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eDressit 2014 Новое Чёрное Половина Рукавов Кружевное Вечернее Платье(02140700)
eDressit 2014 Новое Чёрное Половина Рукавов Кружевное Вечернее Платье(02140700)
eDressit 2014 Новое Чёрное Половина Рукавов Кружевное Вечернее Платье(02140700)
eDressit 2014 Новое Чёрное Половина Рукавов Кружевное Вечернее Платье(02140700)
eDressit 2014 Новое Чёрное Половина Рукавов Кружевное Вечернее Платье(02140700)
eDressit 2014 Новое Чёрное Половина Рукавов Кружевное Вечернее Платье(02140700)
eDressit 2014 Новое Чёрное Половина Рукавов Кружевное Вечернее Платье(02140700)
eDressit 2014 Новое Чёрное Половина Рукавов Кружевное Вечернее Платье(02140700)
eDressit 2014 Новое Чёрное Половина Рукавов Кружевное Вечернее Платье(02140700)

eDressit 2014 Новое Чёрное Половина Рукавов Кружевное Вечернее Платье(02140700)

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p.7 907,46
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    eDressit 2014 Новое Чёрное Половина Рукавов Кружевное Вечернее Платье(02140700)
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*Круглое декольте, половина рукавов

*Облегающий лиф

*Платье облегающее

*Блестящие аппликации на рукавах и лифе

*Со встроенным бюстгальтером

*Скрытая молния с крючком на спине

*Полностю дублюры внутри


*Платье в пол со шлейфом(примерно 155cm от плеча до подола переднего)

Мы доставляем товары в более 200 стран по всему миру, мы отправим платья за 24 часа, которые в наличии и стандартного размера.

У нас есть два варианта доставки:

*Ускоренная Доставка: 5-10 рабочих дней после отправления посылки, 28EUR для первого платья, потом для каждого доплнительного добавить 15EUR. Но для этого Вам нужно написать информации доставки на АНГЛИЙСКОМ ЯЗЫКЕ, иначе отправим товары через стандартную доставку.
*Стандартная Доставка: 10-15 рабочих дней после отправления посылки, 20EUR для первого платья, потом для каждого доплнительного добавить 15EUR.

Если вы заказываете платье в другом цвете или на заказ, необходимо нужно 10-20 дней для изготовления.

Кликнуть, чтобы узнать больше информации о Доставка .

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22.05.2016 22:22:31

By Sousa



07.02.2016 19:05:53


En tout point parfaite : tissus souples , coupe dessinant une silhouette élancée , sensuelle et gracieuse ...
Jeu de transparences et de dentelle noire très délicate et habillée


07.12.2015 22:23:11

  • By Lelya


Amazing prom dress

18.11.2015 7:15:43

By Nicolel

At first, I was a little skeptical about the dress when I reserved it: I was going to a gala black-tie event, and was worried this dress would be a little too "dressed-down." However, when I tried it on, I was blown away. Fit like a glove. Everyone at the gala was dressed to the nines. I was receiving compliments all night long. I loved this dress and recommend it to all. Thanks edressit


25.10.2015 11:01:31

By Jebara

Ich bin sehr begeistert, tolle Farbe, super Passform und sauber Schnitt. Diese Kleid habe ich nach dem Erhalt sofort geprobiert und passt wie angegossen. Es ist ein Kleid mit dem man auffällt aber auch nicht im Mittelpunkt steht. Die Farbe ist klasse. Es ist ein bisschen lang für mich ( ich bin nur 165cm) und sollte ein bisschen anpassen. Trotzdem erhält es von mir fünf Sterne und würde es weiter empfehlen.

A really lovely dress. Superb fabric and well made

16.09.2015 21:50:08

By mohamed abdalla

A really lovely dress. Superb fabric and well made

Absolutely stunning!

08.09.2015 9:53:05

By Amanda

It was a perfect fit! I received tons of complements through the evening and I felt amazing. I danced all night and had a wonderful time. Thanks ! I will come back again!

Loved it

27.08.2015 3:42:06

By Anwar

It was a great dress.


22.06.2015 2:41:25

  • By Lelya


so perfect

27.01.2015 15:55:39

  • By dodi21

    I love it. the materials so good and the fitting is perfect.
    this my second dress from the website and I'm so happy with their service .
    thank you

so perfect

23.01.2015 4:04:44

  • By dodi a

    I love it. the materials so good and the fitting is perfect.
    this my second dress from the website and I'm so happy with their service .
    thank you


15.01.2015 12:01:31

By briceas

beautiful elegant dress

amazing black!

29.12.2014 7:42:15

By Tess

I was very satisfied with my dress, and got millions of compliments at the prom, the dress is really stunning and fit me perfectly, just like for custom made,if you want to find a great place to buy your special occasion dresse,then you really can't miss this site!


25.12.2014 14:58:52

By Pochapskaya Oxana

Платье великолепное, качество отличное,село по фигуре, спасибо большое, все в восторге, на корпаративе была самая красивая!!!!!!


17.12.2014 7:01:38

By Melody

Oh,this is one of my favourite sites, the dresses are all fabulous and made with high quality fabric, everyone says I look amazing in this dress,I will definitely order from this site in the future, very pleased with my dress,thank you so much, you are excellent!

gorgeous gown

12.12.2014 4:39:59

By Kaycie

My package arrived. I was so excited when I saw the dress.The colour black is just what i wnat,and the dress fits so well. Very easy shopping, fast deliver good customer sevice, absolutely 5 stars. Thx


04.12.2014 10:44:38

By isabelle

j'ai acheté cette robe dans leur boutique à paris elle était tout simplement SUBLIME mais je veux encore commenter ici parcequ'elle est trooopp belle, beaucoup plue belle qu'en photo!
n'hésitez pas les filles en plus elle coute moins cher en ligne qu'en magasin


02.12.2014 3:27:37

By Miranda

Very stunning dress, looked the same as the pic, the dress fit me perfectly, the lace fabric was very nice, thank you very much!
Recommend this dress to all of you!!

Шикарное чёрное кружевное платье

12.11.2014 4:11:52

By Тамара

Шикарное чёрное кружевное платье. Просто супер, все ка на картинки. Очееень довольна покупкой))

stunning back evening dress!

12.11.2014 3:55:41

By Nicole

I got my dress very quickly, it looks exactly the same as the pic, quality dress, great customer service,thank you for your quality dress and also your patient service.
Great job!

absolutely perfect

11.11.2014 10:12:51

By Kristin

Loved everything about it! I wore it for a formal evening event and it was absolutely perfect! The weight of the dress made it hang nicely and never worried about it bunching in the wrong places!


05.11.2014 7:59:42

By Serena

I never thought I could get such a beautiful dress with high quality online, I was very happy with my order, and I strongly recommend this dress to all of you, thank you, edressit, you did an excellent job!!!!!


05.11.2014 2:54:49

By Izabella

This dress arrived much quicker than I expected it would be. and the dress is beautifully finished and fits perfectly. The quality and service far exceeded my expectations. I'm so pleased I ordered the dress. I would recommend this to anyone. Thanks!


03.11.2014 9:58:29


fit wonderfully, material felt amazing on and was a perfect choice for the evening!

nice lace dress!

10.10.2014 10:08:31

By christy

This long evening lace gown is amazing, the price and the quality is proportional, lace fabric is very delicate, workmanship is great, shipping is extremely fast, I received my dress three days after my order, thank you for your service and nice dress, I was very satisfied! Recommend this dress and any dress on this site!


09.10.2014 3:56:40

By Mackenzie

This dress is every bit as beautiful in person.I ordered the same colour as the picture,black and it was exact! Also it fit like a glove and was made really well. Very speedy delivery. Thank you edressit.

sexy & unique

26.09.2014 9:15:44

By crystal5656

Oh,lord, this black evening dress is amazing, what are the words I am looking for, sexy,delicate, magnificent...
The quality is very great, I was thrilled and now I just can't stop shopping from edressit, their dresses are so amazing and different , plus the competitive price, I will come back soon.You are a great place to fill my wardrobe.
Thank you so much!

robe de soirée noire super sexy

18.09.2014 12:47:09

By Line

Un gros coup de coeur pour cette robe de soirée noire en dentelle, qui est beaucoup plus belle et séduisante qu'en photo.
il est un peu difficile à apercevoir mais les deux côtés soont couverts de tulle transparentes et ornées de paillettes noires, très sexy comme pétillante. merci edressit

Excellent dress

16.09.2014 11:58:04

  • By elisabeth

    Exactly like in picture, well made, recommend. Will be great if administration will add a stock system link to the site, to not ask every time if the dress is in stock or not.


16.09.2014 7:29:21

By Антонина

Платье просто СУПЕР!!!! Все как на картинки, спасибо))

stunning dress!

15.09.2014 8:33:48

By fiza

This black evening dress is really amazing, the over lace is stunning and comfortable, the most important thing is it fits me perfectly, try to upload a photo, buy it doesn't work, all right, just love it!


10.09.2014 10:39:53

By Fendel

Herzlich Dank!! Die Größe passt perfekt. Ich habe Gr 36 bestellt und dachte, es fällt klein aus. Bin sehr gespannt und begeistert. Und der Versand ist auch sehr schnell. Keine extra Kosten entstanden.Ganz Kleid ist mit Spitze. Sehr elegant und sexy. Die Schleppe gefällt mir auch sehr. Nur leider gibt es keine andere Farbe. Aber schwarz ist auch ok. Jetzt bin ich zufrieden. Kleid ist schon breit, nun warten auf meine wichtigste Tage. Gerne wieder!!

Robe dentelle noire très sexy

05.09.2014 8:11:49

By Souzie

la robe est tout simplement sublime!!! je suis très ravie de mon achat et je rcommande cette magnifique robe de soirée dentelle pour toutes les femmes qui ont envie de se faire remarquer!
le tissu de qualité, un tombé impeccable, la dentelle splendide et j'adore vraiment son empiècement sur les deux cotés.
merci edressit, j'ai recommande ce site à tous mes amis.

سكس وفاخم جدا.

05.09.2014 6:10:21

By fadima

سكس وفاخم جدا.
الفستان الأسود هو مزين بالخرزات اللامعة ،القماش راقي، هو شفافي قليلا.سكس جدا.
سعر الفستان مناسب وغير غالي، السعر الآن 211دولار، هو رخيص من السعر الأصلي.
الشحن سريع جدا،5 أيام فقط.
الفستان رائع جدا، أحبه للغاية
سوف أشتريه نفس الموديل لأختي. شكرا

wonderful dress

29.08.2014 5:14:06

By Anca

Got the dress today. well made dress and fast shipping.I was really nervous about ordering dresses from edressit before i received the dress. But I was surprised: Good quality of the materials, great color - and this is why maximum rating.the dress fits me well and looks so nice.
Anyway, I will come back to order my other evening dresses.

Custom made fantastic dress

14.07.2014 16:54:54

  • By MRMProduction

    Thanks for a fast and very high quality dress made especially for us.

    The picture speaks for itself!
    We are very happy with the dress and will strongly recommend you as a grate supplier of clothing.

    See more pictures at the artist www.martinaedoff.com webpage.

    MRM Production

Wonderful dress

25.05.2014 19:11:19

By Zuzana

Just received my dress - 3 day after the purchase, from China to France, amazingly fast delivery! The dress are wonderful, fits well, but a bit tight - I wanted to loose a bit weight anyway :)
Thank you, recommend to everyone!


22.05.2014 23:13:04

  • By beatriz

    This dress fitted as a glove!!!!!!


28.01.2014 23:27:10

By Jamila

Very elegant dress

Schwarzes Spitzenkleid

28.12.2013 21:48:12

By Anke

Das Kleid ist wirklich traumhaft schön!! Es passt perfekt! Tolle Qualität! Tolles Team bei eDressit!! Vielen Dank!!


28.12.2013 13:28:01

By Diana

Wie immer ein Schmuckstück!! Identisch wie Foto! Paßt perfekt! Man sollte aber wirklich nach Maßtabelle bestellen und nicht nach Größe, dann hat man das Kleid perfekt! Informationen über Bestellung und Liefertermin waren auch wieder zuverlässig! Danke bis zum nächsten Mal :-))))


25.11.2013 10:28:11

By Gabriele

Heute habe ich dieses Kleid nach kurzer Lieferzeit erhalten. Es ist einfach traumhaft und schöner als auf den Fotos und passt perfekt, wenn man die Maßtabelle beachtet.

Einfach nur phantastisch !!!

Vielen Dank Edressit !!!

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Клиент вопросы и ответы
By Millie,15.09.2014 22:58:41
Reply by eDressit 16.09.2014 3:18:16
Hello Millie

Thanks for your review .
The dress is mermaid style with a train. I am sorry that you do not like the train .
If you need , we can remove the train of our eDressit dress for you . you can email us about this when you are to make a new dress .

Have a nice day !
eDressit Jane :)

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