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eDressit Hot Pink One Shoulder Cocktail Dress Party Dress (04144512)
  • هذا الفستان لامع جدا، القماش جيد الشعر و لامع البصر و مناسب المقاس و أظن لو هذا يطون فستانا طويلا جميل ايضا، السعر معقول، لا اي خصم، بل أحبه، ساوصيكم إلى الأخواتي الآخرين  See the customer's choice >>
  • By Chappell
eDressit Green Off Shoulder Stylish Cocktail Dress Party Dress (04144055)
  • في الحقيقة ان هذا الفستان الأخضر الفاتح أجمل مما على الموقع عندما فتحت الطرد و رايته، خياطة العنتري أنيق و بديع نسيج التنورة خفيف و ناعم هو فستان يستحق شرائه  See the customer's choice >>
  • By Chanel
eDressit Embroidered A-Line Evening Gown (02143005)
  • I was very excited to receive this dress, I choose to custom make it,so I need to pay the listed price and the custom made fees. But it turned out that it was worth every $ I paid, the dress fits me perfectly, and every detail was well sewn, I like the sheer part on the bust especilly, very beautiful design and very comfortable material. Thank you very much for such a beautiful dress, I will definitely come back in the near future!  See the customer's choice >>
  • By kate
eDressit Dark Magenta Cap Sleeves Cocktails Dress Party Dress (04145912)
  • أختي لا تحب هذا الفستان، و لكن أحبه جدا، اللون جميل، و الدانتيل على الجزء العلوي بديع أيضا.سألبسه لحفلة التخرج عاما قادما، أظن هذا التسوق على النت نجاحا جدا، شكرا لكم :)  See the customer's choice >>
  • By Celia
eDressit Pink Elegant Sleeves Cocktail Dress Bridesmaid Dress (04146401)
  • حلووووووو جدا هذا الفستان الوردي! مثل الزهرة الصغيرة في الجنة، لآنني صغيرة الجسد,يناسب الفستان القصير الحلو مثله، المقاس صحيح و النسيج ناعم، باختصار أنا مسرورة بهذا التسوق  See the customer's choice >>
  • By Celestine
eDressit Sleeveless Lace Decoration Evening Prom Gown (00147014)
  • This lace gown is gorgeous,really! I was very skeptical about online shopping first, but this time I tried, and it is worth every penny I paid. The dress looks exactly the same as the picture. The lace is very delicate and beautiful,received it in a very short time, and I am very happy with my purchase on, their service is so good!  See the customer's choice >>
  • By june
eDressit Lovely Strapless Cocktail Dress Party Dress (04143905)
  • حجزت هذا نوع من الفستان لوصيفات الشرف لزفافي. لون الفستان مثلما على الموقع، و المقاسات يناسب كل وصيفاتي الشرف. لقد ندمت بلا حجز فستان الزفاف على موقعكم، السعر رخيص و جودة الفستان رائع ايضا!سأحجز الفستان الآخر مرة أخري  See the customer's choice >>
  • By Celeste
eDressit Black Sexy V-neck Mother of the Bride Dress (26147000)
  • This black evening dress is gorgeous. Top lace is very elaborate, delivery is fast, service is great,everything is excellent here, It is just what I imagined, like it so much and I will surely buy more from here, thank you for such a beautiful dress. Now I just can't wait to wear it to show off.  See the customer's choice >>
  • By joy
eDressit Beaded Sweetheart Neckline Evening Dress (C36144214)
  • Robe pailletée ajustée, légère et bien coupée pour la soirée. Satisfaite de mon achat!  See the customer's choice >>
  • By felicia
eDressit Blue Sheer Top Beadings Cocktail Dress Party Dress (04144405)
  • أحب هذا فستان الحفلة الأزرق جدا، رغم أن الشكل بسيط، بل الخرزات على الطول و الكتف و الخصر تزيد جمال و اناقة الفستان، يجعلك مختلفة عن الآخرين، استلمته بعد اربعة أيام الذي اسرع مما أعتقد.شكرا لكم  See the customer's choice >>
  • By Cecily
eDressit New Arrival Gorgeous Burgundy High Slit Evening Dress (00130717)
  • This one shoulder evening dress is amazing! I bought it for my sister's wedding in October. I was very surprised about the shipping speed, very quick, I got my dress in just 3 days, that's amazing, isn't it? And about the dress, it looks exactly like the picture, very beautiful, easy wear, I am very happy with my shopping on, I would like to recommend it to all my friends and family!  See the customer's choice >>
  • By ivy
eDressit Embroidery Lace Top Cocktail Dress (04142304)
  • Tombe parfaitement bien sur mes épaules carrées, la taille M est trop longue pour mon 1,60m, Sinon, tissu impeccable, fin, agréable, broderies supers jolies.  See the customer's choice >>
  • By Elodie
eDressit Golden Lace Top Sheath Knee-Length Formal Dress (04141514)
  • robe plus belle que sur la photo, les feuilles d'or sont très belles, mais le prix est un peu élevé, on peut commander en promo.  See the customer's choice >>
  • By Emanuelle
eDressit Black Straps Cocktail Dress Party Dress (04144200)
  • حلو جدا هذا فستان الكوكتيل الاسود، خاصة التنورة المنفوشة، أريد الفستان المنفوش الأنيق دائما، عندما رأيته، أحبه،تصميمه يختلف عن الفساتين الأخري، ليس بسيطا فقط،بل حلو و أنيق، انه تحفة  See the customer's choice >>
  • By Cecilia
eDressit Green Lace Top & Sleeves Formal Mother of the Bride Dress (26143504)
  • j'adore la robe, bien sûr plus belle que sur la photo. il y a deux tissus: Jacquard et dentelle, le corsage pailleté est chic et féminin, parfait pour des cérémonies, le tissu est léger et facile à porter. grand merci!  See the customer's choice >>
  • By Delphine
eDressit Black Tulle Top Half Sleeves Mother of the Bride Dress (26140705)
  • Correspond à mes attentes, j'adore le bleu noble, plus vif que sur la photo ,belle finition et travail. merci à vous  See the customer's choice >>
  • By Catherine
eDressit Printed Simple One-Shoulder Sexy Back Prom Dress (00143726)
  • wow,wow,this printed dress is gorgeous, the printed pattern is fascinating,material is comfortable and it looks more beautiful in person. Very glad to receive this dress just in time, I thought it would be a few days later to receive it, their delivery speed is amazing, which is far beyond my expectation! I am very satisfied with my shopping on edressit site, thank you!  See the customer's choice >>
  • By iris
eDressit Champagne Round Neck Applique Sheer Top Evening Dress (02144446)
  • Acheté en promo, bon marché! robe identique à la photo, j'ai passé la commande lundi, et reçu dans une semaine, un petit reproche : l'emmanchure un peu serré. recommande la robe quand même!  See the customer's choice >>
  • By Caroline
eDressit Light Pink Stunning Embroidered Lace Prom Evening Dress (00142201)
  • J'ai pris une taille au-dessus car c'était très ajusté, et la coupe est super jolie, parfait pour la soirée. Je ne sais pas pourquoi toutes les marques se mettent à tailler si petit. et je recommande la robe  See the customer's choice >>
  • By Candice
eDressit Pink Grecian Neckline Lace Evening Dress Prom Formal Gown (00147801)
  • Très jolie robe de soirée, bien coupée et au joli tombé.Le tissu est agréable, des broderies sont magnifique!Taille bien, je fais du 36 et je l'ai prise en 38. Parfaite pour les soirées et cérémonies.  See the customer's choice >>
  • By Annie
22735 reviews , Page 824 Of 1137
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