly, no alterations needed. It felt great, I looked great and it well great all night. I couldn't have been more pleased with it!  See the customer's choice >>
  • By Camille
eDressit Sheer Top Ruched-Bodice Dress(02142416)
  • Was looking everywhere for a dress for a special occasion. Unable to find anything I liked, so in desperation tried the web. Came across eDressit and this dress expect much, so ordered the custom made. What a surprise!! Not only what I was looking for, but custom made and fits to perfection. wonderful color and very nice handmade flowers, Highly recommend you try.  See the customer's choice >>
  • By Hanna
eDressit Elegant Two Pieces Mother of the Bride Dress (26132008)
  • هذا الفستان اليومي او المكتب رائع أنيق جدا، قد وجدت الفستان الفضي لمدة طويلة، رغم أنه ليس فستانا طويلا، أحب ايض، ممكن أن ارتديه في مناسبات كثيرة  See the customer's choice >>
  • By Beth
eDressit New Arrivals Sleeves Sexy Deep V-Neck Mother of Bride Dress (26133306)
  • رايت هذا الفستان على صفحتكم ، فيسبوك، هو في الترقيات، أنا مسرورة جدا بشرائه بسعر رخيص! محظوظة جدا! الفستان أجمل مما أقتعد، فقلقت في البداية، و الآن أنا سيعدة جدا، قد تابعتكم عل فيسبوك، ساجد الفستان المفضل الآخر  See the customer's choice >>
  • By Bessie
eDressit Sexy Strapless Skirt with Jacket Mother of the Bride Dress (26132124)
  • أحب لون الملبس و نسيجه جميل و بديع ايضا.أريد الفستان بسترة دائما، هذا الفستان يناسب طلبي و سعره ليس غاليا كثيرا، قد اختريت الفستان الأحمر الآخر، اتمني أن تعطواني الخصم  See the customer's choice >>
  • By Bess
eDressit New Sexy Round Neck Lace Dark Blue Mother of the Bride Dress (26134705)
  • حجزت هذا الفستان الأنيق لأمي العزيزة، هي تحبه جدا، خياطة الفستان رائع ، لاسيما دانتيل التطريز على العنتري و الظهر المفتوح، خدمة التسوق لطيفة تعطينا كثيرا من النصايح و مساعدات، شكرا لكم سنشتري الفساتين على موقعكم مستميرا  See the customer's choice >>
  • By Beryl
eDressit Elegant Sleeves Lace Mother of the Bride Dress Day Dress (26130604)
  • هذا الفستان الازرق الأحضر أنيق و جميل قماشه ناعم و لامع، الدانتيل على التنورة مع التزينات الفريدة أحب كل شيء لهذا الفستان، و لكن الخصر يعض ضيق، لذلك لا يمكنني أن آكل كثيرا عند الحفل  See the customer's choice >>
  • By Bernice
eDressit Elegant Two Pieces  Mother of the Bride Dress Day Dress (26131257)
  • اشتريت هذا الفستان لنفسي، اللون حلو مثل الورد المفتح، نسيج الفستان ناعم جدا، و المقاس يناسبني ممكن أن ترتدين هذا الفستان الداخلي وا موحدا او ممكن ان ان ترتدي السترة مع التنورة الأخري. سارضي به أكثر لو الحزام قابل الانفصال.  See the customer's choice >>
  • By Bernadine
eDressit short sleeved Asymmetric sleeves Sequins Evening Dress
  • الفستان يعجبني كثيرا والتصميم رائع جدا، أنا أحبه، لقد أوصيت أختي الكبير لشراء نفس الموديل. الخدمات في الموقع رائع، شوف بالتأكيد أشتري الفساتين منه. شكرا جزيلا!  See the customer's choice >>
  • By dima
eDressit New Stunning Purple Evening Dress Prom Gown (02132306)
  • فستان السهرة الأرجواني هو يعجبني للغاية، الجزء الأعلي يستخدم الدانتيل الراقي، النسيج ناعم ومريح. الشحن سريع لمدة 5 أيام الي ليبيا. بالاضافة الي ذلك، السعر رخيص جدا. أنا سعيدة جدا لشراءه فيه.  See the customer's choice >>
  • By abila
eDressit OverLace Top One Piece Formal Mother of the Bride Dress (26143914)
  • C'est ma première robe en taffetas. Très Jolie , bien proportionnée et original. la couleur est chic. facile à porter. le prix est élevé, bien entendu, mais correspond à son qualité, c'est sûr! J'adore la robe, et recommande votre site, sérieux  See the customer's choice >>
  • By corienne
eDressit Halter Yellow Sheath Formal Evening Dress (02142203)
  • Это платье просто супер, спасибо eDressit, очень довольна покупкой, рекомендую))  See the customer's choice >>
  • By Марфа
Beige Beaded Cap Sleeves Prom Dress Evening Dress (00137214)
  • الموديل يوجد اللونان، الشمباني واللون الأحمر، طلبت الفستان الأحمر والشمباني لي ولأختي، هما جميل ومريح وأنيق وناعم، أنا وأختي تحبهما للغاية. سوف أشتري الفستان لي مرة أخري في الموقع، الموقع رائع. شكرا لكم  See the customer's choice >>
  • By mely
22624 reviews , Page 822 Of 1132
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