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eDressit  новое великолепное вечернее платье  без бретелек (00134706)
eDressit  новое великолепное вечернее платье  без бретелек (00134706)
eDressit  новое великолепное вечернее платье  без бретелек (00134706)
eDressit  новое великолепное вечернее платье  без бретелек (00134706)
eDressit  новое великолепное вечернее платье  без бретелек (00134706)
eDressit  новое великолепное вечернее платье  без бретелек (00134706)
eDressit  новое великолепное вечернее платье  без бретелек (00134706)
eDressit  новое великолепное вечернее платье  без бретелек (00134706)
eDressit  новое великолепное вечернее платье  без бретелек (00134706)

eDressit новое великолепное вечернее платье без бретелек (00134706)

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    eDressit  новое великолепное вечернее платье  без бретелек (00134706)
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This dress is to short

23.05.2016 15:09:05

  • By mar_ana_

    This is a beautyful Dress but like other Dresses from edressit its to short.
    we are 6 bridemaides an for everyone its to short. so thats not just a Problem for me.
    Why can't you just make them longer? And it would be perfect!

Magnifico vestido

05.04.2016 15:21:26

By Sandritacasanova

Un vestido precioso a un precio increible.
El envio me llego rapidísimo, he tenido un problema con la talla, pero el servicio al cliente esta siendo super resolutivo y me estan poniendo todo tipo de facilidades para que pronto tenga mi nuevo vestido en casa.

amazing dress

22.02.2016 11:35:12

  • By Lucine

    looks just like the photo!!!

rien à redire

17.06.2015 11:53:04

By Daisy

ET voilà je reviens vers edressit pour ma 2ème robe de soirée et suis toujous satisfaite!!!C'est tout à fait ce que j'attendais et complètement conforme à la photo, un gros merci à vous tous!

gorgeous dress

19.05.2015 23:16:46

By diane

actually only just wore this dress on january 7th 2015 for my 50th birthday party. main reason for leaving it so long was that i needed to get it altered, my fault, should have learnt by now !! as i'm a size 8 waist and below but a size 12 top !!but wow, when i did wear it, i got so many fantastic comments and everyone said i looked fantastic !! so thank you very much for such a lovely dress !!!

very nice

22.04.2015 22:59:45

  • By jessie

    very nice dress and fabric


09.04.2015 14:08:31

By dragosiku

i recomend it


09.04.2015 14:08:20

By dragosiku

cute dress and good material

love it

05.04.2015 14:50:01

By kadern82

Suuuper pretty set and colors💟

molto bello

16.03.2015 17:01:30

By antonietta

tutto perfetto contatto veloce


22.02.2015 13:44:27

By draganaristovska

I ordered this dress through amazon.com. It is exactly like the picture, only the color is much lighter, but it's still beautiful. It was my first experience with edressit and I was very satisfied. So, for every important occasion this is my first station to look for dresses. Dresses are high quality and I recommend them to all.

love my dress so much!

19.11.2014 6:32:23

By Serena

This is my first purchase on this site,the dress I received is very beautiful ,very close to the pic, nice fabric, well sewing,very happy to find such a great site, I will be back, thanks very much.

Lovely dress

12.11.2014 18:58:23

By efrin

I bought this dress for go to my friend wedding, the dress fit me well and comfortable , also the dress is light.
I can't wait to wearing this dress, Thanks a lot edressit.

nice dress

07.10.2014 4:06:02

By Aria

Just received and tried on - absolutely beautiful!! Fit is perfect - I ordered from the size chart but very true to you measurements for that size. You are definitely the first site I will view the next time I need any kind of dresses!!


07.10.2014 0:11:56

  • By Nicole

    Finalmente chegou meu tão desejado vestido!E ele é lindo, perfeito, como eu esperava, simplesmente amei <3 (desculpe, a resolução da câmera é bem ruim)


23.09.2014 13:51:30

By dragosiku


Идеальное вечернее платье

23.09.2014 5:35:54

By Инесса

СПАСИБО, платье очень понравилось!!!


18.09.2014 12:38:24

By Gabrielle

Robe reçue hier et elle est la plus belle,et la moins chère robe de soirée que j'avais vu.
J'aime vraiment cette rebe longue fendue, coupe près du corps ultra-féminine, couleur splendide, tout comme sur la photo, et la qualité impressionnante.
Je recommande ce site.

great dress

16.09.2014 11:54:51

  • By elisabeth

    Exactly like in picture, well made, recommend. Will be great if administration will add a stock system link to the site, to not ask every time if the dress is in stock or not.


09.09.2014 18:45:34



أحب هذا الفستان الموف

04.09.2014 7:27:34

By Damaris

أحب الموف،لذلك أبحث كل الفساتين باللون الموف على هذا الموقع و أجد هذا فستان السهرة، هو أنيق و حلو اشتريته في الترقيات أحفظ كثيرا


06.08.2014 23:13:12

By dragosiku



06.08.2014 23:13:02

By dragosiku



27.07.2014 14:09:43

By dandeliondust

the best color and dress


24.06.2014 15:54:43

  • By julchen

    Ein sehr schönes Kleid :)


20.06.2014 9:09:26

By dragosiku



20.06.2014 9:07:49

By dragosiku



13.06.2014 3:43:53

By berni

J'ai reçu ma robe dans les délais promis avec le bout de tissu que je vous avais commandé en supplément pour faire un jupon tout était super, la robe très très belle comme sur l'image. La robe à eu un très beau succès.. merci à vous pour votre professionnalisme et votre gentillesse au teléphone. Je recommanderai c'est sur.


21.05.2014 17:53:18

By dragosiku


loved the dress especially its color

04.12.2013 20:01:14

By randah

The Perfect dress for a bride's maid. .

loved the dress especially its color

04.12.2013 19:51:20

By randah

The color is amazing.. I m really happy with my purchase. .

beautiful but not the colour I expected

07.11.2013 18:56:25

By Tulip19

This is one the most beautiful dresses I've ever seen and I was very impressed with the quality. However, the colour was much more fuschia than purple, and in certain light even looked red! As a result it didn't suit the purpose and I sadly had to send it back. Would recommend if you're looking for a fuschia dress.

Amazing dress

23.08.2013 7:48:28

By tatyanne05

I bought this dress for my sister, she was thrilled about it. She absolutely loves it. Thanks edressit for your amazing job, keep up the good work.

Gorgeous bustier

13.08.2013 18:27:30

By Urseli

Très belle robe finition impeccable


08.07.2013 13:57:54

By Alsma431


beautiful dress but colour not exactly the same

13.06.2013 15:53:02

By tulip

I ordered this and I must say the quality is amazing - absolutely stunning dress!
However, the colour was - in my opinion - not as in the image, it's lighter, much more fuschia, so (with much regret!) I decided to exchange for another model. If you prefer a more fuschia tint, however, I totally recommend this dress!


27.05.2013 12:15:55

  • By tarevljanka

    wunderschönes kleid, war echte blickfang :)

Einfach wunderschön!!!

23.05.2013 20:00:47

  • By Dorothee Lambracht

    Das Kleid ist wunderschön. Danke edressit, ich bin mit der Bestellung sehr zufrieden.

Love it

26.04.2013 13:45:57

By Dexter

I love this dress !

good dress

06.03.2013 8:16:36

By baska8888

very nice dress


07.02.2013 0:44:47

By Sa'ada



18.01.2013 14:39:36

By Sa'ada


nice dress

16.01.2013 23:03:05

By baska8888

thank you for express delivery and more beautiful dresses. I am very happy with them and certainly I order YAHOO!


07.11.2012 5:07:18

By Elodie

très belle robe

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