There is no standard international size. Every store or brand has different standards for sizing. So don't rely on the size you usually have but only choose the size based on our eDressit measurements, thanks!


measures across the fullest part of bust

Upper Bust

measures above the breasts and across the armpits

Under Bust

measures underneath the breasts


measure across your waist


measure across the widest part of the hips

Shoulder to Shoulder

measures between shoulders

Shoulder to Waist

measures from side neck to the waist line

Dress Length

measure from side neck to the bottom of the dress across the breast with shoes

Your Actual Height

measure from the head to the feet without shoes


Measure around the lower part of the neck. Put one finger between the measuring tape and the neck.


Measure around the chest where it is largest, right across the nipples.

Stomach circumference

Measure around the stomach, in line with the navel.


Measure around the waist, at the point where you want your trousers to rest.


Measure around the largest point of the buttocks.

Shoulder width

Measure between the outermost edges of the shoulders.


Measure around the widest part of the bicep.


Measure around the wrist directly below the wrist joint.

Sleeve length

Measure from the outermost edge of the shoulder to the start of the thumb.

Jacket length

Measure straight down the front from the base of the neck to the point level.


Measure around the thigh where it is largest .

Outside leg length

Measure down the outside of the leg. Start at the desired waist level to where you want the trousers to end. Take this measurement with shoes on.

Leg opening

Measure the bottom of the trouser leg. Note this measurement should give the circumference of the trouser leg, not your ankle.