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eDressit 2014 Новое Чёрное без Рукава Тюлевое Длинное Фармальное Вечернее Платье  (02146400)
eDressit 2014 Новое Чёрное без Рукава Тюлевое Длинное Фармальное Вечернее Платье  (02146400)
eDressit 2014 Новое Чёрное без Рукава Тюлевое Длинное Фармальное Вечернее Платье  (02146400)
eDressit 2014 Новое Чёрное без Рукава Тюлевое Длинное Фармальное Вечернее Платье  (02146400)
eDressit 2014 Новое Чёрное без Рукава Тюлевое Длинное Фармальное Вечернее Платье  (02146400)
eDressit 2014 Новое Чёрное без Рукава Тюлевое Длинное Фармальное Вечернее Платье  (02146400)
eDressit 2014 Новое Чёрное без Рукава Тюлевое Длинное Фармальное Вечернее Платье  (02146400)
eDressit 2014 Новое Чёрное без Рукава Тюлевое Длинное Фармальное Вечернее Платье  (02146400)

eDressit 2014 Новое Чёрное без Рукава Тюлевое Длинное Фармальное Вечернее Платье (02146400)

RUB p.12 249,09
p.3 953,33
Save RUB p.8 295,75 (68% OFF)
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    eDressit 2014 Новое Чёрное без Рукава Тюлевое Длинное Фармальное Вечернее Платье  (02146400)
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Стильный дизайн вместе с качественным бархатным шифоном платье. Необычная спина украшена.
*Платье без рукава
*Полуоткрытый топ дизайн
*Блестящие кружева с байетками
*Со встроенным бюстгальтером
*Скрытая молния с крючком на спине
*Мерсеризованный бархат
*Длинное платье со шлейфом(примерно 155см от плеча до подола переднего)

Мы доставляем товары в более 200 стран по всему миру, мы отправим платья за 24 часа, которые в наличии и стандартного размера.

У нас есть два варианта доставки:

*Ускоренная Доставка: 5-10 рабочих дней после отправления посылки, 28EUR для первого платья, потом для каждого доплнительного добавить 15EUR. Но для этого Вам нужно написать информации доставки на АНГЛИЙСКОМ ЯЗЫКЕ, иначе отправим товары через стандартную доставку.
*Стандартная Доставка: 10-15 рабочих дней после отправления посылки, 20EUR для первого платья, потом для каждого доплнительного добавить 15EUR.

Если вы заказываете платье в другом цвете или на заказ, необходимо нужно 10-20 дней для изготовления.

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Chic et raffinement

09.10.2017 7:08:08

  • By morganedeva

    Classe. Tissu satiné vraiment très beau.


16.05.2017 12:44:42

  • By morganedeva

    Identique aux photos.

Robe longue noire sans manche 02146400

21.06.2016 13:37:30

By Leity

Magnifique!!!! Pas déçue....


09.12.2015 10:38:41

By Gypsy

Love it. Shipping is very fast too. Worn it to my black tie party, got tons of compliments. Highly recommended.

Thank you for your excellent job!!

24.11.2015 7:16:52

By Natane

I was impressed by its remarkable size when I received it. It fits me pretty well.I will recommend your website to all of my friends as well as my dear family members.I convinced that they will love your items too. Many thanks to edressit.


13.10.2015 10:25:31

By Adelaide

Very surprised the dress. It sublime. I ordered some at the last minute but it is even to the day when my promotions for it is great. I recommend this great and thank you site.

elegant and cool

08.10.2015 4:35:31

By Catia

Bought two dresses together. This one is more elgant and cool than another pink short dress. I prepared them for different occasions. Both suitable and affordable. Thanks edressit.


09.09.2015 7:49:16


Alles bestens, vielen Dank :) kann ich wärmstens empfehlen :)

Tres contente

05.06.2015 7:54:05

By Julie

de mon achat. Les découpes complètement identiques au modèle.ce qui est vraiment très très rare pour les sites d'achat en ligne ! Et pose super bienJe vous la recommande!

elegant gown

25.05.2015 10:24:53

By Khloe

I love the dress. It is very flattering to my figure. Simple, elegant, and wonderful. The quality of the dress was just amazing! Very satisfied with the dress. Thank you.

elegant dress

14.05.2015 5:37:23

By Banner

Very happy shopping experience from eDressit. The dress I received is great. It came very quickly and protected in a great condition. I tried it on and the dress fits me perfectly. Great size and great quality. Very comfortable. I am very pleased with the dress. Thank you so much eDressit.


06.05.2015 10:37:20

By Suzy

I got my dress very quickly. The dress is not only very elegant but very fashionable. This is a very great dress that perfect for my event. I love the color, the design and quality of the fabrics. Superb! Thank you so much eDressit for this fabulous dress.


09.04.2015 14:25:56

By dragosiku



09.04.2015 14:20:32

By dragosiku

looking great in it


09.04.2015 14:20:07

By dragosiku

great look


09.04.2015 14:05:52

By dragosiku

good material!


09.04.2015 14:05:10

By dragosiku


classic black

03.03.2015 2:34:57

By Cerella

Absouletly georgous, came quickly, right size and colors....much prettier in person than on computer. I am very pleased with the order. Thank you so much.

Graceful dress!!

03.02.2015 9:17:17

By Alma

I ordered this Black Sleeveless Overlace Long Formal Evening Dress for attending a charity party, this long dress is so graceful and so appropriate for this occasion. The Sequin-sparked floral lace is delicate, I love it so much. The party is successful, thank you! I will order again from you

Great quality

21.01.2015 2:57:01

By Parcia

Received the dress and the shipping was on time. The length is absolutely perfect. Great quality and great value for the money paid. The customer service is excellent. Thank you so much.


03.01.2015 6:17:09

By Ailne

Got the dress today. The quality of the fabric and craftsmanship was outstanding. Thank you eDressit for the quick and wonderful service. Highly recommend!

elegant gown

25.12.2014 2:34:54

By Christy

Absolutely gorgeous and very figure flattering dress! I ordered the size 12, no custom measurements and it fits me perfectly!! I was so impressed. Very well made gown.Will shop here again.

elegant dress

20.12.2014 3:43:08

By Jerusha

Absolutely stunning dress!! I love it so much! It's beautifully made. The way the fabric falls seems to complement all types of body shape and size. Thank you eDressit. I am so happy that I ordered the dress from you.

elegant dress

16.12.2014 3:07:37

By Felita

Very elegant dress and I am pleased with it. The material is great and very worth the money I paid. You did a great job edressit.Will order more dresses from you soon.


11.12.2014 2:41:40

By Electa

Got the dress today and I am thrilled with the dress. The fabric is perfect and the colors just as I imagined. The seams are strong and consistent. Very well made and great quality. Highly recommend!

elegant !!!

05.12.2014 2:57:13

By Clarisa

I received my dress yestoday and much more beautiful dress than I expected. I am very happy, the fit is perfect, I ordered the color black and it is awesome! Very pleased with you edressit.


27.11.2014 4:03:27

By Karlotta

well packed when it arrived. dress is also well made and has a lot of material to work with and Perfect details on the dress. Very happy! shipping took about 5 days to come to my door. Many thanks.


25.11.2014 2:40:07

By Kandiss

Beautiful dress. Fits like a glove! Quality is fantastic. Very happy with the shopping experience. Thank you for your excellent service and patient staffs and great quality dress. Will definitely order more from you again.

Great fit!

07.11.2014 9:25:10

By Colleen

Great fit and very comfortable. Not too tight so you can dance! So many compliments from everyone. Awesome for wedding and other formal events.


05.11.2014 9:03:00

By Raluca

Very nice and elegant.


04.11.2014 6:45:26

By Elishia

I love this dress, it is a perfect fit. This dress is fabulous value for money and I'm so glad I decided to go for it! It looks exactly as the photos on the website show. I requested expedited delivery and I got my dress delivered 6 workdays after placing my order...Very fast! i will order another gown for sure.


31.10.2014 3:40:17

By Abhy

This gown wasn't the first I've purchased from edressit and it certainly won't be the last! Fabulous dress and super fast delivery with "expedited delivery", just 5 days to arrive on my door. Great material and great value for the money, thank you edressit.

stunning dress

20.09.2014 4:11:41

By Florence

This dress is absolutely gorgeous!!! Very well made, and looks way more expensive than what I actually paid. Super fast shipping too!! I got it days before expected. I will definitely use this company again.


18.09.2014 4:01:11

By Bernia

Really Happy with the size of this dress, made so well and the Customer service was really quick and efficient.The fabric is very well treated and the dresses just look perfect. thank you edressit


02.09.2014 8:47:50

By barby

FAB! Wow,how beautiful the dress is!
The dress I received looks more beautiful even than the picture, really give me a big surprise and I am so happy with this.Recommend edressit to all my friends and family!

fits perfectly

26.08.2014 8:25:37

By Alexa

Love the Hollowed design top, true to size and fantastic value for money.Very quick delivery! I ordered a standard UK12 and i have to shorten a little as length is too long.
Great quality all round, thank you edressit


26.08.2014 5:18:30

By fadihuria

طلبت الفستان الأسود لأمي، هي سوف تحضر حفلة مهمة، عندما وصل الفستان الينا. هي سعيدة جدا. و يسرني اعجابها في الفستان. سوف أشتري الفستان لي مرة أخري في الموقع، الموقع رائع. شكرا لكم eDressit


22.08.2014 8:46:42

By Настя

Платье покупала по фото на сайте. Позвонила, уточнила размеры, спасибо Екатерине, измерила платье порекомендовала размер, село по фигуре нормально. Платье удобное, обслуживание отличное. Правда упаковка...
Спасибо еще раз, угодили ))

Très bien coupée très classe

21.08.2014 4:37:00

By Clémentine

Robe très bien coupée, met la silhouette en valeur. Très classe; tissu de velours confortable,idéale pour la soiree. Je craignais qu'elle soit trop longue mais elle m'arrive juste au niveau des talons hauts ; je mesure 1m69. Je l'ai achetée avec 15% de rabais et c'est un excellent rapport qualité-prix. expédition rapide, moins de 10 jours. J'ai fait un excellent achat. merci


15.06.2014 11:03:58

By Nesreen

i just receive it... wow... wow.. wow... so nice and better than the image..

great pic.

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