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Сексуальное V Декольте Выпускное Платье Бальное Платье (04150905)
Сексуальное V Декольте Выпускное Платье Бальное Платье (04150905)
Сексуальное V Декольте Выпускное Платье Бальное Платье (04150905)
Сексуальное V Декольте Выпускное Платье Бальное Платье (04150905)
Сексуальное V Декольте Выпускное Платье Бальное Платье (04150905)
Сексуальное V Декольте Выпускное Платье Бальное Платье (04150905)
Сексуальное V Декольте Выпускное Платье Бальное Платье (04150905)
Сексуальное V Декольте Выпускное Платье Бальное Платье (04150905)
Сексуальное V Декольте Выпускное Платье Бальное Платье (04150905)

Сексуальное V Декольте Выпускное Платье Бальное Платье (04150905)

RUB p.10 022,13
p.3 953,33
Save RUB p.6 068,79 (61% OFF)
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    Сексуальное V Декольте Выпускное Платье Бальное Платье (04150905)
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3-7 Дней

Это платье шьется на заказ. Независимо от того, шьется платье по Вашим меркам, или Вы заказываете стандартный размер, наши портные изготовят каждое платье на заказ.

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Это коктейльное платье сексуальное V декольте, вырез через шею, открытая спина, блестящие кружева на топ платья, облегающий лиф, блестящий пояс на талии. Очень красивое бальное платье для вашего выпускного.
*Сексуальное вырез через шею
*Пояс из металлов
*Со встроенным бюстгальтером
*Молния на спине
*Кружева & Тюли
*Длина до колена (примерно 92 cm от плеча до переднего подола)

Мы доставляем товары в более 200 стран по всему миру, мы отправим платья за 24 часа, которые в наличии и стандартного размера.

У нас есть два варианта доставки:

*Ускоренная Доставка: 5-10 рабочих дней после отправления посылки, 28EUR для первого платья, потом для каждого доплнительного добавить 15EUR. Но для этого Вам нужно написать информации доставки на АНГЛИЙСКОМ ЯЗЫКЕ, иначе отправим товары через стандартную доставку.
*Стандартная Доставка: 10-15 рабочих дней после отправления посылки, 20EUR для первого платья, потом для каждого доплнительного добавить 15EUR.

Если вы заказываете платье в другом цвете или на заказ, необходимо нужно 10-20 дней для изготовления.

Кликнуть, чтобы узнать больше информации о Доставка .

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Sexy and alluring

23.03.2016 4:41:10

By Summer

This little sexy v neck dress is the same as the picture, very appealing!!! Quality is great for the price. This is the second time purchasing from this site. I recommend it to you this time.


25.02.2016 9:20:10

By Tina

Dress is high quality, a little sexy, but i like it!!!It is different from my current dresses, simple and stylish.


15.01.2016 5:01:03

By Idania

This blue dress with tulle skirt is really beautiful, it shows my slender legs perfectly. More cute, chic and fashion than have imagined. Thanks for suggesting me this one. Love it.

Beautiful dress

24.12.2015 3:59:43

By Halima

Nice quality feeling, sturdy and heavy fabric. Details are also great. Thanks.

I like it

16.12.2015 9:42:27

By Hafsah

This dress has beautiful color, nice halter design and a little sexy feeling, very suitable for my party next week. I order UK 6, very fit. Like it.

schöne Rücken

13.11.2015 7:50:43

By Clotilda

Es gefällt mir sehr! Sexy, und schöne Rücken wird gezeigt. Der Stil Halfter ist wunderbar.

sexy dress

24.08.2015 4:47:20

By Alyona

This halter dress highlights my beautiful collarbone, shoulder and figure. So nice. It has a sexy back, really stunning. I love the feeling to showcase my own personality. Let me rock!

like this dress

29.07.2015 7:16:36

By Adele

I like this halter blue dress. Did no custom, but very fit. It is comfortable to wear and has great effect to show my figure and shoulder. In the middle of paying, i had some problem, its customer service helped out. Thanks very much.

So fun

22.07.2015 10:24:56


This dress was beautiful on, and I received so many compliments. The v-neck is a little low, so if you are modest, this may not be the best choice for you. I felt great in this!


07.07.2015 8:43:23

By Morgane

je suis assez grande 1.64m avec une poitrine menue et j'ai pris cette petite robe en 38 (ma taille habituelle) qui me convient parfait en tombant un peu sous les genoux.Le produit est impeccable, fidèle à la photo, je recommande


18.06.2015 8:02:44

By Lacey

I love this dress! I go on an annual cruise with a group of my female friends and I order this dress for this occasion. I ordered it in the same color with pic and it was beautiful! eDressit delivered it quickly and it was in perfect condition. I have referred several of my friends to edressit and I will definitely be using them again.

Loved this dress and got SO many compliments.

06.05.2015 9:08:28

By Brittany

The color of the dress was absolutely beautiful and it fit perfectly! The dress was very well made...great quality! I received compliments all night

Very good

20.04.2015 10:54:07

By Lily

Just as the picture shown, the dress is short cute and also elegant. I like the halter style. This makes my shoulder slender and beautiful. This pattern omits necklace, giving more balanced feeling. Its sale person suggests size UK10, just okay to me. Thanks very much. It is really a good dress. Price is also affordable, for i bought during its sale period. Worthy.

Платье на 5

16.04.2015 5:14:31

By Аврора

Доставили платье очень быстро, даже не ждали так рано. За это отдельное спасибо! Цвет, модель, крой - все супер!

halter gown

10.04.2015 3:30:06

By Ellie

I absolutely love the dress! I ordered my dress for my coming party and the colour and material is just beautiful. Size 8 is just made for me. The built in bra was great. I love it so much. Thank you eDressit.

sexy v neck

04.04.2015 3:34:56

By Abbey

This dress is very cute and well made. The materials are very comfortable and the stitch is is very well done. Thank you eDressit for this dress at a great price and the excellent customer service. Thanks!

cute gown

27.03.2015 3:00:07

By Charlotte

I ordered this dress for my coming party. The dress came very quickly. The quality of the materials is excellent and the dress is very well made. I am so impressed with the dress. Thank you for this cute dress.

sexy halter gown

26.02.2015 3:14:54

By Joyanna

Dear edressit, thank you so much. I am very pleased with my lovely dress. It is well made and fits me like a glove. Higly recommend to everyone.


07.02.2015 3:24:09

By Eleni

The dress came in a timely manner. It made beautifully and fits me perfectly. I am very pleased with the dress. I will definitely order from eDressit again.

lovely dress

03.02.2015 2:52:33

By Alfreda

This dress is well made, and flattering and true to size. The dress is as beautiful as it shows in the picture. I would recommend you measure yourself honestly before you order, then the dress would fit you perfectly. Great quality gown and I love it. Thank you.


27.01.2015 2:47:12

By Tipper

I like the dress bought from this site. It came on my door very speedy. I was surprised with the quality of the materials used, it is absolutely gorgeous. Great value for the money paid. Highly recommed to everyone who are looking for a cute party dress! Thank you.

fun to wear!

12.01.2015 9:30:43

By disitny25

This dress was fun to wear because it's flattering and so unique. Also was comfortable for all the eating, drinking, and dancing at weddings!


31.12.2014 11:12:26

By Eva G.

de cette robe, elle est idéale pour les fêtes ou à porter quand on veut être pétillante.

Les strass en haut plus brillants qu'en photo et la matière est de haute qualité, pourtant ce modèle(surtout le décolleté) est fait pour les femmes de petite taille, donc le public doit être restreints à cause de ces critères

à recommander quand meme

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