Винтаж 2016 New Dresses

Винтаж 2016 New Dresses

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Коричневое Вечернее Платье с Бисерами

Размеры(RU): 40, 42, 44, 48

RUB p.28 119,24RUB p.9 879,24
Окончательная продажа! ONLY 7 LEFT
Шикарное Без Рукава Красное Вечернее Платье для Торжеств

Размеры(RU): 40, 42, 46, 48, 54

RUB p.14 982,64RUB p.6 839,24
Окончательная продажа! ONLY 26 LEFT
Красивое  Короткий Рукав Вечернее Платье с Оголённой Спиной

Размеры(RU): 40

RUB p.16 052,72RUB p.5 319,24
Окончательная продажа! ONLY 3 LEFT
Шикарное Без Рукава Цветочное Вечернее Платье для Торжеств

Размеры(RU): 40, 42, 44

RUB p.16 052,72RUB p.5 319,24
Окончательная продажа! ONLY 18 LEFT
с Бисерами Вечернее Платье для Торжеств

Размеры(RU): 40, 42, 46, 50

RUB p.13 912,56RUB p.6 079,24
Окончательная продажа! ONLY 28 LEFT
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Винтаж 2016 New Arrival Evening Prom and Wedding Dresses

Every woman desires to be elegant and charming. These Винтаж 2016 New Dresses will meet your needs. As you can see, no matter what lovely cocktail dresses or long evening dresses you want, they are all available in various colors, sleeves, necklines and details. Except for these formal evening prom dresses, we also offer wedding apparels, including fashion wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, mermaid evening dresses and also elegant dresses for bride/groom mothers. Whatever and Whenever you have a need, you can finally find a perfect dress for your event. In this list of Винтаж 2016 New Arrival Evening Prom and Wedding Dresses, delicate prom dresses with vintage, sexy or elegant senses can make you different. eDressit has more than ten years professional experiences. Excellent shopping experience, competitive price and super quality dresses are just part of service we provide to each of our customers.