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eDressit  Чёрная Вечернее Платье с Бантом Разрез на Юбке (02150100)
eDressit  Чёрная Вечернее Платье с Бантом Разрез на Юбке (02150100)
eDressit  Чёрная Вечернее Платье с Бантом Разрез на Юбке (02150100)
eDressit  Чёрная Вечернее Платье с Бантом Разрез на Юбке (02150100)
eDressit  Чёрная Вечернее Платье с Бантом Разрез на Юбке (02150100)
eDressit  Чёрная Вечернее Платье с Бантом Разрез на Юбке (02150100)
eDressit  Чёрная Вечернее Платье с Бантом Разрез на Юбке (02150100)
eDressit  Чёрная Вечернее Платье с Бантом Разрез на Юбке (02150100)
eDressit  Чёрная Вечернее Платье с Бантом Разрез на Юбке (02150100)
eDressit  Чёрная Вечернее Платье с Бантом Разрез на Юбке (02150100)
eDressit  Чёрная Вечернее Платье с Бантом Разрез на Юбке (02150100)
eDressit  Чёрная Вечернее Платье с Бантом Разрез на Юбке (02150100)
eDressit  Чёрная Вечернее Платье с Бантом Разрез на Юбке (02150100)

eDressit Чёрная Вечернее Платье с Бантом Разрез на Юбке (02150100)

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    eDressit  Белое Длинный Рукав Вечернее Платье для Торжества (01150307)eDressit  Чёрная Вечернее Платье с Бантом Разрез на Юбке (02150100)eDressit Красное Вечернее Платье с Длинными Рукавами (02150102)
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Эта новинка супер, очень изысканное вечернее платье. Винтажные кнопки на рукаве и спине и сексуальные чёрные кружева, в то же время маленький бант на задней талии очень мило. Такое вечернее платье-сон каждой женщины.
*Высокий воротник
*Длинный рукав
*Разрез на юбке
*В стиле русалки
*Со встроенным бюстгальтером
*Молния на спине
*Кружева & Эластичный бархат
*Длинное платье со шлейфом(примерно 155см от плеча до переднего подола)

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Trop Chic

01.08.2017 21:29:30

By Huguette

Trop chic cette robe. Je la veux pour la ceremonie ce week-eend. Whaou chic et glamour. J'espère en achetant aujourd'hui, je pourrais l'avoir pour ce week-end.

nice dress

24.07.2017 19:51:07

  • By tracy

    waw waw  the dress is so nice,here are my photos. When I wore this dress for a celebration i received so many compliment,am going to order again soon, I have another party in September.

Reply by eDressit 25.07.2017 3:09:25
Dear, Tracy, thanks for sharing your pretty photo. You are invited to upload it to our style gallery: http://www.edressit.com/style-gallery 10% off coupon will be sent to you then.
Have a nice day!
Kind regards,

tres belle robe

13.06.2017 19:59:34

By amouna

waw waw la robe et splendide tres contente de mon achat merci a vous edressit

elegantes design

11.04.2017 11:11:13

By nadaanuklia

Das Kleid lässit sich gut tragen, der Stoff ist auch sehr angenehm. Es wurde sehr gut verarbeitet. ich liebe das Rücken.

noch ein rotes zu bestellen

11.04.2017 11:07:39

By syima

Hier sind meine Fotos, als ich dieses Kleid für eine Feier trug. Nächstmal würde ich noch ein rotes bestellen. Hab so viele Komplimente erhalten.

schnelle lieferung

21.03.2017 4:46:05

By T. Schumacher

Das Kleid wurde schnell geliefert. Die Grössentabelle ist sehr hilfreich und wenn man sich dranhält passt das Kleid auch ziemlich gut.schnelle Lieferung


21.03.2017 4:43:53

By Nabo

Richtig tolles Kleid... Sieht super aus, macht schlank....Es wird nicht mein letztes Kleid von edressit gewesen sein.

richtige Größe

08.03.2017 11:01:10

By lenkas

Die Größe hat super gepasst.Also man kann seine normale Größe nehmen.

Super Kleid

08.03.2017 10:17:18

By iduvila

Sehr schönes Kleid! Bin für diesen Preis sehr begeistert.bevor ich das Kleid kaufe, lese alle Kommentar. Nur auf dieder Weise kann ich sichern, dass das Kleid mir passt.

stuning dress

20.01.2017 10:48:08

By aronovic

Will post pictures soon, can't recommend this dress enough, if anything a little big, but that be my fault more than anything :). though i loved it so much and it was really a good choice for my event.

beautiful dress, arrived also quickly

20.01.2017 10:44:14

By insafi

This dress was beautiful and arrived so quickly! It was absolutely perfect.

Belle robe

06.12.2016 6:52:09

By kide monique

Très belle robe, livraison rapide.


22.08.2016 9:26:01

By maria-cal

Das Kleid ist der absoluter Hammer!!! Sieht genau so aus wie auf dem Bild.....Lieferung exrem schnell...Super service!! Vielen Dank! Bestelle immer wieder!

Très classe!

06.05.2016 12:00:04

By Treld

Très classe et sublime! J'ai été la reine à la soirée hier. Les manches transparentes me rendent sexy et charmant, la coupe sirène me rend mince et grande. J'aime bien cette robe en haute qualité et tissu comfortable, En plus, elle est ç la mode, mes amies me demandaient où j'ai acheté cette robe. Je recommande!

Amazing dress!

28.04.2016 16:04:51

By oanams

Amazing dress!
Looks just like in photo, great quality of materials and stiching. Fits perfect!

Love it

14.03.2016 11:46:31

By kangchinchin

Wore it out for a wedding and got loads of compliments!

Good products!

25.02.2016 4:46:31

By Angela

To be honest,the price is a little high for me, but they carry a huge selection of nice dresses and the quality is always great.I'll order again!


25.01.2016 2:41:11

By Halle

Change to nothing and it is just fit perfectly. Black is my lucky color and this design adds more fashion sense. Just want to say thanks to eDressit and i will share my pleasant experience to them! :)

Amazing dress, just love it! :) <3

12.01.2016 16:24:25

By LanaZ

Amazing dress, just love it! :) <3


08.01.2016 20:26:12

By bushra

thank you


28.12.2015 20:31:25

By nadiah



28.12.2015 20:31:24

By nadiah



28.12.2015 20:23:57

By nadiah



24.12.2015 7:00:51

By Callie

The dress arrived perfectly! Exactly the same as I expected, good job! Thank you guys!


02.12.2015 7:20:29

By Emma

Thank you edressit for such a beautiful gown, I love it so much, the dress fit me like a glove, I ordered uk 8, which was also my regular size, and a special thanks to Amy, thank you for your patience for helping me a lot during the ordering!I will definitely buy again!

I chose gorgeous black!

03.11.2015 5:02:04

By Arwen

I was so happy when I received my lovely dress, dress made with great quality, got a lot of compliments, great job, edressit, I would like to recommend you to many many of my friends!

quick delivery!

27.10.2015 6:58:18

By Laura

Thank you edressit for your beautiful dress, I love it!Dress arrived exactly the same as I expected!Great job!

I loved wearing this dress

15.10.2015 10:22:44

By Chelsea

I loved wearing this dress. Got compliments all night long! Felt like a beautiful mermaid!

beautiful dress!

28.09.2015 9:35:20

By Delilah

I ordered this dress in blue, though I have to pay extra for color change service, it turned out that every penny was worth it when I got the dress.Very beautiful, fit me perfectly, I love it very much, thank you edressit!


26.09.2015 9:42:21

By Abbe

The dress was beautiful. It was exactly as described. I was impressed with the condition the dress came in and the way it was shipped. It was truly ready to wear.Love it


22.09.2015 10:41:06

  • By SibelDemir

    Das Kleid war genial. Die Passform perfekt und die Qualität super. Bin sehr zufrieden mit Edressit Kleidern.Kann ich jedem weiterempfehlen !!!


15.09.2015 5:48:26

By Aria

This dress is absolutely stunning, the details are amazing, made with high quality, love it so much, thank you edressit!


09.09.2015 10:52:28

By Pelagie

This dress is gorgeous. I ordered a size 16 . I received the dress one day before the expected ship by date. Packaging was very neat. DHL is an amazing courier and I am glad that you uses them

absolutely gorgeous!

08.09.2015 5:20:38

By Lucy

This dress is the one that I die for, love the stunning design and details, I feel awesome in this dress, thank you dear team, I'm so happy, great job!

sexy black

18.08.2015 14:53:03

By Christina

Wow the black dress is so sexy~I got my gown three days just after my ordering, the delivery was incredibly fast ! The most exciting thing was the dresss fit me perfectly, so happy with my order from this site, I will definitely use it again! Thank you, guys!


17.08.2015 5:11:23

By Raffaela

Got my dress very quickly, amazing fast delivery!Dress arrived exactly the same as the model, which was expected, can't wait to wear it to show off!Thanks!

Huge hit

12.08.2015 10:40:13

By joe

Fit perfectly: able to sit, dance, etc ... without discomfort. Huge hit for a black tie wedding! Received numerous compliments

achat agréable

30.07.2015 10:40:09

By jerrise

Chui agréablement surprise par cette robe de soirée conforme 100% à la phoito, la taille tombe très bien, les détails sont respectés.Le seul bémol, le lavage uniquement à la main.


18.07.2015 21:17:17

By anina74ro

o sa comand aceasta rochie


29.06.2015 9:15:56

By bushra

thank you

tolles Kleid

22.06.2015 9:34:59

By Snezhana

Stoff, Verarbeitung, Schnitt, Farbe, Preis, Lieferung und Service....EIN TRAUM!!! Das Kleid ist einfach perfekt!


17.06.2015 11:46:30

By justine

I am so impressed at the quality of work. I am a seamstress so looked over every detail. It is beautiful! It fits nicely, thank you so much!


20.05.2015 11:57:23

By Ella

Love this dress, very happy with the way it looks. The dress came here earlier than I expected. I tried it on as soon as it arrived. The dress was made perfectly and fits me very well. The quality of the fabrics is good and very comfortable to wear. Great dress, thank you.

perfect gown

16.05.2015 11:39:51

By Kylie

I love this dress. It is a pretty color, the quality of the dress is excellent. I ordered the size 10 based on the size chart and the dress fits me very well. Much appreciated. Highly recommend this site. Will surely order more dresses here again.


04.05.2015 10:26:53


I am so happy with my dress from this company, every detail was made with great care, absolutely gorgeous, great value for money, thank you so much, edressit team, you guys did a great job!


22.04.2015 17:47:01

  • By jessie

    The most beautiful dress I ever saw! I will order again!

Super classe!

19.04.2015 9:15:27

  • By Lilas

    Rien à dire j'adore


16.04.2015 3:43:07

By Katherine

I was so surprised with this dress. It was shipped in a very timely manner and arrived earlier than expected. The quality of the materials is great and beautiful. I am very pleased with the dress. thanks!

wow, awesome dress

14.04.2015 3:46:12

By Kennedy

The dress is amazing. Colour is exactly what I expected. I tried it on and it fits me very well. Absolutely gorgeous dress that perfect for my coming event. I love the dress very much. Thank you so much eDressit.


10.04.2015 15:30:43

By bushra

thank you so nice


31.03.2015 1:06:17

  • By Lilas

    Cette robe est juste sublime. Elle fait vraiment son effet. Identique a la photo par contre faites attention car la dentelle est fragile. En levant le bras la dentelle a craqué donc prendre un peu plus grand sinon rien à dire


05.03.2015 6:01:39


amazing dress! I was afraid that the dress would not be as on the pictureNOT ONLY it is as beautiful as on the picture but what a quality! so delicatly sewed ! is it human hands who made it or a magic stick?!!five stars also for edressit relationship with the clients!I received it so quickly(4days!!) It was my first order but not the last one!!

perfect gown

01.03.2015 3:30:49

By Delcine

My dress arrived today, exactly one week after I ordered it! The dress is made so well and it fits me like a glove. Thank you.

wärmstens empfehlen

11.02.2015 4:49:27

By carolina

absolut erstaunlich Kleid ... Ich kann es wärmstens empfehlen ! von dem Moment ich bestellt habe , um , wenn die gekleidet kam , war der ganze Prozess stressfrei und der Service war ausgezeichnet . wie viele Leute , ich war besorgt über die Bestellung von Kleidung online. Ich war besorgt , dass die Größe falsch wäre , würde das Kleid nicht passt oder das Kleid kann anders verwendet als in der Abbildung dargestellt aussehen , aber ich war angenehm surprised.i liebe es so sehr , dank eDressit , werde ich in Zukunft mehr zu kaufen .


10.02.2015 3:30:16

By Shirley

This is my third order from edressit, I am very happy with my first two orders, so no doubt I am here again, the dress is always as described, and the service is awesome, price is affordable, my favorite destination to get the right dress for my special occasions, always can get what I want, thank you so much, besides, I love your promotions, so nice! Price is much more affordable than other sites.


04.02.2015 10:40:10

By errrgr

Wow!! Das Kleid kommt in einer Woche ein.Es ist traumhaft und grossartig, aber leider es gibt keine Groesse fuer mich und sollte auf Masse bestellen.Das Kleid ist sehr hochwertig und sauber geschnitten, passt perfekt.Das wirkliche Kleid ist doch schoener als die Bilder im Internet.Und ich bedanke nettem Kontakt,immer auf meine Frage schnell antworten.Immer wieder!!!


04.02.2015 8:17:16

By Anna

J’ai reçu ma robe hier. J’ai déjà achetée le 1.31. C’est très rapide. De plus , j’ai vraiment cette robe, excellent. Le prix est raisonnable avec le haut qualité. Je vais recommander à tous le monde. Je vais commander plus des robes chez vous. Merci eDressit

Sexy and Cute

02.02.2015 11:00:51

By Alisa

I love this black dress. The transparent back makes it sexy. But it's kind of cute because of the bow on the back of the waist. I like the buttons on sleeves and zipper, this design is special!! The mesh is a little stretchy but not much, it's thin and comfortable, makes me like wearing only lace on my wrist and neck. It's really nice dress!


29.01.2015 6:48:43

By bballc91

Wow! Ist es das Kleid, das ich wollte , Liebe eDressit, die besten Verkäufer, den ich je gesehen habe.Dies Kleid ist elegant und ein Traum!

de vis

16.01.2015 6:51:31

By ioniche daniela iuliana

superba !

amazing gown

05.01.2015 2:53:48

By Danette

This dress is exquisite and definitely the dress I am looking for. The quality of the materials, and the workmanship is amazing! I will order from this company as often as I can! Thank you so much.

Perfect gown

30.12.2014 3:30:44

By Bernelle

The dress is beautiful and true to size,no alterations needed. It fits me perfectly. The fabric is really pretty and comfortable to wear.I received many compliments, many thanks eDressit.

à recommander

29.12.2014 11:19:43

By Laura

elle est jolie, le modèle et la dentelle correspondent 100% aux images.

tissu fluide extensible et de très bonne qualité.

taille petite, j'ai pris la taille 44 pour le 40.

envoi rapide...et l'échange rapide aussi, bref un achat agréable


29.12.2014 6:54:48

By Silvia

I just can't believe how amazing was the dress I received today, it was as described and expected,every detail was made with great cares, the price is quite resonable,it was a very glad experience to shop from this site,I will definitely buy from this site again,many thanks to you guys!


23.12.2014 0:19:02

  • By Sonia

    Robe conforme à la photo, qualité du tissu et finitions au top ! Bravo


19.12.2014 3:07:57

By amouna



19.12.2014 3:06:48

By amouna


Perfect gown

18.12.2014 3:06:44

By Eadaion

The gown is just beautiful,it's perfect. This stylish evening dress just arrived in 4 days after ordering and it came in a very good condition. I am thrilled with the dress and definitely will order more from here.


11.12.2014 21:19:24

By Katerina

Wunderbar!:-) Das Kleid passt sehr gut. Schnelle Lieferung, super Kundeservis und Komunnikation.

très contente

09.12.2014 4:07:33

By Nadine

Robe de soirée sublime et très bien travailler comme toutes les robes ke jai déjà acheter sur ce site.
suis très ravie de la rapidite d'envoi, je leur ai dit ke j'ai besoin de cette robe le plus vite possible et ke je veux la porter le 10 décembre, et voilà j'ai recu mon colis ce soir quand je rentrais chez moi, très contente, merci edressit!


28.11.2014 8:06:41

By A.L.

La robe est très jolie, chic, classe, aussi trendy que sexy...
Le tissu est un petit peu plus fin que velours ordinaire mais de bonne qualité. Et surtout trop belle, magnifique robe de soirée noire je la recommande les yeux fermés.


22.11.2014 11:53:19

By amouna

un grand waw magnifique robe tres tres jolie rien a dire


18.11.2014 7:18:33

By Polly

Got my dress today,as stunning as the pic,I am very happy with every detail of my dress,especially the fascinating buttons, thank you for your dress, I am very satisfied.


18.11.2014 3:14:55

By Fabiola

This dress is stunningly beautiful, I wore it to an party and got a lot of compliments. I've always loved buying from eDressit but this dress is by far the best dress I have ever bought from here. I would recommend eDressit for all of my friends. Thank you ~


17.11.2014 12:46:04

By Tess

I am so excited to receive this stunning dress, it looks exactly the same as the pic,fits me perfectly,so much focus on me, but that was great, thanks, will order again.


17.11.2014 8:37:45

By Lydie Mathé

la robe de soirée noire est de très bonne qualité
taille petit j'ai prix la taille dessus de ma taille habituelle et elle me tombe bien.matière agréable.
La robe correspond tout à faite à la description
je conseille ce produit et ce site les yeux fermés.

stunning dress

15.11.2014 7:36:44

By Bethani

Fit perfectly, true to size. Got the dress eariler than expected. Tried it on and the dress is absolutely perfect so beautiful even better then I thought! Stylish style, amazing fabric and perfect details. Thank you edressit, you have done a great jod for this wonderful dress!

Платье шикарное

15.11.2014 3:39:58

By Прасковья

Платье шикарное!!! Все как на картинки. Очень довольна покупкой!!!


14.11.2014 10:01:40

By nasima ahmed

This dress was incredible!! Perfect for my black tie wedding I attended this weekend. Dress fit like a glove. Comments were, "you are poured into that dress!" It was totally stunning. I felt like a million bucks. I wore pumps with about 2.5 inch heels (smaller than normal) and it was perfect in terms of length.Excelled service as always from EDRESSIT.... customer for life!!


14.11.2014 9:48:02

  • By Kali

    THIS DRESS IS SPECTACULAR!!! The quality is excellent. I can't express how happy I am with this dress.

Love it so much!

14.11.2014 6:40:34

By Chris

OMG! Very stunning dress, well constructed,so many eyes on me, but I love that feeling,I will definitely use this site again, thanks very much!


10.11.2014 12:20:53

By laurance

I ordered this dress as a back up dress and was AMAZED at how perfect it fit. I fell it love with it and didn't even wear the dress I initially planned on wearing. If you don't mind ALL EYES ON YOU, then I'd definitely recommend this dress. The length was perfect with the heels I wore. I felt like a billion bucks in this gown. LOVE IT!

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Клиент вопросы и ответы
By Inda,29.09.2015 14:21:43
Reply by eDressit 30.09.2015 9:50:56
hi dear.

thanks for your mail

for the dress 02150100, we have all size in stock, so pls place the order soon. we can ship directly to you .

any thing that you wanna know, pls feel free to contact .

eDressit Trista
By Halee,30.10.2014 21:23:26
Reply by eDressit 31.10.2014 6:26:14
Hello dear,

Thanks for your interest in our dress.
We are sorry we have no same lace with other colors, but if you like another color, you can choose one from this link: http://www.edressit.com/lace-fabric-collections_c64
Email us if you have any other questions.

Best regards
eDressit Cherry

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    Длина от верха плеча до линии талии

  • Длина платья (cm)

    Мера расстояния между плечом и концом платья через грудь с обувью

  • Ваш фактический рост (cm)

    Мера с головы до ноги без обуви

  • Высота каблука (cm)
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Дополнительная оплата за покупку на заказ или изменения цвета: Одинакова как оригинальная цена
Деньги за покупку на заказ и изменение цвета: 1.5 раз оригинальной цены.

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