The Rules of Points on

(1) How to get the points?

Register on to get 5USD coupons and 100 points.

You can get 1 point when consuming 1 EUR on The points are counted by the order amount. For example, if the order amount is 150EUR, then you can get 150 points. For the decimal part in the order amount, we usually count the points by rounding.
Attention: Points will be counted into your account after the confirmation of payment.

After the order is finished and you get your purchased items, you can leave feedback for each of the items. And when your feedback is confirmed by us, you can get 100 points, and you can even get extra 300 points by uploading your photos with eDressit items.

Once you successfully recommend a new member on with your exclusive referral link (check more details on promotion page), you can get 5usd coupons and 100 points. There is no limit for sending coupons and points, but accumulated by each of the recommended new members.


a. Points are automatically added to your account after the confirmation of feedback.

b. You can only get points by commenting on the item(s) that you ordered. And you just have one chance to get the points by leaving the feedback or uploading the photo(s) for each item(s) in the order, the repeated feedbacks or photos will not available for getting points.

c. Only when you leave the feedback from the link of "Products Awaiting for your feedback" in "My Account" page, can you get the points, if you just leave the feedback from the product page on the website, the system can not send you points automatically.

(2) How to use the points?

Each 100 points can be offset 1EUR when you shopping on, that is 100 points=1 EUR

All products on are available for the deduction of points.

When you select the products to check out, please type the right amount of your points in the column of "The points you would like to use for this time" in the Check Out page, then the order amount will be automatically reduced when the order is made. will set up the special category of "Points exchange for products" soon, you can use your points to exchange for some items.(the shipping and insurance are not included)

The points can only be used in each account and can not be transferred.

Points will be cleared by the end of every year (Dec. 31st).

(3) How to check your points?

You can check your current and history records points in "My Account" - "My Points" after signing in


The rules of membership and points are made by that reserves all the rights of interpretation and modification. Any modifications would be posted on the website without any other notice.