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eDressit зеленое сказочное  вечернее платье Вырез сердечко (00090704)
eDressit зеленое сказочное  вечернее платье Вырез сердечко (00090704)
eDressit зеленое сказочное  вечернее платье Вырез сердечко (00090704)
eDressit зеленое сказочное  вечернее платье Вырез сердечко (00090704)
eDressit зеленое сказочное  вечернее платье Вырез сердечко (00090704)
eDressit зеленое сказочное  вечернее платье Вырез сердечко (00090704)

eDressit зеленое сказочное вечернее платье Вырез сердечко (00090704)

p.11 135,61
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28.12.2015 20:29:46

By nadiah



24.11.2015 15:33:46

  • By deva68

    Vraiment très classe et très belle, beau satin qui tire vers le vert bleuté sous les lumières du soir. Ravie de mon achat et hâte de la porter!

Super Kundendienst!!!

27.08.2014 8:40:22

By Bekir Uysal

Ich brauchte ein Kleid für ein Party, bevor ich es bestellt habe, bin ich sehr unsicher über die Größe und Farbe. Ich habe mehr mals eDressit Kundendienst über die Größe und Farbe fragte. Sie sind immer geduldig und hilfreich. Heute habe ich es erhalten, es passt mir supper!^Vielen lieben dank eDressit!


20.01.2014 0:41:42

By Kub

Ein tolles kleid


27.12.2013 20:32:53

By Gaëlane

Je viens de recevoir ma robe et en suis pleinement satisfaite. J'appréhendais un peu parce-que je l'ai commandée à la dernière minute, et je n'aurais pas eu le temps de trouver autre chose pour ma soirée, mais je ne regrette pas ! J'avais lu les commentaires et ai pris un 38 (d'habitude je suis entre le 36 et le 38) je rentre tout juste dedans en rentrant le ventre. Donc je conseille comme les autres personnes de prendre une taille au dessus. Le tissu est est très joli, la couleur est beaucoup plus belle qu'en photo, elle correspond plus à celles des acheteuses, un vert tirant sur le bleu. Le service client a été très aimable. Je commanderai définitivement à nouveau sur Edressit. (Je posterai bientôt des photos, parce-que je sais que c'est dur de se décider).


12.09.2013 19:23:35

  • By anh

    thanks for this dress, i was Belle of the
    prom :)

Elegant !

03.09.2013 10:32:21

By samah

Nice fitted , very good quality and so elegant at evenings.

love it

18.08.2013 23:01:07

By leninha18

love this dress, very well made

like it

01.08.2013 3:39:28

By nesreen

This dress is really lovely on


26.06.2013 11:45:47

By berfu

thank you

Pretty dress I love it

12.06.2013 22:34:11


This dress is just like the picture, and the measuments are just like they say, I got a size smaller and it did not fit me, so it was my falt.
Great finishing, just amazing!!!

Une vraie robe de princesse!

28.05.2013 0:36:31

By Nassima

La qualté du tissu et les finitions sont vraiment exceptionnels! Merci edressit!


15.05.2013 16:12:37

By Paristanbul23

J'ai recu cette robe aujourd'hui.. Magnifique! Encore plus jolie que sur le site.
Le seul soucis que j'ai eu est la taille a cause de ma poitrine.
Donc les filles avant de commander regarder bien le tableau de mesures!
Moi qui met du 38 je vais l'échanger contre la taille 40!

very nice dress

09.05.2013 18:53:37

By Irina

Thank you a lot for this nice dress!The size is correct, the same as measurements!Good fabrics quality and sewing work very accurate!I ordered this dress in Sunday and received after 4 days!


11.04.2013 14:41:15

By Lia

This dress is even better in reality than in the pictures!!
the delivery was very fast and when i open the package I was astonished:really really amazing!!

I want to thank Stella for her grear support and kindness!!thank you!!

Topware und Blitzversand

03.04.2013 16:59:22


Ich bin mehr als zufrieden mit dem Kleid. Einfach nur Wow *.*

Blitzversand und Topware

03.04.2013 16:52:45

By buffalo87

Ich bin mehr als zufrieden mit dem Kleid! Einfach nur Wow *.*

Amazing dress!

28.03.2013 15:35:15

By Sweden

Amazing dress, color & quality... Im so happy with it, thank you edressit! <3

Amazing dress!

28.03.2013 15:32:59

By Kanar Matti

the dress is a pretty dress. Amazing color & quality... My favorite dress! Thank you edressit <3


16.03.2013 17:23:02

By Meike Matthes

Blitzschneller Versand, hochwertige Stoffe, sehr gute Verarbeitung : wunderschönes Kleid! Und das zu einem wirklich günstigen Preis, einfach toll.
Kleiner Tipp : Nehmt Eure genauen Maße und überprüft, welcher Größe sie bei eDressit entsprechen. Die eDressit-Größen sind sehr eigenwillig und nicht vergleichbar mit anderen Größen.
Trotz dieses kleinen Hindernisses : Die Qualität der Kleider, der außergewöhnlich schnelle Versand und nicht zuletzt der überaus freundliche und hilfreiche Kundenservice sind absolut überzeugend. Thank you so much!!


20.12.2012 7:34:51

By haifa


Ein super kleid

17.10.2012 23:54:40

By Esra

also ich habe mir neulich dieses kleid bestellt und hatte es vor kurzem an es sah hammer aus ich kann es jedem empfehlen... :-))

Dress is very nice

14.08.2012 16:08:12

By mashaa

Dress is very nice same as the celebrity , My sister really like it. Thank you edressit

Loved. It.

08.07.2012 19:12:58

  • By Lydia

    I wore this for an incredibly formal military ball in Newport, and it was beautiful, elegant, and so Lady Downton.


12.06.2012 3:38:58

  • By Selina

    I ordered this dress for my prom, and it arrived at my house in 4 days because I ordered a standard size instead of having it custom made. It fit perfectly; if anything it was a little loose at the top, but that was easily fixed with fashion tape.
    I cannot count how many compliments I got that night! People said my dress was their favourite of all. It flowed nicely and looked very elegant. I will definately wear this to future formal events.
    Two of my friends ordered dresses from this site as well and were also very pleased with their purchases. We all looked beautiful :)
    *Note: spill stains are visible but the flowy skirt hides them pretty well, and stains were not visible in low light (my boyfriend spill a drink on my within the first 5 minutes of prom...)

Love, love, LOVE this dress!

27.03.2012 4:32:02

  • By Melody

    I ordered this dress for prom and it got here in just about 3 or 4 days. I ordered it in the color shown in a size 18, which seems to be the equivalent of a 13/14 US size. I couldn't wait to try it on, and when I did, I took a picture for all of you to see! It fits great, and it looks fine with or without a strapless bra, although the back of one might show with this particular dress. The sleeves haven't proven to be restrictive for movement yet, but we'll see. I love the color, and the material is nice and soft, as well as durable. I definitely recommend this dress!

Amazing dress!

06.12.2011 19:26:52

  • By Sola

    I got this dress for prom this year, and chose the custom color number 41. I ordered it only about 3 weeks before my prom, though, and I was worried it wasn't going to make it on time. It took about 7 days for the dress to be made (since it was a custom color). They sent me an email saying it had shipped, and so I figured it would be about a week until I got it. The next day when I came home from school, it was there, waiting for me! I am an XS, so I got a UK 6, and it fit me perfectly (except it was a little long, as I am 5'6). But I hemmed it shorter, and I had no problems. The color was gorgeous, the material and design exactly like in the picture. I got so many compliments. I am so happy I chose this dress for prom!

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Клиент вопросы и ответы
By Alex,27.04.2013 11:10:59
Reply by eDressit 28.04.2013 7:28:08

Thanks for your message
Yes, it is built-in bra

eDressit Wendy
By Tiasha,25.04.2013 2:02:23
Reply by eDressit 25.04.2013 3:13:54
Hi Dear customer,

Thanks for your message
We are sorry for this matter ,There is no standard international size. Every store or brand has different standards for sizing. So don't rely on the size you usually have but only choose the size based on our eDressit measurements, thanks!
If the dress dosen't fit you , you could contact us and return it for exchange , our email is orders@edressit.com

have a nice day
eDressit Wendy
By Nadia,18.07.2012 12:57:38
Reply by eDressit 18.07.2012 14:08:20
Hi dear Nadia

Thanks for your enquiry.

Yes , we could change the sleeves as you required, as the beadings in the cap sleeves is just available for silver and white , and the net under the beadings is just available in white , How do you think about repalcing the net to the same fabric as the dress ? What's your idea ?

Waiting for your reply.

eDressit Jane
By Tatyana,12.06.2012 22:25:07
Reply by eDressit 13.06.2012 14:22:40
Hi dear,
Thanks for your review, the color of 00090704 is a special color not shown on the color chart.

Would you like to order it?
Kind regards!
eDressit sofia
By Tamara Erdenberger,28.05.2012 13:06:40
Reply by eDressit 29.05.2012 7:53:11
Hallo Liebe Kundin,

Dank fuer Ihren Einkauf!

Weil unsere Groessetabelle keine internationale Tabelle. Fuer die Massdaten haben wir fachlich gemesst. Das ist kein Problem. Bitte Ihr Verstaendnis! Wenn Sie naechtmal bei uns bestellen, koennen Sie das Kleid in Massanfertigung bestellen, dann koennen wir das Kleid nach Ihrer Groesse naehen. Wie finden Sie? Und wir werden Ihnen einen Rabatt geben fuer die naechste Bestellung.

By Mary,24.02.2012 7:17:54
Reply by eDressit 24.02.2012 8:36:07
Thank you for your message.
The fabric of this dress is High-Quality Silk Satin fabric, not satin or chiffon. Don''t hesitate to contact me if you have any other questions.

eDressit / Lydie

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