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Weinlese-Schulterfrei Marineblau Cocktailkleid (04151905)
Weinlese-Schulterfrei Marineblau Cocktailkleid (04151905)
Weinlese-Schulterfrei Marineblau Cocktailkleid (04151905)
Weinlese-Schulterfrei Marineblau Cocktailkleid (04151905)
Weinlese-Schulterfrei Marineblau Cocktailkleid (04151905)
Weinlese-Schulterfrei Marineblau Cocktailkleid (04151905)
Weinlese-Schulterfrei Marineblau Cocktailkleid (04151905)
Weinlese-Schulterfrei Marineblau Cocktailkleid (04151905)

Weinlese-Schulterfrei Marineblau Cocktailkleid (04151905)

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    Weinlese-Schulterfrei Marineblau Cocktailkleid (04151905)
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Fügen Sie einen Vintage-Touch in diesem herrlichen Tee Länge Abendkleid! Stunning Funktionen dieser Kleid schließen empfindliche Spitze deckt das gesamte Oberteil und das Kleid am Saum, eine abnehmbare Unterrock und eine verzierte Bogenknoten auf der Taille! Tragen Sie es für Ihre Abschlussball oder Cocktail, einen aktuellen Look zu bekommen!

*Auf Schulter Stil
*Empfindliche Spitze Applikation
*Schleife auf dem Taille
*Mit BHs
*Eine abnehmbare Unterrock unter Rock
*Reißverschluss auf der Rückseite
*Overlace & 5% Dacron & 5% Spandex Stoff
*Tee Länge (etwa 125 cm von der Schulter nach vorne Saum)

Wir versenden zu über 200 Ländern, wir senden die Lagertype Standard-Größe Kleider in 24 Stunden.

Wir haben zwei Liefer Möglichkeiten für Sie zu wählen:

*Express Versand: 3-7 Werktage, 28EUR für das ersten Kleid, dann jede weitere hinzufügt 15 EUR.
*Standard Versand: 7-10 Werktage, 20EUR für das ersten Kleid, dann jede weitere hinzufügt 15 EUR.

Wenn Sie ein Kleid in andere Farbe oder Massanfertigung bestellen,es benötigt normalerweise 10-20 Arbeitstage, um es zu schaffen.

Klicken Sie hier um mehr über den Versandanleitung wissen.


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Einfach nur Wooow

20.12.2016 21:55:12

By RemyM

Dieses Kleid war so gut angekommen, dass es einfach den anderen Frauen die Show stahl !!!

Prom Dress

15.10.2016 20:42:32

  • By jennbelt

    I got this dress for prom last year. It looked so stunning exactly like the picture. it comes with a petticoat in case you want it to be fluffy. only issue is when i sat down on a couch the petticoat stuck up and was really noticeable but during prom your not sitting much and i was okay with it. i tea dyed the lace to look more aged and vintage since that was the look me and my boyfriend were going for and it was patchy in some places but that could just be user error. it wasn't very uncomfortable tho it was a little heavy and warm not too bad but if you're going to be outside for a while in the heat id say stay away from this but if ur in the ac or will be most of the time its a great dress and fit true to size as long as you use the measurement chart to get ur exact size but incase in say size up and get it taken in if you're unsure or between sizes


20.07.2016 00:10:36

  • By Lelya

    Very Good

very romantic dress!

07.07.2016 10:28:51

  • By tatiana

    Thank you!

Absolutely fabulous dress!

07.06.2016 14:37:52

  • By Maureen McLeod

    I bought this dress for a wedding last year. It was a hit! Everyone kept asking me where I got it from. It is absolutely beautiful and very well made. It definitely has that vintage attention to detail. If you want to stand out at your next event get this dress. I am 5 feet five inches tall and weigh 130 pounds.


30.03.2016 12:07:46

  • By bushra

    thank you so nice


20.03.2016 00:04:45

  • By Lelya



20.03.2016 00:03:52

  • By Lelya



20.03.2016 00:00:29

  • By Lelya



17.03.2016 13:23:37

  • By bushra

    thank you

style japonais

17.03.2016 06:28:51

By Séline

Je suis petite, mais j'iame cette robe de cocktail courte au style japonais!


24.02.2016 06:58:43

By Joan

Thank you edressit for such a beautiful dress, I love it so much! Everything was the same as I expected, great job!

Lovely dress

19.02.2016 19:08:10

  • By Reinadelmar

    Thanks is beatiful¡¡¡ Elegant, original and prestige

Good fit for any shape!

16.02.2016 09:43:55

By Johanna

Loved this dress. It was actually a replacement dress and came as a terrific surprise. Comfortable to wear all night. The length was nice and long. Good fit for any shape!

Cristina review

12.02.2016 18:56:24

  • By Cristina

    Love the dress... it is exactly as per the pictures, and it comes with circles below so that it looks like in the pictures. You can wear it either with or without the circles.


04.02.2016 02:59:55

By Kabili

Just amazing. stylish and fashion dress.Love it. Thanks.

винтажное платье

26.01.2016 19:43:26

By Елена

Огромное спасибо за платье. Я его сегодня получила. Мне очень понравилось. Шикарное! Такого платья точно ни у кого нет. Буду носить с удовольствием. Доставка была тоже на уровне - очень быстро.


23.01.2016 13:02:15

  • By bushra

    thank you


22.01.2016 12:25:45

By Leyla Gören

das kleid ist perfekt. man kann es mit oder ohne Reifrock tragen. es sitzt perfekt und wurde auch rechtzeitig geliefert


16.01.2016 19:23:38

  • By bushra


Good shipping time!

14.01.2016 09:27:58

By Scarlet

Though I was a bit unhappy with the expensive shipping fees, but I love this dress so much and I decided to order it, the delivery was fast, it took only three days to arrive at my home. Thank you edressit, I'm very happy!


06.01.2016 18:49:23

By nadiah



06.01.2016 07:34:13

  • By bushra

    thank you


06.01.2016 07:33:17

  • By bushra

    thank you

lovely dress!

31.12.2015 06:25:56

By Libby

It's a beautiful dress, i love it, thank you!!!!!!!

Thank U!

24.12.2015 07:02:54

By Martha

Thank you guys for such a lovely dress!I love it sooooooo much, and everyone said I look gorgeous in this dress!Recommend!

Classy dress

18.12.2015 06:43:36

By Polina

This a beautiful cocktail dress that was perfect for a wedding. It fit beautifully, offering sophistication with the detailed lace bodice and subtle sexiness with the plunging neckline.LOVE IT

perfect dress!

17.12.2015 06:30:20

By Mika

Dress was very beautifully made, shipping was extremely fast, thank you! 100% happy!


16.12.2015 15:04:48

  • By bushra

    thank you


16.12.2015 15:04:24

By bushra

thank you


16.12.2015 15:04:23

  • By bushra

    thank you

My daughter loves it!

11.12.2015 04:27:54

By Eloise

I ordered this lovely dress from edressit for my daughter, and I'm so happy that she likes it very much, the dress fit her like a glove, and dress was very beautifully made, same as the model, thank you!!!!!!

Very comfortable

08.12.2015 10:20:26

By Allie

Very comfortable and forgiving. I loved the look of this dress. Dancing all night in this dress


05.12.2015 22:03:50

By nour

Merci ,merci,merci Edressit .franchement je ne pensais pas que la robe serait a l'identique de celle porte la mannequin !je suis sans voix elle est superbe,malgrès qu'elle est un peu longue mais c'est pas grave ...Ps: pour ceux qui veulent l'acheter je vous conseil de bien prendre vos mesure ;)

lovely dress!

04.12.2015 09:46:17

By Lucy

Thank you edressit for your lovely dress, I'm very satisfied with what I received, the dress will be perfect for my party, great job! I recommend!

tnx alote

04.12.2015 00:10:48

By mohamed abdalla

tnx alote

tnx alote

04.12.2015 00:10:44

By mohamed abdalla

tnx alote


02.12.2015 13:10:45

  • By bushra

    thank you


02.12.2015 11:27:59

By zokha

cette robe est classe


25.11.2015 16:41:56

By zokha

trop classe !!

Beautiful dress!

10.11.2015 04:41:28

By Lena

I couldn't be more satisfied with my order from this site, great job, edressit, I will definitely order again! This dress was just perfect!


06.11.2015 04:29:57

By Lea Wu

Prächtige Abendkleid!


05.11.2015 07:32:43

By Anouk

This dress was just perfect for my party, the quality was great, exactly the same as the model, fit me like a glove, thank you dear team for your beautiful dress, I'm 100% satisfied!

Elegant and comfortable!

28.10.2015 10:26:48

By Susan

I was really excited about this dress and was relieved that it fit so well. It was really comfortable and easy to wear yet looked beautiful.

great quality,disign and well made dress ! A+++

28.10.2015 02:02:05

By mohamed abdalla

great quality,disign and well made dress ! A+++

lovely dress!

27.10.2015 07:00:16

By Keziah

Thank you edressit for your lovely dress, I love my dress very much, dress was exactly the same as I expected, I will definitely be back!


26.10.2015 10:45:22

By Antonia

Gorgeous dress! This dress was worth every penny!!! It came in a week , nothing wrong and tailored to perfection. I got compliments all night and felt amazing! Would definitely recommend!!!!!!


26.10.2015 10:41:37

By Annabelle

thank you so much for that wonderful dress, i thought that it was so amazing that i couldn't wait to try it on, it fit so perfect, and it was just the way how i want it

lovely dress!

26.10.2015 04:31:01

By Jemima

I got my dress very quickly, I was nervous because this was my first shopping experience on this site, I love my dress, thank you very much, dear team!

form fitting dress

22.10.2015 11:44:01

By Brooke

I am SO happy I ended up with this dress. It fit perfectly and was actually really comfortable. I got a ton of compliments and had a great time dancing the night away. Highly recommend!


22.10.2015 08:31:38

By Madelyn

Definitely a beautiful dress, thank you edressit, I'm very happy!

Lots of compliments!

21.10.2015 11:08:05

By Kari

Perfect for a formal occasion in which I was aiming for classy and elegant! I'm very happy with my pick!

good value!

21.10.2015 08:24:13

By Anne

Dress was very well made, exactly the same as the site, I'm so happy with my order from this site, thank you edressit, I will definitely order again!


19.10.2015 14:03:04

  • By bushra

    thank you


19.10.2015 14:02:35

  • By bushra

    thank you


19.10.2015 14:01:28

  • By bushra

    thank you


19.10.2015 14:00:29

  • By bushra

    thank you


19.10.2015 14:00:14

  • By bushra

    thank you


19.10.2015 13:58:11

  • By bushra

    thank you

so beautiful

19.10.2015 08:51:04

By Dagmar

The same as the picture. Very beautiful and delicate details. LOL Love it, five stars.


19.10.2015 07:20:11

By Lorelei

I love this dress so much, it was just for me, fit me like a glove, got millions of compliments at the party, thank you edressit for your beautiful dress, good job!

Merci thanks

14.10.2015 21:24:50

By mymie

Je suis très satisfaitevery happy super thanks

vintage and elegant

10.10.2015 04:10:50

By Charity

Love this ball dress, lots of vintage elements. Great craftsmanship. Thanks.

absolutely beautiful!

02.10.2015 08:26:48

By Amara

I definitely love the dress I got from this site, made with high quality workmanship, fit me like a glove, thank you dear team, I'm very satisfied with my purchase from this site! Great job!


29.09.2015 09:28:04

By Bianca

I love this dress!

Fit is incredible.

22.09.2015 11:26:28

By Barb

Fit is incredible. I got TONS of compliments on it and felt so beautiful all evening!:) The dress arrived on time and eDressit couldn't have made it easier! I would definitely come back again.

lovely dress!

21.09.2015 05:41:43

By Everly

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this dress!It arrived exactly the same as I expected, made with high quality, everything went perfectly with my order, good job!

Gorgeous gown

18.09.2015 11:07:19

By Suzanne

Fabric is soft and beautiful and pleated skirt is perfect for dance twirling :) Cut is flattering and color was fun for a summer black tie wedding.


17.09.2015 04:41:11

By Julia

I ABSOLUTLY LOVE this dress!It looks even more beautiful in reality, dress was very beautifully made, the details are gorgeous, Now I just can't wait to wear it to show off!Thank you guys, great job!

high quality!

14.09.2015 07:37:03

By Matilda

I was so excited when I got my package today, the dress was exactly the same as I expected, made with great details, I would like to recommend this dress to all my friends!Good job, dear team!


09.09.2015 11:03:12

By Marleen

The dress is a perfect fit and is very beautiful. Glad I bought it


09.09.2015 05:19:21

By Claire

I LOVE this dress!It arrived at my house in perfect condition, fit me perfectly, every detail was well sewn, got a lot of compliments at the prom night, thank you so much, dear team!

Great dress

08.09.2015 08:39:17

By Lorraine

This dress is GORGEOUS. As soon as I tried it on, it fit like a glove and I literally felt myself transform into a 50's celebrity! It was simply too breathtaking! Highly recommend it!!!!!! I wore it to my ex-boyfriend's/love of my life's brother's wedding, in hopes that I would win his heart back... I think it was a step in a positive direction bc we danced like 5 songs!!! Thank you,EDRESSIT

love, love, love!

08.09.2015 05:34:28

By Adelaide

I DEFINITELY LOVE my dress, it arrived exactly the same as described, dress was made with high quality, thank you for edressit team, good job!

great dress

02.09.2015 09:55:14

By Belinda

Dress is beautiful, vintage style. It hides my heavy legs, making me more slender. Fabric is great too, very exquisite design. I just want to say thanks.

Lovely dress!

02.09.2015 04:57:17

By Subira

This dress is exactly the one I was looking for, the same as described, made with high quality, it looks perfect on me, I love it so much, thank you very much! Recommend!

very beautiful!

01.09.2015 07:47:12

By Pili

Thank you so much for such a GORGEOUS dress, it was even more beautiful in real life, every detail was well sewn,I love it SO MUCH!Can't wait to wear it to show off!

Très belle robe.

30.08.2015 16:32:20

  • By MiMi

    classe , très belle robe .


27.08.2015 17:20:05

By Meme

its a beautiful dress

Love my dress

27.08.2015 10:37:28

By karine

Love my dress. I ordered several dresses since this was my first time ordering . I followed the sizing chart and ordered correctly. The dress was a hit and I received tons of compliments.


26.08.2015 11:20:11

By Pelagie

Very happy with the evening dress. Perfect fit and it arrived soon after I had placed my order (I paid for express delivery). The fabric was perfect for the party I wore it to.Received many compliments, including one from a girl who said it was the most beautiful dress she'd ever seen!

good shopping experience

25.08.2015 10:00:55

By Ana

The dress is stunning. I love it very much. Great quality and the service is fantastic. I am very pleased with the shopping experience with eDressit. It is very easy to find the dress, as the dresses in this site are sorted very clearly. Great job eDressit. Thank you so much.


22.08.2015 23:52:56

  • By bushra

    thank you


22.08.2015 23:52:25

  • By bushra

    thank you

vintage and beautiful!

21.08.2015 04:43:39

By Kanye

I'm so happy to receive my dress from this site, this dress was very beautiful and it was absolutely the same as I expected, built with nice material, every detail was well sewn, so far, this is my best online shopping experience.I would like to recommend this dress all girls!

very delicate dress!

20.08.2015 13:26:46

  • By tatiana

    Thank you dear edressit!

very delicate dress!

20.08.2015 13:18:54

  • By tatiana

    Thank you dear edressit!


16.08.2015 11:25:33

  • By bushra

    thank you


12.08.2015 10:50:04

By Deeqa

I ordered a evening dress from eDressit which i got very quickly , and edressiy was very helpful and sweet throughout the process, i will definitly shop here again.

à recommander

10.08.2015 11:55:00

By Delph

Je voulais vous remercier pour cette jolie robe très vintage. la dentelle est super délicate j'adore!

love it so much!

04.08.2015 09:10:28

By Iman

Though it took quite a few days to make my dress, but it was worth waiting, the dress arrived exactly as expected, made with high quality and good material, perfect for my party, can't wait to show off!Thank you edressit !


03.08.2015 13:53:41

  • By bushra

    thank you


29.07.2015 08:08:49

By melodie

Produit très joli, la couleur identique à la photo et les détails au dos sont trooooop belle!!! Je suis completement satisfaite. Merci edressit pour cette magnifique robe de soirée!!


28.07.2015 12:21:28

  • By bushra

    thank you


28.07.2015 12:21:19

  • By bushra

    thank you


28.07.2015 10:58:59

By Ash

This dress was great for dancing the night away yet appropriate for the church ceremony! loved it!

vintage style

28.07.2015 09:12:48

By Caesarea

I love this vintage dress. It is perfect for my coming party. This dress is very well made and the quality of the fabrics are of high quality. Very comfortable to wear and easy to dance. Thank you so much eDressit. Great site!


22.07.2015 09:16:45

By fiona

Absolutely stunning dress...I would HIGHLY recommend it! From the moment I placed my order to when the dressed arrived, the whole process was stress free and the customer service was excellent. Like many people, I was concerned about ordering clothing online. I was worried that the size would be wrong, the dress wouldn't suit or the dress may look different to the one shown in the picture but I was pleasantly surprised. What you see in the picture is EXACTLY what you get. The sizing is PERFECT, the craftsmanship is impeccable and everything is of a high standard. I was also surprised by the amount of time it took for the dress to arrive. I will definitely shop with eDressit again. Thank you so much for the gorgeous dress!


21.07.2015 22:16:20

  • By bushra

    thank you


21.07.2015 22:14:51

  • By bushra

    thank you


21.07.2015 22:14:23

  • By bushra

    thank you


21.07.2015 22:12:54

  • By bushra

    thank you so nice


21.07.2015 22:11:03

  • By bushra

    thank you


21.07.2015 22:10:08

  • By bushra

    thank you

robe rétro-chic

16.07.2015 05:48:19

By Aissani

La classe et la délicatesse... j'aime vraiemnet ce modèleLe produit est enfait encor plus belle en réalité qu'en photo, grande surprise!


13.07.2015 11:03:57


I love this dress! The color was lovely and vivid, and the fit was comfortable, sexy and flattering. It was comfortable with the moving and dancing. So happy with this dress and wish I could wear it to every wedding!


13.07.2015 09:32:42

By surlygurl

Hat super funktioniert alles gerne wieder


13.07.2015 02:26:35

By grace caetano

Bonjour je souhaite avoir cette robe en blanc cassé et la dentelle en bleu le même que cette robe si je passe commande aujourd'hui je pourrais l avoir avant le 4/08/2015 merci de bien vouloir me répondre rapidement.bonne journée


12.07.2015 09:46:36

By grace caetano

Bonjour je souhaite avoir cette robe en blanc cassé et la dentelle en bleu le même que cette robe si je passe commande aujourd'hui je pourrais l avoir avant le 4/08/2015 merci de bien vouloir me répondre rapidement.bonne journée


12.07.2015 09:25:07

By grace caetano

Bonjour je souhaite avoir cette robe en blanc cassé et la dentelle en bleu le même que cette robe si je passe commande aujourd'hui je pourrais l avoir avant le 4/08/2015 merci de bien vouloir me répondre rapidement.bonne journée

vintage dress

09.07.2015 09:46:05

By Gabriela

Got my dress today and I am very happy with it. I like the vintage style, navy blue color and suitable length. This dress is just designed for me. Delivery was fast and service was excellent. Highly recommend!


08.07.2015 05:10:49

By amouna

classe bien faite identique je suis tres contente de mon achat


07.07.2015 07:38:40

  • By bushra

    thank you


07.07.2015 07:38:14

  • By bushra

    thank you


07.07.2015 07:38:02

  • By bushra

    thank you


07.07.2015 07:37:30

  • By bushra

    thank you


07.07.2015 07:34:35

  • By bushra

    thank you

Beautiful Dress!

22.06.2015 13:20:49

By Kari

My daughter chose a beautiful prom gown from eDressit! We had about 3 weeks to order it and receive it. It arrived a week earlier than anticipated and the dress is just as beautiful as it is on the site! The quality of the dress is just as good as I've seen at bridal shops. I am so excited to have found this company and we are looking forward to ordering again!

Loved this dress!!

16.06.2015 10:35:07

By Sarah

I wore this dress for one of my graduation ceremonies and it was perfect! the material is light and fit me perfectly!! I would recommend this dress for any daytime spring or summer event.

so pretty

15.06.2015 04:39:51

By Madison

Have worn it to my party, as it was beautiful and fit my figure, skin color, i got lots of compliments. When i received the dress and opened the box, i could see so delicate the lace applique and complicate top & skirt. The craftsmanship is really super. I feel the dress is more beautiful and noble than the pic shows. LOL I like it very much, its worthy the value. Continue your step, edressit, i will keep with you.

Like this gown

13.06.2015 09:14:48

By Tabitha

The design of the neckline and shoulders, delicate lace are so beautiful. The vintage style could fit me well. I was so happy the dress arrived in time. I can't wait to wear it to the ball!


12.06.2015 08:40:10

By Ajkered

Super Kleid, schnelle Versand. Das Kleid ist aus einem hochwertigen Stoff genäht und die Farbe sehr schön, ganz gleich wie Bilder. Der Service ist auch sehr freundlich, immer meine Frage schnell antworten. Das Kleid habe ich massgeschneidert, weil ich ein große Brust habe. Das Kleid kam doch wie besprochen an und in 2 Woche nach Bestellung bei mir. Freue mich schon das Kleid demnächst auf der Hochzeit von meinem Cousin zu tragen.


11.06.2015 09:19:11

By Demeter

Das Kleid kam nach 3 Tage nach Bestellung, ganz schnell. Das Kleid hat eine schöne Qualität und kam schnell an auch der Service war großartig. Bin begeistert von diesem Kleid, passt wie angegossen. Es ist angenehm zu tragen .Klasse. Ich kann nicht warten es zu tragen. Dafür haben von mir fünf Sterne


05.06.2015 09:43:24

By cherry

Just received the dress, OMG, amazing!!!! love the lace most, really delicate. i will certainly come again, and recommend your site to all my friends.

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