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eDressit Длинный Рукав Вечернее Платье для Подружек Невесты (00150304)
eDressit Длинный Рукав Вечернее Платье для Подружек Невесты (00150304)
eDressit Длинный Рукав Вечернее Платье для Подружек Невесты (00150304)
eDressit Длинный Рукав Вечернее Платье для Подружек Невесты (00150304)
eDressit Длинный Рукав Вечернее Платье для Подружек Невесты (00150304)
eDressit Длинный Рукав Вечернее Платье для Подружек Невесты (00150304)
eDressit Длинный Рукав Вечернее Платье для Подружек Невесты (00150304)
eDressit Длинный Рукав Вечернее Платье для Подружек Невесты (00150304)
eDressit Длинный Рукав Вечернее Платье для Подружек Невесты (00150304)

eDressit Длинный Рукав Вечернее Платье для Подружек Невесты (00150304)

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    eDressit Длинный Рукав Вечернее Платье для Подружек Невесты (00150304)
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Это вечернее платье в пол, длинный рукав со кружевами, декольте в форме сердечка, белые кружева на топ и спине, разрез на юбке. Очень элегантное платье для подружек невесты.
*Длинный рукав
*Облегающий лиф
*Разрез на юбке
*Со встроенным бюстгальтером
*Молния на спине
*Кружева & Шифоный бархат
*Длина платья(примерно 155см от плеча до переднего подола)
Внимание: Если вы хотите изменить цвет платья, пожалуйста, обратите внимание на то, что кружева на топ не возможно изменить.

Мы доставляем товары в более 200 стран по всему миру, мы отправим платья за 24 часа, которые в наличии и стандартного размера.

У нас есть два варианта доставки:

*Ускоренная Доставка: 5-10 рабочих дней после отправления посылки, 28EUR для первого платья, потом для каждого доплнительного добавить 15EUR. Но для этого Вам нужно написать информации доставки на АНГЛИЙСКОМ ЯЗЫКЕ, иначе отправим товары через стандартную доставку.
*Стандартная Доставка: 10-15 рабочих дней после отправления посылки, 20EUR для первого платья, потом для каждого доплнительного добавить 15EUR.

Если вы заказываете платье в другом цвете или на заказ, необходимо нужно 10-20 дней для изготовления.

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eDressit Robe de soirée/témoin verte fendue avec d

09.12.2016 13:37:58

By Leity

Superbe!!! Comme décrit et comme sur l'image. J'en suis ravie.

Its INCREDIBLY comfortable

10.10.2016 11:07:22

By Shannon

This dress was bought for my sisters wedding. Its INCREDIBLY comfortable and really good quality. The fit is beautiful. Two thumbs WAY up!!


27.05.2016 1:36:38

By Lilas

Elle est magnifique


27.05.2016 1:02:41

By Lilas

Je l'ai acheter pour ma mère, trop belle.

nice service!

23.02.2016 4:26:17

By Sydney

Communications with the customer service was great, the whole process went smoothly, thank you edressit, I'm so happy to find this site!

stunning dress!

19.02.2016 4:50:15

By Alina

I'm very excited to get my lovely dress today, the dress arrived in perfect condition, which was exactly the same as I expected, thank you edressit, I'll definitely order again!

Great experience!

20.01.2016 7:58:14

By Allison

After spending weeks looking for the perfect prom dress, I found this site and instantly found the dress I wanted. Dress delivered very fast and arrived exactly the same as I wanted. Thank you edressit!I would buy again!

good fabrics!

14.01.2016 8:25:06

By Romilly

I've purchased a few dresses from this company and I'm very happy with the quality of the fabrics. The dresses I got all look expensive. Thank you edressit!

problems solved quickly!

12.01.2016 8:50:30

By Spencer

I placed a wrong order in the first place, the service team solved this problem properly &promptly,I do not have to reorder, they did that for me and shipped out my dress quickly, I'm so happy with my shopping experience with eDressit, thank you, I'll be back soon!


28.12.2015 20:38:49

By nadiah


High quality!

04.12.2015 9:42:44

By Cora

I'm so satisfied with the dress I got from this site, the top lace details are very beautiful, high quality meterial, the skirt is very soft to wear, great job!

elegant dress!

30.11.2015 7:05:43

By Lyla

Thank you edressit team for such a beautiful dress, which even exceeded my expectation, Can't wait to wear it for my special day!Good job!


27.11.2015 11:46:29

By Idaia

Ich bin verrückt nach dieser Mode, es hat alle meine Erwartungen übertroffen.Es sieht wunderschön aus; Es lässt einen schlanker aussehen und streckt den Körper!


27.11.2015 6:25:44

By Winnie

I'm so happy to get my dress today, which arrived in perfect condition, dress was very well sewn, thank you so much for your lovely dress, I'm 100% satisfied with my order!

very nice dress!

18.11.2015 7:06:11

By Nyla

Thank you dear team for sending me such a beautiful dress, I love it so much, the material was so soft and flowing, and the top details were also very beautiful, good job!

Thk U

12.11.2015 6:54:36

By Gotzone

Nice and clean, well done edressit! Thank you ... you have a life time customer now !

high quality!

09.11.2015 7:53:43

By Talia

I'm so happy with order with this company, I ordered this dress for my birthday partty, and I loved it and got quite a lot of compliments, thank you edressit for your beautiful dress, I will order again!

Thank you!

13.10.2015 5:45:02

By Lux

I love my dress, it turned out the same as the model, the details are gorgeous, thank you, great job!


12.10.2015 19:17:14

By amouna

tres contente de mon achat

I looooooove it!

12.10.2015 8:15:04

By Edith

Thank you edressit for such a beautiful dress together with so fast shipping. I got my dress within a week after my ordering, the dress looked even more beautiful than the pic, top quality, even beyond my expectation, I'll definitely be back!


05.10.2015 10:43:25

  • By MiMi

    Très très très belle robe , qui se porte très bien .
    Merci à vous .


05.10.2015 10:41:30

  • By MiMi

    Très très belle robe comme toujours , merci à vous .

top quality!

01.10.2015 8:50:40

By Jade

Beautiful and good quality!I wore this dress to my best friend's birthday party, got a lot of compliments, I feel great when dancing in this gorgeous dress, good job, guys!

Definitely recommend!

26.09.2015 5:07:13

By Elise

I love the dress I got from this site, the detailed sleeves were very beautiful, thank you very much, I would like to recommend this site to all of you!


23.09.2015 7:40:03

By Sadie

I definitely love the dress I got from this site, well built, same as the picture, I love it, thank you edressit!

Amazingly Gorgeous

14.09.2015 3:46:34

By Sapphire Marchan-Leotaud

I purchased this dress last week, had second thoughts when I heard their head office was in China, as China dresses are usually small. However, I decided to still purchase. Upon arrival, which was very fast, I was amazed at the quality and wow the dress is gorgeous. Havent used it for the event i plan to wear it for, but when i do, i will definitely post a follow up to this review.

The dress was gorgeous

03.09.2015 9:43:57

By Yasmin

I wore this dress to a formal wedding. I loved the color for summer. It was extremely comfortable, breathable and fit well. Great pick!


25.08.2015 5:00:22

By Taci

Very nice dress, made with fine details, I love the flow of the skirt, fit me like a glove, thank you dear team for your lovely dress, good job!


18.08.2015 5:41:49

By Sylvie

Got my dress very soon, which was as beautiful as displayed on the site, thank you so much, dear team!

Perfect Mother-of-the-bride dress

11.08.2015 10:26:12


I wore this dress to my daughter's vineyard wedding. It was perfect! I got more compliments than I could count. I was comfortable all night long and felt wonderful. It as very appropriate for a wedding, and the color is a green, which is just what we were looking for! I was very pleased and would recommend this dress.


05.08.2015 10:46:19

By Janica

So happy to find this amazing site, the dress is very beautiful,exactly the same as the model, made with high quality, satisfied with my order!Thank you edressit!

great deal

05.08.2015 10:17:32

By Taryn

My dress arrived earlier than I expected, it is absolutely beautiful! I am very happy with the dress and the customer service from eDressit, they all answered me very promptly and patiently. 100% satisfied with the purchase. Many thanks!


29.07.2015 9:53:35

By Anika

Soooooo happy with my order from this site!Dress arrived exactly as expected, nice fabric!Thank you so much!


18.07.2015 10:49:22

By Charlie

I was stunned when I got my dress, the top floral details were gorgeous, dress was soft and flowy, very figure-flattering. I'm very satisfied with my order, thank you very much!I strongly recommend this dress to all girls! ;)


13.06.2015 10:33:47

By Badriee

Wo was für ein wunderschönes Kleid. Es passt gut wie angegossen etwas zu lang, und ich sollte mal ändern lassen. In allem bin ich mit der Qualität und Preis zufrieden. Das Kleid sieht sehr edel aus. Ich bin total begeistert. Auch wurde das Kleid innerhalb von drei Tagen geliefert. Danke.

stunning gown

16.05.2015 11:28:26

By Mila

The dress is very fabulous. It flows very beautifully. The lace on the dress is of high quality. I am very happy with the dress.

beautiful dress!

04.05.2015 10:36:31


Elegant and perfect!The dress I ordered fit me perfect, the design was amazing, the material was so flowy, very beautiful, I love it!Thank you very much!


25.04.2015 11:27:22

By Vicki

Got this dress very quickly. I tried it on and it fits me perfectly. Very well made and well worth the money. Highly recommend this site to my friends.


24.04.2015 4:42:57

By Hedda

This dress fits me well in bodice, length and color. Fast delivery makes this shopping more perfect. I really have a good experieince there, the sale person suggested me the size and told me how to buy and pay. Thanks. This dress has an exquisite design, expecially the upper part. My sister said it fits me well.

Absolutely beautiful

14.04.2015 3:37:23

By Sophie

Thank you so much eDressit for the great quality dresses, speedy delivery, and excellent customer service. The dress looks fantastic on me. The fit is excellent and the quality is of a high standard. I would not hesitate to recommend this site to my friends. Thank you.

very chic!

03.04.2015 9:48:12

By Lena

Got my lovely dress very promptly, the dress is very beautiful, and looks exactly the same as the pic, thank you guys for your amazing work!

Très belle

31.03.2015 1:42:31

  • By Lilas



07.03.2015 8:22:56

By Peggy

I am so happy with my dress bought from this site, the dress turned out exactly the same as the model, it fits me like a glove, I will recommend this dress to all my friends and families.You guys are awesome!

beautiful gown

27.02.2015 3:45:09

By Kiona

This dress arrived very quickly in the best packaging I have ever seen! When I opened the package, I was impressed. The dress is so beautiful and feels comfortable. Great quality and great value for the money. Thank you so much.


16.01.2015 2:38:15

By Timon

I just received it and it is so nice. The quality of fabric is absolutely impeccable. I am really in love with dress. And the customer service from this site is brilliant i will be shopping here again.

very beautiful dress!

18.12.2014 6:38:51

By Linda

So excited to receive my dress today, the dress is so nice and even more beautiful than the image,the skirt is of high quality fabric and very flowing, I am so happy to wear this dress to my friend's wedding,got a lot of compliments,thank you edressit!
Great site!

beautiful dress!

10.12.2014 7:34:37

By Jennifer

Got my lovely dress so quick, it looks the same as the pic,very well made, the long lace sleeves are very delicate, I am so happy to get such a stunning dress from edressit, will definitely order from this site again!

delicate lace

10.12.2014 2:20:23

By Deina

The dress arrived promptly in a perfect condition, well packaged and sealed, looking very professional,only 4 days to appear on my door. I ordered the size 10 and it fitted perfectly.LOve the long lace sleeves.Thank you edressit for my dress.


05.12.2014 20:01:38

  • By Raihan

    Ein wunderschönes Kleid , das sieht genauso wie auf dem Bild aus und ich werde immer meine Kleider von dieser Seite kaufen. Ich bin auch mit der Lieferung zufrieden.

pas mal

04.12.2014 10:22:04

By cecile

robe commander en fuchsia le tissu est d une qualité pas mal et la coupe comme il faut, envoi très vite je ne recommande ce site pour les robes pas chère de qualité assez satisfaisante

beautiful dress

03.12.2014 4:48:31

By Dorote

I absolutely love the dress. This gown is made of a lovely and great material. Fit is true to size. So comfrotable to wear it. Very happy with the purchase and this site. Thank you so much.


26.11.2014 3:20:05

By Кира

Очень красивое вечернее платье, все как на картинки и платье село по фигуре!

comme sur la phto

25.11.2014 6:38:29

By davvane

La robe de soirée verte fendue très bien coupée, de plus le tissus faisait d'excellente qualité. ...je ne regrete pas du tout mon achat, je recommande vivement ce site d'achat;


24.11.2014 9:25:54

By iriafad

So comfortable and perfect for a black tie wedding! Got tons of compliments. the one sleeve kept you warm yet cute on the other side:) My beautiful girlfriends also bought dresses from here as well!

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