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eDressit новое потрясающее вечернее  платье (00116617)
eDressit новое потрясающее вечернее  платье (00116617)
eDressit новое потрясающее вечернее  платье (00116617)
eDressit новое потрясающее вечернее  платье (00116617)
eDressit новое потрясающее вечернее  платье (00116617)

eDressit новое потрясающее вечернее платье (00116617)

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Срок пошива:
7-10 дней

Время доставки:
3-7 Дней

Это платье шьется на заказ. Независимо от того, шьется платье по Вашим меркам, или Вы заказываете стандартный размер, наши портные изготовят каждое платье на заказ.

Вопросы о eDressit новое потрясающее вечернее платье (00116617)Добро пожаловать Свяжитесь с нами!

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  • Информации Доставки
*Одна плечевая бретелька
*Бретелька с цветым
*Блестящие серебряные украшения с бисером на талии
*Молния на слевой стороне
*Двухцветный шелковый шифон( цвет NO.17 на диаграмме цвета )
*Длина платья с шлейфом (около 155cm от плеча до подола передного )

Мы доставляем товары в более 200 стран по всему миру, мы отправим платья за 24 часа, которые в наличии и стандартного размера.

У нас есть два варианта доставки:

*Ускоренная Доставка: 5-10 рабочих дней после отправления посылки, 28EUR для первого платья, потом для каждого доплнительного добавить 15EUR. Но для этого Вам нужно написать информации доставки на АНГЛИЙСКОМ ЯЗЫКЕ, иначе отправим товары через стандартную доставку.
*Стандартная Доставка: 10-15 рабочих дней после отправления посылки, 20EUR для первого платья, потом для каждого доплнительного добавить 15EUR.

Если вы заказываете платье в другом цвете или на заказ, необходимо нужно 10-20 дней для изготовления.

Кликнуть, чтобы узнать больше информации о Доставка .

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just amazing

26.11.2015 15:14:53

By lamees

nice color fit perfectly

loyal customer

13.11.2014 8:30:21

By afaf

I love the dress! Great quality, arrived earlier than I expected..e dressit is my favourite site for me i have bought many dresses even my wedding dress.thanks alot and good luck.

loyal customer

13.11.2014 8:29:01

By afaf

I love the dress! Great quality, arrived earlier than I expected..e dressit is my favourite site for me i have bought many dresses even my wedding dress.thanks alot and good luck.


01.06.2014 21:48:22

By nesreen

wooow it is so sexy

Superbe !!

24.05.2014 15:23:29

By Sonia

Colis reçu en 4 jours , je suis ravie !!!
Robe identique à la photo, parfaite !
N'ai pas eu le temps de prendre une photo mais des que possible j'en mettrai !!
Merci beaucoup de votre professionnalisme !
Vous pouvez commander les yeux fermés !!

Gorgeous and light

07.05.2014 15:54:04

By Releana

No words can give this dress justice, I hesitated that dresses on sale would be less quality but I was wrong, full price or promotion, I loved the dress!
Thank you so much and I shall be happy to always shop with you!

Sehr schön

27.04.2014 22:15:48

  • By Vera

    Das Bild sagtvalles. Ich bin sehr zufrieden.

The best

26.04.2014 14:32:42

By kondrashova1988

Stunning dress. The color of the dress is much more interesting than the picture. Delivery to Russia amounted to only 5 days, it was a pleasant surprise. Thank you for this charm!


30.03.2014 7:30:49

  • By Imen

    It was a little bit tight for me around the waist but very beautiful anyway,I'm globally satisfied with my order I have to admit that they have a very good customer service

Love it!

27.03.2014 13:59:32

  • By klanningar

    What a magnificent dress, I love it!

perfect colour

13.01.2014 17:12:57

By Rim

nice dress


19.12.2013 18:59:01

By nassyin

Beautiful dress, always happy with order. Will buy again
best online shopping experience EVER


19.12.2013 18:58:13

By nassyin

Beautiful dress, always happy with order. Will buy again

belle robe mais les tailles non disponible

29.11.2013 18:51:43

By marwa

j'ai aimée cette robe c'est une une très belle robe de soirée, très bonne qualité la couleur est encore plus belle en vraie mais dommage les tailles non disponible tjr que 36 ou bien 38

A beautifull dress

26.11.2013 18:20:30

By hege@pytte.net

Gorgeous dress for my daughter :-). She loved it.


10.10.2013 23:46:15

By mohamed shukri

its nice dress


10.10.2013 23:45:35

By mohamed shukri

its nice dress

Wonderful Wedding Gown

20.09.2013 2:53:44

  • By Roselyn Keir

    I had originally ordered my wedding gown through another company, having given them my exact measurements and color specifications, but the gown I received not only didn't fit, but it wasn't anywhere near the right color. In a panic to save my wedding day, I contacted this company and begged for them to help just days before my wedding. They sent me this beautiful gown in burgundy and the moment I saw it I was in tears! It was the most amazing gown I've ever seen and they saved my wedding.

Nice dress

13.07.2013 13:45:03

  • By Jen

    I like the dress, it looks really nice. I give it "only" 4 stars, because the dress is more made for shorter girls. I am 1.72 cm and the strap was a bit too short, therefore was all a bit up and the dress was not 100% fitting.
    The trance looks great, but it is hard to dance with it bc people are stepping on it.

the best dress

08.07.2013 14:47:24

By maxmodel

this is a best dress thank you .

Love it!

05.07.2013 3:22:56

By Ayumi

I love the fabric and cut of this dress.Look wonderful!


17.06.2013 14:20:42


perfect dress :)

evening dresse

16.06.2013 23:21:30

By Idrisamy

five stars, very good dresse, fast delivery,I will recomender, thanks.

I like it!

09.06.2013 18:01:03

  • By Ayumi

    A gorgeous dress that looks exactly like the photo.


05.06.2013 21:36:19

By mounia

magnifique robe comme sur la photo!! livraison rapide merci


14.05.2013 18:02:37

  • By Lema

    Fab dress!

favourite dress

02.05.2013 8:30:01

By meryam

That is my favourite dress by all means

Beautiful dress

22.04.2013 21:00:23

By fatima

I've ordered this dress, how to say it? just amazing she is so beautiful!! and that's a real quality
For a next occasion, I'll certainly book an other one
enjoy girls


13.03.2013 6:08:40

By NaNo0oSha

This dress is gorgeous! Its cloth is high quality and it arrived a few days after the order.


19.01.2013 20:17:41

By Hayet

I received this dress yesterday and it is exactly the same as the picture, very beautiful and the quality is perfect!! I've just waited 5 days so shipping is very fast, I will surely buy other dresses in this site !!!


25.10.2012 12:37:22

By tassi

i recived this dress a few days ago,it is absolutely stunning u wont regret buyng it..its exactly how they show in the picture..i would deffinately be buyin from edressit agen,n d delivery was also reali fast..thank you...

Great dress

09.10.2012 22:43:57

By yasmine2005

very fast delivery, I will definitely be ordering more dresses from this website. I am really pleased with the dress, thank you..

thank u ..

07.10.2012 21:46:32

By grantnipperkin

i received the dress today it's really beautiful exactly as it looks in the picture, the size was perfect.

my favorite

14.09.2012 4:32:37

By Sumaia Almansouri

Super chic and perfect for special occasions, and the material is stunning, this dress is my favorite of all time

magnifique la robe

01.07.2012 21:27:20

By halima

J'ai également commander cette robe et elle est juste magnifique identique a la photo. La livraison est très rapide j'ai reçus ma robe au bout de 3 jour. si c'été à refaire je le referai sens hésité.

Very elegent

04.06.2012 12:38:33

By F213

This is the 4th dress I order from edressit, this dress is very pretty and well tailored, arrived in 5 days since ordering. edressit is a very professional company.


13.03.2012 9:00:18

By ahlem

j'ai acheté cette robe l'année passée elle juste magnifique et identique a la photo...merci

The best dress ever

02.11.2011 10:53:46

By meryam

THis dress is the best dress ever by all means ...edressit are the best by all means :)


22.09.2011 13:58:58

By abdes12

Très belle robe identique à la photo,c'est la deuxième que j'achète et je suis pas déçue.
De plus l'envoie est rapide et soigné.


12.09.2011 18:24:42

By nidhal

très belle robe.envois très rapide
virement je suis satisfaite. merci.

Amazing dress

09.08.2011 20:44:08

By Yasmeen

I received this dress this morning and its beautifully made! I am so happy with it, it looks exactly as it is in the picture and the material is soft and attention to detail has been made. I would definatly order from edress it in the future again.


17.07.2011 14:49:29

By yueksel

Das kleid ist sehr schoen, ein hingucker auf jeder hochzeit. Vielen dank wieder mal fuer ein schoenes, tolles kleid.

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Клиент вопросы и ответы
By dasa pölzl,03.09.2012 13:56:17
Reply by eDressit 04.09.2012 5:44:41
Hallo liebe Kundin,

Danke für Ihr Email.

Wir haben Ihr Kleid schon losgeschickt, hier ist die Sendungsnummer, 960739071300, Sie können das Packet hier verfolgen, www.dhl.de

noch Fragehaben, bitte mailen uns.

By majed,03.06.2012 13:26:31
Reply by eDressit 06.06.2012 13:23:50

Thanks for your message
Sorry , it couldn't be changed colour, if you want to change colour , we need to charge you the original price, it means 183.06USD +42.25USD colour change fee + 40.84USD shipping fee = 266.15 usd

Is it ok ?

waiting for your reply
eDressit Wendy
By majed,01.06.2012 14:03:24
Reply by eDressit 02.06.2012 3:28:14

Thanks for your message
It is a on sale dress, so it couldn''t be changed colour, if you want to change colour, we need to charge you the orginal price , is it ok ?

waiting for your reply
eDressit Wendy
By Bhav,10.04.2012 9:09:49
Reply by eDressit 10.04.2012 15:58:14
Hallo liebe Kundin,

yu diesem Kleid haben wir keine Schnee weiss aus gleicher Stoff, aber Sie können andere Stoff ersetzen, http://www.edressit.com/evening-dress-fabrics-fabric-collections_c90, hier können Sie unsere Stoffkollektion, bitte schauen Sie mal.


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