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eDressit Bluish Grey Sexy Deep V-neck Embroidered Lace Formal Gown (02146732)
  • Robe identique à la photo, un tombé au corps parfait et la finition impeccable. La robe de soirée dentelle est ultra sexy avec l'effet transparent en haut. La coupe très flatteuse à la petite poitrine, très contente de mon achat merci edressit.  See the customer's choice >>
  • By Atifa
eDressit New Stunning Strapless Sweetheart Neckline Purple Evening Dress Prom Gown (02133906)
  • عندما رايت هذا الموضل أحبه غامقة، اللون و الشكل رائعة جدا، يجعلكم أنيقة و جميلة. عندما تلقيت الفستان أشعر الفستان بيدي القماش ناعم خريف عالي الجودة، الترتر المزين عليه لامع بديع أيضا. هو فستان السهرة الحلو أحبه جدا  See the customer's choice >>
  • By Hattie
eDressit Stunning Halter Little Black Dress Day Dress (03140700)
  • هذا الفستان الاسود الصغير أنيق سكس جدا، أحب رباط العنق عليه و شكله ضيق مناسب، النسيج ناعم صقيل، الظهر المفتوح سكس جدا، ارتدي السترة معه عندما حضور الحفل. أشكركم لهذا الفستان الممتاز و الخدمة اللطيفة.  See the customer's choice >>
  • By Hayley
eDressit Straight Across Neckline Cocktail Dress Day Dress (03141707)
  • تصاميم لهذا الفستان الأبيض فريد حلو، تحفة يا الله. بسيط العنتري و فريد التنورة، نسيجه عالي الجودة أيضا. لو تريدين الفستان ليس مناسبا جدا و أرجينه مختلف عن الفساتين الأخري، هذا الفستان اختيار ممتاز. السعر معقول، الشحن ليس بطيئا  See the customer's choice >>
  • By Hazel
eDressit New High Quality Blue Short sleeves Mother of the Bride Dresses (26133605)
  • Прекрасное синее платье, пришло вовремя, село по фигуре, спасибо eDressit!  See the customer's choice >>
  • By Анастасия
eDressit New Gorgeous Printed Fabric Evening Dress (00134568)
  • Прекрасное платье с принтом, быстрая доставка, платье получите за 6 дней, спасибо))  See the customer's choice >>
  • By Лолита
eDressit New Sweety Strapless Printed Evening Dress Party Dress (00134768)
  • Платье очеееень красивое, как на картинки, размер один в один, спасибо, рекомендую!!!  See the customer's choice >>
  • By Полина
eDressit New Charming One Diagonal Shoulder Evening Dress (00136711)
  • Платье купила по своими мерками, красивое платье, отлично село по фигуре, получила платье за 8 дней, спасибо))  See the customer's choice >>
  • By Каринка
eDressit New V-cut Handmade Flowers Evening Dress (00136046)
  • Вчера получила это платье, очень красивое вечернее платье, сшито аккуратно, село отлично, я была очень довольна!  See the customer's choice >>
  • By Виктория
eDressit Fabulous One shoulder Cocktail Dress Party Dress (04123305)
  • I am very excited to receive my dress, it looks exactly the same as the picture, the shining sequined shouder and under skirt were very beautiful, even more than expected. I am so pleased with the dress I got. No more words, only compliments! edressit, you are really awsome!  See the customer's choice >>
  • By karen
eDressit Hot Pink One Shoulder Cocktail Dress Party Dress (04144512)
  • Love this dress. Amazing. Fits perfectly. It's not my first order from this site. And I will definitely order more. they act and deliver fast. and the materials are very great. If you like this dress, it will never let you down. Thank you edressit.  See the customer's choice >>
  • By Mollie
eDressit Coral Short Sleeves Evening Dress (02148257)
  • I got the dress today and I'm so happy!!! The dress is wonderful and exactly the colour I wanted!! After all this waiting it finally arrived and I am more than excited! Just 4 days to arrive at my door. the delivery went beyond my expentations! The colour is coral.  See the customer's choice >>
  • By Leah
eDressit New Sleeveless Sexy Cocktail Dress Party Dress (04133700)
  • The dress arrived at my door on time in very good condition, I chose the picture color and it turned out more beautiful than the picture, I was thrilled. This is really a very nice dress,everyone was impressed by my dress at the party! Thank you edressit!!:)  See the customer's choice >>
  • By amyyyy
eDressit Navy Blue Sweetheart Sequin Evening Dress Prom Gown (02147605)
  • Gorgeous dress, fits like a glove, very happy about it. Really impressed with colour and quality of fabric and stitching. Great value for my money. and the delivery time was as expected. Thank you edressit.  See the customer's choice >>
  • By Zara
Elegant Grey One Shoulder Evening Dress (C36142108)
  • The dress looks a little bit short on the model, but fits me very well,the front hem reaches the floor and cover my shoes, I think it will be awful with my shoes outside. Custom service is great, they were very helpful, thank you very much, edressit!  See the customer's choice >>
  • By mariie
eDressit Cowl Neckline Evening Dress (00148004)
  • Really happy with the dress I have received.It is really well made and very flattering. Great quality, I am really impressed with how well it has been made. So I won't hesitate in ordering my other dresses from edressit.  See the customer's choice >>
  • By Brooke
eDressit New Sexy Tulle Round Neck Cocktail Dress Party Dress (04133701)
  • الفستان الوردي القصير سكس جدا، أحبه للغاية، حزام الخصر الأنيق، التنورة المنفوخة الجميل، التصميم الرائع ، كل الأشياء رائعة ، شكرا  See the customer's choice >>
  • By jane
eDressit New Sexy V-neck Purple Mother of the Bride Dress (26132706)
  • الفستان الأرجواني الأنيق تحب أمي للغاية، هو أنيق ومريح حقا. وأجمل من الصورة ، الشحن سريع جدا لمدة 4 أيام لقطر فقط. شكرا  See the customer's choice >>
eDressit Sexy V-cut Sequin Lace Sleeves Evening Prom Ball Gown (02149100)
  • What a beautiful dress! I am over the moon with the shopping experience. Very speedy delivery and very great quality. The material is very nice, especially the sequin-sparked floral lace. Thank you edressit. This is my best online shopping. Will definitely order from you again and again.  See the customer's choice >>
  • By Amber
eDressit New Gorgeous One Shoulder with Silver Decoration Evening Dress (00132708)
  • روعة جدا، اشتري الفستان الرمادي البسيط الأنيق فقط 141 دولار. أنا سعيدة جدا، الفستان رائع جدا يوجد زينات الخرزات ، سعره رخيص، أصدقائي، لا تفوت الفرصة. حقا هو رخيص جدا.  See the customer's choice >>
  • By risala
23478 reviews , Page 847 Of 1174
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