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A Силуэт Вечернее Платье Кружевный Шапочный Рукав(00152946)
A Силуэт Вечернее Платье Кружевный Шапочный Рукав(00152946)
A Силуэт Вечернее Платье Кружевный Шапочный Рукав(00152946)
A Силуэт Вечернее Платье Кружевный Шапочный Рукав(00152946)
A Силуэт Вечернее Платье Кружевный Шапочный Рукав(00152946)
A Силуэт Вечернее Платье Кружевный Шапочный Рукав(00152946)
A Силуэт Вечернее Платье Кружевный Шапочный Рукав(00152946)
A Силуэт Вечернее Платье Кружевный Шапочный Рукав(00152946)
A Силуэт Вечернее Платье Кружевный Шапочный Рукав(00152946)

A Силуэт Вечернее Платье Кружевный Шапочный Рукав(00152946)

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    Желтое Вечернее Платье в Пол (00152903)A Силуэт Вечернее Платье Кружевный Шапочный Рукав(00152946)
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Это платье шьется на заказ. Независимо от того, шьется платье по Вашим меркам, или Вы заказываете стандартный размер, наши портные изготовят каждое платье на заказ.

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Это вечернее платье простой фасон, A силуэт юбка, кружевный шапочный рукав и кружевная спина, пояс из натуральных тканей. Очень элегантное вечернее платье в пол на выпускной.
*A силуэт юбка
*Кружевный шапочный рукав
*Плиссированный лиф
*Со встроенным бюстгальтером
*Молния на спине
*Кружева & Натуральные ткани
*Длина платья(примерно 155см от плеча до подола переднего)
Внимание: Если хотите изменить цвет платья, пожалуйста,выбрайте подходящие кружева из таблицы нашей коллекции, или мы выберём подходящие кружева для вас.

Мы доставляем товары в более 200 стран по всему миру, мы отправим платья за 24 часа, которые в наличии и стандартного размера.

У нас есть два варианта доставки:

*Ускоренная Доставка: 5-10 рабочих дней после отправления посылки, 28EUR для первого платья, потом для каждого доплнительного добавить 15EUR. Но для этого Вам нужно написать информации доставки на АНГЛИЙСКОМ ЯЗЫКЕ, иначе отправим товары через стандартную доставку.
*Стандартная Доставка: 10-15 рабочих дней после отправления посылки, 20EUR для первого платья, потом для каждого доплнительного добавить 15EUR.

Если вы заказываете платье в другом цвете или на заказ, необходимо нужно 10-20 дней для изготовления.

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tres belle robe

13.06.2017 19:58:21

By amouna

merci livraison en seulement 4 jour satisfaites de mon achat


30.03.2016 5:01:17

By Makayla

I really want to leave a glowing review for this dress. It arrived quickly, fit just how I was hoping, and it feels well made. The dress is tencel material. The drape of the skirt is flowy, and the bodice is fitted, but not too tight. I am 5'7" and the length is just right with a modest-height heel. So perfect shopping, so perfect dress!

perfect ball gown

07.02.2016 0:22:53

By aleana

I had the most beautifull dress at the ball. The delivery was also perfect - 4 or 5 days. I`m very satisfied. Thank you eDressit

simple mais très jolie

14.10.2015 11:19:03

By malek

Enfin une robe de soirée pour tous les grands événements!Une coupe trè simple mais bien tailler.Les finitions rien à reprocher, je voulais recommander ce site.


13.10.2015 9:34:43



Vraiment belle

30.07.2015 7:38:33

By zokha

la robe est tres tres belle . J'ai commandee cette robe le 28 mai, et j'ai recu le 1 juin . C'est tres vite. Et la service est tres bien aussi. Elles toujours repondent les problemes. Je vais recommander chez eDressit. Merci eDressit .

100% satisfaite

13.07.2015 12:55:55

By Mayolle

J'ai commandé cette robe en blanc pour mon mariage. il me faut donc payer 30euros de plus et attendre pour presque 3 semaines mais aucun regret!c'set tout à fait ce que j'ai espréré, merci edressit!

pleased with this purchasing

13.07.2015 5:46:29

By Jasmine

I selected for a long time and saw the surrounding stores, many sites before i chosen it. I will match necklace, sparkling clutch with it during party. Dress is simply elegant, catering my taste and style. Very pleased. Thanks edressit team.


08.07.2015 8:15:20

By Rahul

Bought for my evening dress. I found and bought it two weeks ago, it attracted me by its smooth line and the lace cap sleeves. I felt it paid attention to details and seemed simple, elegant. Very great dress, suitable for my party. Thanks.


26.06.2015 5:40:33

By andré

Le chic et la délicatesse! Très belle coupe et la dentelle de très bonne qualité, aucun risque dela déchirer... je l'avais eue en promotion et je peux dire que même le prix normal est bien raisonnable par rapport à la qualité, bravo eDressit!


23.06.2015 16:06:30

By Lisa

First time shopping from eDressit, very pleased. The dress has good quality, fashion style, rather comfortable. eDressit provides the right size chart, so, to compare and choose carefully.


08.06.2015 8:52:22

By Schrammel

Wunderschöne Kleid, ganz wie am Foto und passt auch wie angegossen. Schöne Farbe und Schnitt. Länge passt bei einer Größe von 170 mit Schuhen (Absatzhöhe 7 cm) perfekt.Versand nach Österreich 4 Tage nach Bestellung war unglaublich schnell. Alles in allem passte alles wunderbar.Ich kann nur eDressit jedem weiterempfehlen.

nice gown

02.06.2015 11:24:17

By Calantha

My dress came in a very timely manner and I am so pleased with it. The dress was made with top quality materials, and it was ture to size, just fits me like a glove. Very good quality gown. I love it. Many thanks eDressit.

wow, perfect

19.05.2015 4:39:13

By Gemma

I have never bought a dress online, for i am afraid there would be a size matter to choose. I can't decide which size is exactly mine. The girl there told me how to messure and which color is more suitable patiently. Finally, i selected this one for my sister's birthday party. Obviously, it works. Lots of commendation. Highly recommended. Thanks eDressit for having designed this dress.

flowy dress

13.05.2015 11:04:44

By Samantha

Great for the occasion. I went to a military ball then we went out to a few bars afterwards. It was perfect for the ball and the bars afterwards!


05.05.2015 7:43:31

By Kristin

Super dress it is, very affordable. Its neckline design is fashion. Among my wardrobe, this dress is brighter, suitable for my next summer party. I tried it on as soon as it arrived, very smooth line, relax and comfortable to wear it. I can't help wearing it in my daily work now, but i want its first look at party. All in all, thank u, edressit.

Good design

29.04.2015 5:16:21

By Joa

When i saw this dress i was searching a graduation dress to get some chance. My figure is not so perfect, expecially my thigh. So, I was wondering whether it suits me, you know, i lost my confidence in wearing it. But my sister told me to get this, she said the dress type suits me. Then, the dress belongs to me now. I really want you to see the effect, which is something amazing to me. Pleased and happy, thanks sister, thanks eDressit.


22.04.2015 4:36:19

By Geraldine

arrived just on time. I worn it to my friends' wedding. It fits me well entirely. I love this pattern, smooth feeling and this color. This belt works well too. This dress highlight my bodice and hide my fatter thigh perfectly, lol, so pleased. Thanks eDressit.

elegant gown

20.04.2015 9:49:43

By Miranda

wore it to a friend's wedding and received numerous compliments. I was most impressed with the comfort of such an elegant gown, it's lightweight and flows beautifully for a night of dancing.

beautiful bridesmaid dresses

09.04.2015 5:44:26

By Amy

This dress served as the bridesmaid dresses for my friend's wedding in Miami. At first we were worried about the fit and length being that if they weren't perfect we couldn't do anything about it. They were all perfect. The bride was so happy with the result and all of the guests could not stop gushing about how perfect the bridal party looked. Also, the skirts are super flowy and we were able to do a sort of impromptu flamenco dance on the dance floor. Thanks eDressit

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