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eDressit  новое потрясающее зеленое вечернее платье без бретелек (00134604)
eDressit  новое потрясающее зеленое вечернее платье без бретелек (00134604)
eDressit  новое потрясающее зеленое вечернее платье без бретелек (00134604)
eDressit  новое потрясающее зеленое вечернее платье без бретелек (00134604)
eDressit  новое потрясающее зеленое вечернее платье без бретелек (00134604)
eDressit  новое потрясающее зеленое вечернее платье без бретелек (00134604)
eDressit  новое потрясающее зеленое вечернее платье без бретелек (00134604)
eDressit  новое потрясающее зеленое вечернее платье без бретелек (00134604)

eDressit новое потрясающее зеленое вечернее платье без бретелек (00134604)

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Срок пошива:
7-10 дней

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3-7 Дней

Это платье шьется на заказ. Независимо от того, шьется платье по Вашим меркам, или Вы заказываете стандартный размер, наши портные изготовят каждое платье на заказ.

Вопросы о eDressit новое потрясающее зеленое вечернее платье без бретелек (00134604)Добро пожаловать Свяжитесь с нами!

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* Без бретелек
* Полностью плиссированный лиф
* Высокий разрез
* Молния на спине
* Построен с бюстгальтером
* Блестящий гофрированный шелковый шифон
* Длина платья (около 155см от плеча до подола передного)

Мы доставляем товары в более 200 стран по всему миру, мы отправим платья за 24 часа, которые в наличии и стандартного размера.

У нас есть два варианта доставки:

*Ускоренная Доставка: 5-10 рабочих дней после отправления посылки, 28EUR для первого платья, потом для каждого доплнительного добавить 15EUR. Но для этого Вам нужно написать информации доставки на АНГЛИЙСКОМ ЯЗЫКЕ, иначе отправим товары через стандартную доставку.
*Стандартная Доставка: 10-15 рабочих дней после отправления посылки, 20EUR для первого платья, потом для каждого доплнительного добавить 15EUR.

Если вы заказываете платье в другом цвете или на заказ, необходимо нужно 10-20 дней для изготовления.

Кликнуть, чтобы узнать больше информации о Доставка .

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12.03.2017 20:42:20

  • By akashadya

    I took this one for my 25 yerars old. I had lots of compliments about it. Some friends asked if she could borrow it. definetely my favorite..

Klassisch und sexy

17.04.2016 22:59:59


Die gruene Farbe ist die Wucht! Super Schnitt, hochwertige Verarbeitung und klasse Stoff. Das Kleid kam innerhalb von 3 Tagen - so schnell! Auch der Kundenservice war sehr freundlich und unkompliziert. Absolut empfehlenswert!!

Gorgeous, sexy, & flattering dress!!!

20.03.2016 1:38:06

  • By Nichxox

    Wore this dress at my military ball and I absolutely loved it!!! At first I thought the train ran a little bit too long(I'm only 5'3) and that it wouldn't fit at all(ordered size 10 and Im abround 150-155, athletic built) but it did!!! this is the third dress that I'm buying from edress it and they never fail to disappoint!



09.02.2016 9:42:01

By melanie

Aufregendes Kleid, schön verarbeitet.


07.12.2015 23:14:45

  • By Lelya


Love this dress!

28.11.2015 18:02:54

  • By SaraChmoun

    Again a beautiful dress, thank you!

The dress was incredible

02.09.2015 10:47:10

By Aimee

The fit was perfect! True to size. I'm short, so it was a bit of long, but it was still manageable. It felt wonderful, no poking boning or anything, and it was so fun to wear. And the color is so gorgeous!


21.07.2015 10:32:05


J'ai eu ce modèle en vert tres bien adaptée. Alors j'ai voulu en commande une autre (en rouge cette fois ci) pour ma soeur. Elle est arrivée à la date prévue et toujours aussi sublime, merci !!!


25.06.2015 12:58:56

By Efica

The dress is beautiful, material is high quality. I m a size 6 and it fits perfect. I m very very happy. Its my fourth time bying from Edressit.Thank you very much

so nice

18.05.2015 10:38:59

By Lucy

Very beautiful dress and very well made. I love this dress very much. It fits me perfectly and looks great on me. Thank you.

Very gorgeous gown

09.05.2015 9:55:29

By Lily

I love this beautiful dress. It came on my door very quickly. It is made from high quality materials and fits me perfectly. Very well made dress, great value for the money paid. Can't wait to wear it. Thanks!

Stunning Dress

01.05.2015 11:06:39

By annigh

This dress is so lovely and a good fit. Very well made.

beautifully made

29.04.2015 11:18:14

By Ellie

This dress is absolutely stunning !! It is exactly like the photo. The color looks beautiful on me. I tried it on and it fits me perfectly. Very well made gown.

Stunning gown

21.04.2015 3:22:49

By Abigail

The dress I ordered is gorgeous. It arrived a lot quicker than I expected and the quality was fantastic. I am very pleased with the quality of the dress, definitely great value for the money. Thank you so much eDressit. Will order more dresses from here again.

Very beautiful

14.04.2015 19:22:28

By Cristina



14.04.2015 3:55:57

By Liliana

This dress was amazing. The dress was exactly what I expected looking at the pictures. It fitted perfectly and is a great formal dress. The color is what I like. This is a very great buy from eDressit. Many thanks!


22.03.2015 11:49:55

By ghazal al koul

so so so good

Alles TOP

19.02.2015 17:17:15

By Antigona

Alles TOP - genau wie auf dem Bild! Super Service, schnelle Lieferung!

I love my dress!

13.02.2015 2:43:55

By Nicole

I was stunned about their fast shipping service,I got my lovely dress very quickly, much earlier than expected, and the dress was exactly what I imagined, so happy with my purchase on edressit site, thank you so much for your nice dress and service!!


12.01.2015 4:16:52

By Lydia

I received my dress very quickly, the shipping was amazing, it just took three days, the dress was really really great, made with nice fabric, I looked elegant in this dress, great job, many thanks to edressit team!


09.01.2015 3:13:38

By Meredith

OMG, I am so excited to receive my dress, it is absolutely gorgeous, the fabric is very nice and looks a bit shinning, delivery was amazingly fast, got my dress on time and it just took five days to arrive at ny door, great job, strongly recommend this dress to anyone!


18.12.2014 6:22:38

By Lisa

OMG, the dress I received was really really stunning, it is exactly the same as the pic on the site,fabric is so nice, this is a really great site for buying my formal wears, I can always find what I expect, quality is so nice, very great value for money.

gorgeous gown!

08.12.2014 8:00:30

By Phoebe

Very stunning gown,it looks exactly the same as the pic,fabric is so nice,I look like a queen in this dress, so satisfied with my order from edressit, I will definitely order more from this site,thank you so much! You guys impressed me a lot!

amazing indeed!

18.11.2014 8:45:24

By Jessica

I got my dress today, it is exactly as described,very stunning design with high quality fabric, I was so happy with my dress from this site, I will definitely order from this site again.
Thank you, edressit.


03.11.2014 7:30:46

By Janet

I know why you got so many positive feedback when I received my dress and opened the parcel, it was BRILLIANT!I ordered the pic color,it was the same as the pic,the fabric is of great quality,smooth touch, great value for money, your dress did impress me, I would like to recommend this dress to all of you!!


27.10.2014 4:11:03

By Irene

This dress is so eye-catching that I wanna buy it the first time I saw it, but I guessed it, it was really very beautiful,it looks exactly the same as the picture, no wonder this dress is so popular, I think I really got what I paid for, thank you so much, I am very impressed!!!

Love love the dress

07.10.2014 4:25:47

By Arianna

Absolutely pleased with the dress. I ordered in Green and it looks so nice. Perfect dress for my coming event. I can't wait to wear it, highly recommend this dress to all of you.


23.09.2014 5:23:41

By Клавдия

Красивое вечернее платье, пришло вовремя, сшито аккуратно, спасибо!


09.09.2014 20:49:22

By susu

hi, tnx alot for this beautiful dress u just made my day perfect


09.09.2014 20:48:57

By susu

hi, tnx alot for this beautiful dress u just made my day perfect


04.09.2014 7:25:01

By Dahlia

لا اثق بعين هذا الفستان مذهل و رائع جدا، الجودة جيدة خاصة الشق على التنورة يجعلني سكس و أنيق، أحبه حبا جما ساشتري هذا الفستان بللون الآخر و مع السترة.


06.08.2014 23:13:19

By dragosiku



05.08.2014 4:37:17

By ahmad

Thanks for this wonderful site with easy browsing And goods and access to appropriate sizes Luxury fabrics at affordable prices And attention to the client and application packaging and shipping accuracy Thank you all.


05.08.2014 4:34:56

By ahmad

Thanks for this wonderful site with easy browsing And goods and access to appropriate sizes Luxury fabrics at affordable prices And attention to the client and application packaging and shipping accuracy Thank you all.


09.07.2014 13:37:35

  • By julia paiva heymann

    lindo, veste super bem.


07.07.2014 20:31:12

By khoukha

tres bon article, j ai pas regretté mon achat :)


04.07.2014 22:55:11

  • By Lelya



01.07.2014 12:52:31

By naniya

I loved the dress


30.05.2014 13:18:02

By Joana Caroço

Beautiful dress...great fabric!! Ordered it on a Sunday, arrived the next wednesday! Super fast delivery, size is brilliant. We are very happy with the dress. Will post pictures later!

wonderful set!!

26.05.2014 7:30:58

By kadern82

Ilove it..

Robe parfaite

25.05.2014 20:56:26

By Beetwix@hotmail.com

J'ai reçu ma robe très rapidement. Habituellement je prends du 42 dans le commerce, mais comme indiqué sur le site il vaut mieux se baser sur les mesures pour sélectionner la bonne taille. J'ai une forte poitrine (95 D) et je craignais que le 48 me serre trop la poitrine, mais c'est parfait !!

thanks for you , i was recive my order very fast

23.05.2014 5:30:17

By mohamed abdalla

thanks for you , i was recive my order very fast


14.05.2014 13:10:47

By habeeb



07.05.2014 9:59:25

By Taty

Très satisfaite du produit livraison rapide robe conforme a la photo merci edressit grâce a vous je serai la plus belle

Sehr schön...i love it

06.05.2014 13:02:26

By Hayfa

War zuerst skeptisch aus China zu bestellen. Hab meine Größe genommen und bestellt. Und heute...die Lieferung hat nur 6 Tage gedauert...wurde ich überrascht. auf dem Foto wird nichts zuviel versprochen. Das Design ist Klasse...die Qualität ist gut. Ich freu mich schon das Kleid am Tag des Anlasses anzuziehen. Danke euch vielmals :)

P.s.: Meiner Familie habe ich es weiterempfohlen und sind nach Düsseldorf in den Shop gefahren. Sie waren ebenfalls begeistert.


03.05.2014 11:12:45


Commande ultra rapide pas du tt déçue


11.04.2014 14:06:44

  • By amine



11.04.2014 14:06:06

  • By amine



11.04.2014 14:05:18

  • By amine



30.03.2014 7:36:07

  • By Imen

    Very beautiful dress,it fits very well and looks very charming. highly recommand!


25.03.2014 19:15:47

  • By Lelya


thanks for you , i was recive my order very fast

23.03.2014 18:08:06

By aymanhowuidi

thanks for you , i was recive my order very fast


13.03.2014 12:52:02

By amouna

tres belle robe merci a vous :) merci au cervice client


13.03.2014 5:21:55

By taif



12.03.2014 11:13:11

By pinar

Das Kleid ist wunderschön !!

i love my dress

09.03.2014 0:45:18

  • By niki

    i buy this dress for my engagement
    it was very nice
    everyone has liked it
    and all have asked me where I bought it
    thanke you


02.02.2014 22:52:30

By mezarcilar66

Sitzt Perfect
Sehr schön


30.01.2014 17:22:20

By khoukha

C ma premiere commande et je regrette vraiment pas..
Vous voyez que je suis devenue une cliente fidèle :)


08.01.2014 19:56:36

By ahmad

I received Good quality dresses for the price I paid. Very happy.

excellent dress

04.12.2013 17:08:59

By afnoon

I have bought this dress and it was all I expected. Exactly like the photo and the size fits great.

Thank you edress it.

amazing gown

01.12.2013 4:21:51

By lotus_miles83

I love this dress. It is amazing and looks better in real life, if you can believe it.


25.11.2013 17:25:19

  • By Lelya



23.11.2013 13:18:41

By ahmad

I received the dress yesterday and I'm in love... It's sooo beautiful and fits me like a glove..

beautiful dress

23.11.2013 13:14:00

By ahmad

The dress arrived today! :) Very happy. I love it and can't wait to wear it.

beautiful dress

23.11.2013 13:08:48

By ahmad

Very beautiful dress - so pleased with it. And excellent customer service as well!

Pretty dress

19.11.2013 19:53:49

By neema

The dress is beautiful. The colour shines nicely in the dark. Thank you edressit


10.10.2013 23:29:00

By ahmad

The dress has arrived without any problems. Really surprised how well the dress fitted, as if the dress was made to measure. I bought this dress for my daughters grade 6 graduation as she cannot get a dress off the shelf. It will be perfect.

The Colour is perfect

30.09.2013 16:53:33

By Sarah

this is my favourite colour. as soon as i put it on, i was glowing. loved it very much.

Robe de soirée

19.09.2013 3:24:17

By IncirecelimSin

Superbe robe parfaite pour un mariage!!
Plus belle en réalité qu'en photo


12.09.2013 13:59:48

By rihhanna

I bought this dress for my engagement party
it's very pretty and all have liked my dress
it fit me very well
I thank you edressit
I want to buy my wedding dress from here but the bridal gowns are very little
I wait impatiently for new wedding dresses on their website


28.07.2013 17:13:45

By nesreen

Elegant dress

It's very good

25.07.2013 22:38:53

By Osama.s.m

hello dear
I received my order, it is very good like what i want and i like it. I'll buy more thing form you in the future. thank you for help my.
thank you.

lovely dress

15.07.2013 22:14:00

By walawad

thank you , the dress is nice and fit .


14.07.2013 8:02:08

By leninha18

great gown


11.07.2013 18:28:14

By catherine

Merci pour la robe magnifique couleur


11.07.2013 11:51:09

By elisabeth

Elegant dress


02.07.2013 10:15:32

  • By Loli Brull

    El vestido es precioso, mucho mas bonito k en la foto


11.06.2013 2:45:19

By busraihtiyar

the dres is just the same as on the picture also a good quality! fast deliver and good contact with clients

beautiful dress

08.06.2013 23:41:04

  • By nadelu

    well sewn, inedited model, fast delivery 5 days, thank you for support


07.06.2013 4:21:02

By Msmart

Wowwwwww,Thank you for such a wonderful outfit. Material is great and flows well. it fits perfectly and its even more beautiful than on the website picture. I stood out at the ceremony i attended. i have recommended your website to several friends. Once more thanks for such good quality production. Well done


25.05.2013 20:11:27

By Alsma431



16.05.2013 14:55:04

  • By nadelu

    recommend this dress , I attached a picture from another dress


13.05.2013 21:59:06

  • By selimaj

    Hab das kleid am montag bestellt und am mittwoch bekommen, das kleid ist der hammer, es ist genauso wie aufm bild und es ist super verarbeitet und sehr gute qualität... Ich liebe das kleid und ich werde mit sicherheit hier wieder bestellen.


03.05.2013 20:00:21

By linda



26.04.2013 19:12:13

By Ana Slomo

Dieses Kleid sieht und passt in natura genausooooooo.... Bin sehr happy... Lieferung dauerte ca.2 Wochen!


15.04.2013 20:24:52

By Afrah

This dress is beautiful it's just like the picture


12.04.2013 23:52:26

By cline23

Commandée le 5 avril, livrée le 11.
Robe magnifique, couleur conforme à la photo et finitions fermeture impec.
Merci edressit !


08.04.2013 15:52:21

By lucia123

perfect thankyou fast delivery


28.03.2013 15:32:37

By agsdc

It´s real nice !!


26.03.2013 13:26:06

By berfu.bagdu

same with photo very nice dress.

Une merveille !

07.03.2013 20:08:28

  • By Melinda.Ozguner

    Une robe tout simplement sublime ! Je l'ai portée à un mariage et je n'ai eu que des retours positifs. Un grand merci à toute l'équipe de Edressit qui fournit un travail fabuleux!


07.03.2013 12:41:05

  • By Afrah

    It's really a wonderful dress

traum kleid

26.02.2013 23:27:39

By vlora

es ist eine traum abendkleid


23.02.2013 11:47:39

By grantnipperkin

beautiful,very elegant and high quality dress

Parfaite et sublime

18.02.2013 21:09:57

  • By Dawn77

    Commande le 14, recue ce jour.
    Taille parfaite (j ai pris un FR40 selon le tableau alors que habituellement je fais un 38)
    Finitions tres soignees, couleur identique a la photo et matière conforme.
    En un mot : SUBLIME

Robe verte

16.02.2013 20:41:47

By leta

Robe parfaite exactement la meme que sur la foto

Stunning indeed!

22.01.2013 15:29:51

By ehelgerid

Absolutely stunning dress, beautifully decorated!
Size 6 fits perfectly!


15.01.2013 15:55:19

By Lolipops

Je viens de recevoir ma robe je suis ravie
Elle est sublime la taille est parfaite
Merci edressit

Ein Traum

24.12.2012 16:32:09

By Xth

Ein Traum von Kleid!


20.12.2012 21:21:34

By Sa'ada

100% recommended

Dress Review

20.11.2012 4:06:03

  • By Fshar07

    This dress is AMAZING!
    It fits me perfectly and the detail on the it is exactly as the image shows. You get exactly what you pay for. The quality is high and the material is fantastic! I am very happy with it! The dress is a little long, however that can be easily fixed.

    Thank you!

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Клиент вопросы и ответы
By Dina,31.05.2013 21:14:36
Reply by eDressit 01.06.2013 3:13:35
Hallo liebe Kundin,

wir werden die Bearbeitung beginnen, wenn wir Ihre Zahlung bekommen und dann dauert es 10-15 Werktage, und die Lieferung dauert noch 5-15 Werktage nach Österreich. Wenn Sie dies Kleid ganz eilig brauchen, wir können die Bearbeitung beeilen, aber vielleicht brauchen Sie eingie zusätzliche Gebühre bezahlen.

Wie finden Sie?

schönen Tag!

By elanur,13.04.2013 11:58:15
Reply by eDressit 13.04.2013 14:46:02
Hallo Liebe Kundin,

Dank für Ihr Email!

Könnten Sie mir zuerst sagen, welche Größe möchten Sie bestellen?
Bitte schauen Sie mal an unseren Größetabelle um eine passende Größe zu wählen.:-)

Warten auf Ihr Email.

By eleashana,19.01.2013 17:52:28
Reply by eDressit 21.01.2013 4:46:35

Merci de votre message.

Nous sommes très heureux que cette robe vous intéresse. Il n'y a pas de taille standard internationale. Chaque magasin ou marque a des normes différentes pour la taille. Donc, ne comptez pas seulement sur la taille habituelle, merci de choisir la taille d'après les mensurations de eDressit!

Si vous avez des questions, n'hésitez pas à nous contacter par orders@edressit.com

eDressit Huline
By Niña,02.01.2013 15:48:08
Reply by eDressit 03.01.2013 2:40:29
Hola querida cliente,

Ledeseamos un feliz y próspero año, podemos añadir las tirantas como vestido 00131002. Le he comentado sobre el precio ,podria refer a la carta.

Otra pregunta , no dude en escribirnos
Un saludo~
eDressit sofia

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