eDressit Сексуальная Спина Вечернее Платье в Стиле Русалки (C36145314)
eDressit Сексуальная Спина Вечернее Платье в Стиле Русалки (C36145314)
eDressit Сексуальная Спина Вечернее Платье в Стиле Русалки (C36145314)
eDressit Сексуальная Спина Вечернее Платье в Стиле Русалки (C36145314)
eDressit Сексуальная Спина Вечернее Платье в Стиле Русалки (C36145314)
eDressit Сексуальная Спина Вечернее Платье в Стиле Русалки (C36145314)
eDressit Сексуальная Спина Вечернее Платье в Стиле Русалки (C36145314)
eDressit Сексуальная Спина Вечернее Платье в Стиле Русалки (C36145314)
eDressit Сексуальная Спина Вечернее Платье в Стиле Русалки (C36145314)

eDressit Сексуальная Спина Вечернее Платье в Стиле Русалки (C36145314)

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p.6 681,52
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    eDressit Сексуальная Спина Вечернее Платье в Стиле Русалки (C36145314)
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Very beautifull

23.06.2016 9:31:30

  • By DianaMV

    This dress looks better in reality.


27.05.2016 1:17:19

By Lilas

Trop trop jolie

Beau travail

19.05.2016 23:29:18

By Lilas

Cette robe en tulle est vraiment magnifique.les motifs d la robe camouflent les petites rondeurs


25.02.2016 9:23:17

By Vivian

This dress really makes me slender and elegant. Thanks for the sale person's suggestion that i ordered UK 10, not UK8, and now the dress is perfectly fit!!! Amazing design and effect. Very beautiful and stylish.I like the color too. Fabulous dress. Thank you, eDressit.

more than expected!

24.02.2016 7:04:22

By Gypsy

I was so excited when I got this dress, it arrived in perfect condition and every detail was made with high quality. Thank you edressit, I was so happy with my order!

Service to the max!

23.02.2016 4:48:36

By Jocelyn

Quality products, exceptional customer service! I have ordered many dresses from edressit and will order more in the future, and I'd love to recommend this site to all my friends!


02.02.2016 9:13:40

By Gypsy

I'm extremely satisfied with my order from this site. The dress arrived in perfect condition, the fabric was very nice, thank you edressit, I would like to recommend this site to all the people I know!

Nice dress

27.01.2016 20:25:20

  • By yetpeti

    Dieses Kleid ist der Wahnsinn. Schnelle Lieferung und es sieht genau so aus wie auf dem Bild. Immer wieder.

beautiful dress

26.01.2016 8:21:12

By Elisa

I am so happy to find this amazing dress, I am looking forward to wear it at the coming party.Thank you!

very beautiful

15.01.2016 7:01:53

By Jacobien

It is a mermaid dress. Tulle skirt makes it lithe and sassy. A very elegant dress for party occasion. LOVE IT VERY MUCH. Thanks.

great shopping experience!

14.01.2016 8:41:52

By Samara

I was hesitant to shop online in the first place, but I decided to take a risk, the gamble paid off! The dress I received was as described, even exceeded my expectation, thank you edressit, you guys really did a good job!


07.12.2015 9:50:07

By Rilinda

sehr schön verarbeitet, wie auf dem Bild


30.11.2015 7:20:17

By Amanda

Thank you edressit team for your stunning dress, I love it very much, everything was the same as I expected, I strongly recommend!

lovely dress!

18.11.2015 7:17:41

By Bianca

Oh, god, the dress looks even more beautiful in real life, the beaded details are stunning, I am more than 100% satisfied with my order! Recommend!


10.11.2015 5:02:43

By Azalea

I absolutely love the dress I got from this site, the quality was very high, even beyond my expectation! Thank you edressit, good job!

well made dress!

28.10.2015 7:29:35

By Harriet

My dress fit me like a glove, exactly the same as the model, the sparkling sequins on the bodice really impressed me, thanks very much edressit team, I would definitely be back!


19.10.2015 7:27:08

By Calliope

I'm very excited to get my lovely dress today, the sewing details on this dress are gorgeous, dress looks very expensive, fit me well, thank you dear team for your gorgeous dress, I'm very happy!

beautiful, love it!

28.09.2015 9:51:26

By Rowan

Thank you dear team for your gorgeous dress, great job!


22.09.2015 5:42:48

By Hadley

I was very impressed with the dress I got from this site, the details are amazing, dress was made with high quality, the price was very nice in terms of the high quality, thank you edressit for your gorgeous dress!

stunning dress!

15.09.2015 7:14:48

By Harlow

What I got today was exactly the same as the pic, dress was well sewn, the sparkling details were amazing!I would strongly recommend this dress to all of you!

belle robe

11.09.2015 21:29:21

By amouna

merciiiii pour cette robe identique a la photo


07.09.2015 9:20:30

By Ava

I was absolutely satisfied with my order, the dress looks perfect on me, made with high quality, thank you so much, dear team!I recommend this dress to all of you!

love it so much!

26.08.2015 5:48:05

By Zola

I was very excited when got my dress, dress was made with top quaity, everything went smoothly with my order, no complaints here. Thank you edressit!I recommend!

top quality!

25.08.2015 5:04:29

By Taye

This was so far my best online shopping experince, the dress was very beautiful,exactly the same as the pic, the sparkling details on the bodice were amazing, thank you edressit for your gorgeous dress, I'll definitely be back!

beautiful dress,quick delivery!

24.08.2015 8:05:20

By Mandla

I got my dress very quickly after my ordering, the shipping was amazingly fast, my lovely dress arrived in just three days, and the dress was very beautiful, which was ABSOLUTELY the same as the pic, I love it, thank you very much edressit!I recommend this beautiful dress to all girls!


18.08.2015 11:38:24


THIS DRESS IS AMAZING! I was very worried about the length and it ended up being fine! I wore the 10 and it fit great. I got so many compliments and it was super comfortable and easy to dance in! great for weddings all year round!

Beautiful dress!

18.08.2015 5:48:52

By Tatiana

I love my dress so much, which arrived exactly the same as described, every detail was made with high quality, thank you dear team, I am so happy!

gorgeous gown

10.08.2015 10:30:14

By Catriona

It is so easy to buy this prom gown from eDressit. The shopping process is very convenient. My dress arrived very quickly and it was packaged in a great condition. I love my dress and thank you so much eDressit.


10.08.2015 8:16:11

By Lucienne

I would like to recommend this dress to all girls, it is so beautiful, made with high quality, price is very nice due to the high quality, thank you edressit team for your amazing dress, I am very happy with it!


03.08.2015 9:24:43

By Fia

I'm very happy to get my lovely dress today, and stunned by the nice workmanship.The shipping was extremely fast, got my lovely dress within a week, thank you so much.I would like to recommend this dress to all girls!

love it!

31.07.2015 10:16:07

By Elettra

I was stunned when I got this lovely dress, which was exactly the same as the model, very satisfied with my order from this site.Strongly recommend this dress and this site to all of you!


29.07.2015 9:44:59

By Alexane

I strongly recommend this dress to all girls who have seen my review.This dress looks actually more beautiful in real life, the details are gorgeous and with high quality, very well sewn, the price is very good for such a high quality dress, I am so happy, and will definitely be back!

Stunning dress!

27.07.2015 9:24:09

By Alice

PERFECT!I believe no one will say no to this beautiful dress!It was actually more beautiful than the model when I got it, the sparkling details were well made, price is very nice for such a gogeous dress!Girls, don't hesitate!


18.07.2015 9:53:21

By Alaina

What I got today was exactly the same as the model, perfect for the coming wedding!Thank you dear team for all your help!I would definitely recommend this dress to all of you!


30.05.2015 13:37:03

  • By janine

    A wonderful dress i love it so mutch !


27.05.2015 11:03:39

By Nancy

Thank you so much for your amazing dress, the same as presented on the site, very good quality, I am very satisfied with my order, I did get what I paid, besides, the delivery was very fast!Will be back soon! :)

Absolutely beautiful!

22.05.2015 11:53:17

By Milly

Got my dress ealier than expected, three days after they shipped! So fast!What made me happy is not only the fast delivery, but also the high quality of this gown, it looks more expensive in real life! I can't wait to wear it for the coming wedding, thank you edressit, you are excellent!

Awesome dress

18.05.2015 10:30:46

By Chloe

Beautiful dress, very well made, it arrived very quickly. Thanks


09.05.2015 8:58:12

By Addie

It's really a well made beautiful dress. I tried it on and it looks stunning on me. Very pleased with the high quality materials and fast shipping!


06.05.2015 13:48:30

By samiya

Fragile... mais jolie robe


30.04.2015 13:46:15

By shmu2311

Habe es für meine Mutter bestellt und bin einfach begeistert. Es ist genau wie auf dem Bild! Super schneller Versand, gute Verarbeitung, perfektes Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis und toller Service!! 1A -einfach empfehlenswert!!


29.04.2015 11:12:01

By Patricia

I am very satisfied with the quality and workmanship of the dress. It arrived before the estimated time and was packed expertly. The materials used are of high quality. Great job. Thank you.

very good

28.04.2015 11:31:20

By Martha

The dress is so beautifully made. It was packed nicely. Excellent quality and manufacture. Very happy with it! Thank you so much.


28.04.2015 10:55:12


The dress is gorgeous, the sparkles are amazing, most important is the dress fit me like a glove, I got millions of compliments at the party, thank you so much for your gown, I am so impressed!

Супер платье

08.04.2015 6:04:48

By Людмила

Платье превзошло ожидания. на самом деле выглядит даже лучше чем на фото. Украшения листики золотые и серебристые, верхний слой из тюлей, в стиле русалка. Все вместе сочитается очень отлично. Очень понравилось, все рекомендую ваш сайт))


26.03.2015 12:14:52

By Виктория

Thank you! Came quickly for 5 days.The service is super!Brought the dress home. The size came up,dress as pictured ,beautiful.


04.03.2015 4:50:22

By Konerding

Diese Kleid ist wunderbar!! Mit dem Kleid habe viele Kompliment bekommen.Die Qualität ist top und die Farbe ist genauso wie abgebildet.Ich habe Gr. 40 bestellt und passt pefekt, brauche nicht mehr ändern lassen. Und die Arbeiter von eDressit hat meine Frage immer schnell und professional antworten.Sehr nett! Gerne weiterempfehlen!!

nice deal!

15.02.2015 4:34:38

By Tracy

Beautiful dress, love it so much, the shipping was amazingly fast, it just took four days to arrive at my home, so happy with my order, thank you edressit, your guys really did a great job!

perfect dress

28.01.2015 3:09:30

By Berdina

This dress is simply amazing! It only took 5 days to get here and i was so amazed with the fast shipping and excellent service. I would for sure recommend this site to everyone I know.

amazing dress

24.01.2015 2:51:57

By Suzy

The dress was made to my measurements. I was concerned initially that it would not arrive in time as I ordered it very close to the date I required it. I called them and told them about the situation, they said they would do their best. And finally I was so surprised that it came on my door in time. Many thanks edressit team, you made my day.


14.01.2015 3:04:29

By Jane

I am so excited to receive my dress today, the shipping was so fast, the fabric is nice, customer service is good, very patient team, thank you for your work, I am very satisfied with my order from your site, I will be back soon!!!
Great job! :)


09.01.2015 3:30:14

By Monica

Hi, edressit team
I received my dress on time and I am very happy with it, the dress fit me perfectly,it looked exactly the same as the pic, the fabric was nice and amazing, I look great in this dress!!! Thank you so much for your service via email communication and also your stunning dress.
I will definitely buy from your site again!

nice dress

08.01.2015 2:59:36

By Rasheeda

This dress is absolutely beautiful. When it arrived and I actually saw it in person, it's just stunning. It came beautifully packaged and in a great condition. It is a perfect fit and no alteration needed. Thank you so much.

nice gown

05.01.2015 2:29:50

By Nika

The gown is just beautiful,it's perfect.I received it 5 days sooner than I thought it would. Very fast delivery. The material used is very great and very comfortable to wear, thank you so much.


30.12.2014 2:58:19

By Karalee

I received the dress in one week. It came in a good condition and was packaged nicely.It has a built in bra. The color and fit was perfect! Great materail and well worth every penny. Thank you so much.

beautiful dress

18.12.2014 2:42:38

By Blasa

The dress is beautiful and well-made. if you are looking for THE dress this is the one you must have. I ordered the size 12 and it fits me like a glove.Super great quality and excellent customer service. Many thanks.


11.12.2014 4:37:22

By Jacqueline

Very excited to receive my gown today, the delivery was so fast, it just took three days to arrive at my door,the sparkling decorations were very impressive,I love my gown so much, very satisfied with my purchase from this site, thank you so much, great job!

love it!

06.12.2014 4:27:06

By Dalena

This dress is very well made. It was just in time for my coming event. The dress looked exactly as it does in the picture. I ordered a 8 it fit perfectly,I was extremely satisfied with my purchase. Thank you.


24.11.2014 18:51:40

By tinarnunes@gmail.com

Beautiful dress. Has a stretch to the material and the dress is heavy. Should of ordered one size smaller. was worried to order a smaller size because it is a fitted dress but smaller size would of been better.

Great quality

19.11.2014 3:37:39

By Fedosia

What a beautifully well made and stylish dress.I ordered it in beige, and it looks just like the picture. The dress is a little long for me,but it fits like a glove in any other aspects and is stunning!

I'll be back

29.10.2014 7:04:18

By amenda

This is one of the most flattering gowns I've ever worn! It's very forgiving.The EDRESSIT staff was extremely helpful in allaying my fears about the size of the dress and how it would fit around the bust line. Everything with EDRESSIT went perfect - I'll be back!

tout a fait satisfaite,

27.10.2014 6:57:36

By Lily

Robe absolument adapté à des cérémonies, la robe est bien coupée au niveau du buste et correspondre tout à la taille. De plus, sur la photo, l'article était indiqué en beige, je l'ai reçue plus or ou orange, c'est totalement plus belle en vrai, surprise!

beautiful dress

23.10.2014 4:33:47

By Mariea

I ordered it and received the dress beyond my expectation. i tried it on and wow!. it fit so right.Beadings on the bodice make the dress elegant and delicate. This dress is just the one I am looking for. Thanks.


20.10.2014 3:49:42

By Isla

Thank you edressit! The dress arrived so quickly and it was packaged in a good condition. The dress is beautiful! The fabric is top quality and the finishing is fantastic. I would not hesitate to order from the eDressit in the future. Top marks


15.10.2014 4:37:13

By Camile

Got the dress today and it was well protected, I am so pleased with the shipping and the dress quality. A great site you can trust,highly recommend.

very sexy dress!

06.10.2014 12:13:28

  • By tatiana

    Thank you edressit!

absolutly amazing

06.10.2014 10:13:35

By tatjana

It is very elagant and BEAUDIFUL DRESS that fitted realy nicely, like it was made for me , i recived in 5-6 days im very satisfied and i would definitly order another time . thank you e drssit


29.09.2014 9:07:21

By spresa

Amazing dress just like the picture and it fits perfect. Thank you eDressit.

Mesures parfaite

26.09.2014 13:28:35

By Carrine

Les mesures sont tout à fait identique au tableua de mesure et cette robe sirène elle me tombe comme un gant, good job!
La robe est juste parfaite, la coupe, le tissu, la décoration raffinée, voire plus belle au porter.
Merci edressit!


20.09.2014 13:57:32

By Allison

I would like to thank you firstly for your fast and efficient service. My bridesmaids dress arrived in Australia 6 days after I ordered it.
The dress is exactly what I ordered and the measurements were great. My bridesmaids are going to look fantastic on my wedding day. Thank you again.

الشحن سريعا جدا

10.09.2014 10:09:57

By Leila

ثوبي وصل اليوم!وقت الشحن لم يستغرق وقتا أطول قليلا، سأرتديه غدا لحفلة زفاف أخي، أنا سعيدة جدا مع هذا التسوق

Amazing dress

10.09.2014 4:35:33

By Merafea

This dress is amazing! I absolutely love it! It's not heavy and the fabric is soft. Got the dress in one week after my order, very fast shipping. and the dress was protected well when i opened it. Looking forward to wearing it!

Amazing dress

05.09.2014 5:32:40

By Berber

Delicate beadings and perfect fit. Love this dress style, and flattering the whole figure. This is one of my favorite dresses.
Got the dress very quickly, just 5 days after the order. Great value for the money with the such a great quality.
thank you edressit and would definitely order from here again.

Мне понравилось

03.09.2014 11:11:49

By Юля

Платье просто супер, выше всяких похвал!!! Сшито великолепно, швы все ровные, аккуратные, замечательный цвет.

beautiful and elegant dress

30.08.2014 4:44:43

By lilley

this is a wonderful online dress shopping site. it is very easy to use and shipping is very fast. You will meet many nice and patient customer service staffs who will solve your problems timely.
well made dress and great quality, it fits me like a glove. Would highly recommend this site to all my friends.


29.08.2014 10:11:31

By Daisy

Beautiful dress, and it fitted really nicely. Really trustworthy website. My friend also ordered her dress from this website and she looked really pretty as well. Will definitly order from here again. Thanks for edressit such a beautiful dress!

robe ravissante!

25.08.2014 11:09:46

By Annabelle

Robe bien coupée, de bonne longueur, d'excellente tenue et très facile à porter, un peu serré à la taille,mais je vais demande sur-mesure la fois prochaine . Le coloris est gai et lumineux sans être criard. Une pièce qui devient un incontournable de ma garde-robe, et je vais faire des échanges par moi-même! c'est très jolie! recommandez la robe !!!


22.08.2014 5:55:42

By نسيمة

الفستان رخيص جدا، الموقع يعطي لي التخفيض 10 يورو لاني شاركت النشاطة في الفيس بوك، هذا رائع. حصلت الفستان بعد 4 أيام فقط . أصدقائي تحبون الفستان بالخرزات أيضا.

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